Mighty Plus vs Pax 2

Smokers usually find themselves wanting a convenient and efficient vaping device. It isn’t easy to decide on a perfect device that would suit your need and contain all the necessary features to make your smoking sessions fun. This agony has troubled almost all of our viewers until now. Because we have found two of the best vaporizers present in the market.

The comparison that you are about to see is between Pax 2 vaporizer and the Mighty Plus. Both brands are popular among smokers of all ages as they provide users with all the crucial functions. So, without any further ado, let us get started with our article.

Mighty Plus vs Pax 2 Comparison

Mighty Vs Pax 2 Comparison
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Mighty Plus vs Pax 2 Detailed Comparison

Outer material and overall look:

Loyal Pax series customers already know that their favorite vaporizer has the best outer material on the market. Like any other Pax series model, Pax 3 Vaporizer is made from a highly attractive and shiny coating that will make everyone look at you while you are vaping.

The outer material is made from transverse brushed anodized aluminum, which is highly durable and stylish at the same time. When you talk about Mighty Plus, the story changes dramatically as there is a plastic coating that is a bit dull, and the body is not as sleek as Pax 2 either.

Battery life

The battery life is a tremendous advantage while using both the vaporizers that we have mentioned. You will receive a quality vaping experience for a shy of over 2 hours in one complete charging cycle.

This makes it easy to arrange outdoor vaping parties with friends. Moreover, the only thing that makes Pax 2 a better option is supporting a USB charging port while the Mighty Plus vaporizer has no such function.


Portability is vital for every gender, age, or demographic group. The world is getting faster and faster every day, so it would be hectic for smokers to sit idly in one place to smoke their favorite flavors.

As mentioned above, both models have reliable battery timing, which makes them more portable than other models available at your disposal.

Even after the battery factor, you will witness the definite superiority of Pax 2 in this aspect as the size is about 2 inches smaller than the Mighty Plus. The USB cable support also makes Pax 2 a better option to choose from.

Heat-up time

Heat-up time is usually neglected by buyers while purchasing a vaporizer. At times you would feel the importance of this factor, especially when you need to vape immediately. Both the vaping devices on your list have minimal heat-up time, so you do not need to worry.

If you compare both the models, then Pax 2 exceeds the Mighty+ vaporizer in this respect as it produces vapes in less than a minute (compared to a 1-2 minute wait in the case of Mighty+ vaporizer).

Temperature range and controllability

Mighty+ vaporizer gives you the complete freedom to select the temperature you want and that too over a wide range. The user can choose any temperature level between 40 and 210 degrees Celsius.

On the contrary, Pax 2 has a shorter range starting from 182 and ending at 215 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the control is restricted by a set of 4 preset levels where you will experience a couple of levels lying between 179 and 199.

Level 3 provides vapes at 215 degrees, while the last preset is a boost mode, which initially produces 230 degrees vapes that reach 218 degrees in a few seconds.

Vapor Quality

When it comes to producing the best quality vapors, you will always find the Mighty+ vaporizer at the top. This is because herbs and concentrates are heating using a dual heating technique where the filling is first heated using a direct flame (conduction).

To maintain the quality, hot air is blown to ensure the perfect temperature you wanted (convection). There is no restriction in the flow as well.

Talking about the same, Pax 2 contains a direct heating method to produce vapors. Moreover, there is a blockage problem where the net gets clogged by dust particles accumulated there.

Auto switch-off

Okay, hear us out here! Auto switch-off is a convenient feature that keeps you secure and avoids the risk of battery drainage. The Mighty Plus vaporizer has a 2-minute shutdown timer where inactivity in the said period leads to the device getting turned off.

Pax 2 has no definite timer to switch off. There is an internal accelerometer installed in the device to track even the slightest of movements. The shutdown depends on your device’s movement. If it remains stagnant for some time, then it will go on standby mode.

Easy to use

The Mighty Plus vaporizer does not support a mobile app, but the handling is straightforward. There are just 2 buttons to adjust the temperature.

On the other hand, Pax 2 is very advanced in usage as the most lovable feature is the lip sensing technology, where the gadget produces vapes when you touch your lips to it.


Pax 2 in one of the most stylish vaporizers in the market with pretty useful features like a brilliant auto switch-off motion sensing and extraordinary battery life.

The heat-up time is also something to love about this device as you will be able to prepare the fillings for sessions immediately. All these features, but still the winner, will be the Mighty+ vaporizer.

It has an equally reliable battery life, and vapors quality is more than sufficient for smokers to enjoy. A more comprehensive temperature range with complete control is another thing to admire about this masterpiece.

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