Mighty vs Mighty Plus – Is Mighty+ Better than Mighty?

Mighty Plus is an upgraded version of the Mighty vaporizer. There have been great improvements in the latest Mighty Plus.

Mighty+ has a new USB-C port, ceramic-coated filling chamber, updated design, upgraded heating system, and improved battery life.

Mighty+ costs around $398, whereas Mighty is around $348. So, there’s a $50 difference. I must say that Mighty Plus is worth the upgrade.

Storz and Bickel have been producing quality vaping products for smokers for decades. This time the quality has improved, and the company has produced a vaporizer that nearly ticks all the boxes.

To summarize the changes, we must compare the Mighty Vaporizer with the new and improved Mighty+ Vaporizer.

Mighty vs. Mighty+ (Plus) Vaporizer: Comparison Table

Heating60 sec120 sec
Temp+/- & Super Booster+/-
PortType CType A
Warranty2 yrs + Ext2 yrs
Battery90 min90 min
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Mighty vs. Mighty+ Plus: Detailed Comparison

mighty plus vs mighty vaporizer

Storz and Bickel is the most prominent name in the vaping fraternity. It is among the first entrants in the market with desktop smoking. The value and quality proportion are standard barriers in the vaping niche.

However, the company launched the Mighty Vaporizer in 2014. This vaporizer had similar features to other desktop vaporizers developed by Storz and Bickel contained. The defining usage feature that the Mighty Vaporizer brought was portability.

Mighty Vaporizer, along with another product launched with it named Crafty, broke all sorts of sales records. The quality and features provided by these vaporizers are viable to this day. The company had nothing much to improve when it came to Mighty.

It is a durable vaporizer that produces the purest vapors ever. The battery life is solid, and usage is as simple as any standard vaping device. Storz and Bickel finally launched an advanced version of the Mighty Vaporizer in October 2021.

The Mighty Plus Vaporizer has some crucial tweaks a daily user will encounter while smoking. The chamber is made combustion-free, a preset mode is added for convenient handling, the charging is faster, the heating time is reduced, and some minor but relevant improvements are made in design. Also, read the Mighty Plus review.

We have published this article to give our readers a more detailed picture of the improvements and overall comparison. Our review will ensure that your expectations resonate with the actual scenario.

Body and design

The Mighty Vaporizer has a heat-resistant plastic body like any other quality device on the internet. There are no glass components, so it is free from shattering risks and irreparable breakages. Moreover, the plastic body prevents electric shocks, so you can use it without worry.

The body does not heat even at the hottest temperature setting. Patterns on the body allow the user to hold it comfortably when smoking outside. The height is 5.5 inches, so you can call it compact, but you cannot carry it inside your pocket. Besides this, the Mighty Vaporizer has a flaw where it falls over because there is no stable base below the device.


The Mighty Plus Vaporizer has carried forward all the aspects we have discussed regarding the design of the Mighty Vaporizer. Storz and Bickel’s corporation has added a couple of small fins at the base.

At a glance, it might not look relevant. However, it provides much-needed support and stability to the Mighty Plus Vaporizer. Now you can make the Mighty Plus Vaporizer stand on your table while it is heating.

Heating element

The heating element is one of those factors that the Storz and Bickel corporation has improved. The original Mighty Vaporizer has an aluminum chamber that heats the herbs more efficiently than other materials like ceramic and glass.

However, stainless steel, aluminum, and other metallic chambers have an inherent risk of combustion. The Mighty Plus Vaporizer contains the same aluminum chamber to ensure fast heating, but it is coated with ceramic to prevent combustion at points where the herbs come in contact with the device.

The development team has taken a safer path, retained the metallic chamber (common in almost all Storz and Bickel devices), and overcame the risk of flavor hindrance.

Heating system

Both the Mighty Vaporizer and the Mighty Plus Vaporizer have hybrid heating systems. A combination of conduction and convection heating powers the whole process. Conduction heating ensures that the herbs get heated efficiently, while convection heating maintains a consistent airflow.

The convection system heats the herbs by blowing hot air through them. This hybrid technology keeps the heating time short and ensures an uninterrupted smoking session.

Heating time

While many vaporizers on the market produce on-demand vapors, the Mighty Vaporizer and Mighty Plus Vaporizers take their time. The Mighty Vaporizer has a 90-second long heating time. This is not ideal on the go, but the quality of vapors is identical to desktop vaporizers that take time to heat.

The Mighty Plus Vaporizer has the same heating system, where a hybrid heating source allows you to maintain the perfect balance between efficiency and quality.

However, the heating time of the Mighty Plus Vaporizer is reduced to 60 seconds. Many attribute this efficient vapor production to the dominant conduction component with better strength than the Mighty Vaporizer.


The temperature range is similar in both the Mighty and Mighty Plus Vaporizer. The heating system is competent at producing a mild stream of vapors for aromatherapy.

The lowest intensity that you can set is 40 degrees. This is not all. Both these devices have the highest temperature intensity of 210 degrees Celsius. This temperature range is excellent for herbs as higher levels can impair the taste.


The temperature settings in both devices are precise. This means you can increase or decrease the temperature intensities at increments of one degree Celsius. It is hard to find in most portable vaporizers since most companies provide presets for convenient settings.

Precise settings are great for experienced smokers who know their intensities. The Mighty Plus Vaporizer comes with an extra super-booster mode. It enables you to smoke efficiently while keeping the accuracy intact.

Battery Life

The battery in the Mighty Vaporizer is internal. You cannot replace it, so carrying an extra battery is not an option. The battery life ranges between 90 and 120 minutes. These battery stats are great for portable usage. The total capacity is 3300 mAh, and it is made of lithium-ion.

There is an auto-shutoff feature to help preserve the battery life. The Mighty Plus Vaporizer has the same internal battery but a 60 to 90-minute-long life. The reduction in life is not as much of a problem.


The Mighty Vaporizer has a reasonably efficient charging system that allows the user to use it while the battery fills. The standard 12-volt round pin charger fills it in just a few hours. The absence of USB Type-C is one of the most significant flaws in this vaporizer.

The manufacturer has answered customers’ needs by adding a USB Type-C port to the Mighty Plus Vaporizer. The charging time is one hour when you are using a fast charger. However, it takes around three hours on the average charger.


The Mighty and Mighty Plus Vaporizers are as simple as any other Storz and Bickel device. A prominent digital display shows the temperature settings and battery life.

Besides the display, there are two up and down buttons to set the intensity of your choice. The precise controls are the best thing about Storz and Bicket devices. An auto-shutoff feature saves both the battery and herbs from unwanted consumption.


The warranty provided by Storz and Bickel is the same for both devices. The period covered under warranty is two years. However, you can extend it by registering yourself with the company. An additional year will be granted, covering all sorts of manufacturing defects.


Both the vaporizers under discussion are portable but not compact enough to let you carry them inside your pocket. These vaping devices can be carried inside a bag as the size and durable build enable such usage.

However, the Mighty Plus Vaporizer is more expensive than the Mighty Vaporizer. It costs around 50 dollars more. The total price is justifiable as the Mighty Plus Vaporizer makes life easier for those chasing quality and convenience.

Final Words

The Mighty Vaporizer and the Mighty Plus Vaporizer are similar regarding basic features. The former was launched in 2014. The powerful features make the Mighty Vaporizer king in the vaping fraternity. It provides users with simple yet value-adding features.

However, the company has improved certain features for extra 50 dollars. The ceramic-coated chamber, 60 seconds heating time, fins on the base, faster charging, and super-booster mode is some features worth investing money in. It is up to the user to decide whether he wants the extra features.

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