Mighty vs Ghost MV1: Who Wins? MV1 vs Mighty (+20% Sale)

mighty vs ghost mv1

It’s tricky to decide between two vaporizers of common features.  However, the devices I am going to discuss are amongst the most reputed vaping brands worldwide. 

On one side, there’s GhostVapes, a top-selling reputable California-based company that offers all its products with customized features.

On the other hand, Storz & Bickel, the most prominent German-based vape brand, is also considered a leading company. 

Yet, both Mighty and Ghost MV1 are portable vaporizers that deliver exceptional performance, high-quality vapor quality, and excellent temperature controls that make them outstanding.

You would also discover some exclusive technologies in each device that enable you to get the vapors exactly how you need them. Put a glance at each vaporizer and check out which one wins the battle of comparison.


Mighty vs Ghost MV1: Comparison Table

 MightyGhost MV1
Price $349.00$175.00
Temp 40-210°C149-243°C
Weight 345 g235 g
Heating time 1-2 min20-30 sec
Warranty 2 yrsn/a
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Mighty vs Ghost MV1: Detailed Comparison

If you are looking for a fantastic vaporizer, I am here to assist you with the best vaporizer. An all-encompassing overview has been done on both vapes, and ultimately, let’s see which one suits you the most.

Design and Appearance

Both vaporizers are made distinctively, which can be compared to other cannabis vaporizers. Firstly, talking about the Mighty Vape is made of first-class plastic synthetic that delivers a matte and dull finishing.


This device contains a plastic mouthpiece and a vast stainless steel chamber that can carry approximately 0.25 grams of the substance.

On the flip side, the Ghost MV1 is arguably more appealing in terms of appearance. The metal alloy exterior offers a variety of colors. Besides, this vaporizer includes a glass mouthpiece and a ceramic heating chamber, which can hold a constituent of probably 0.12 grams.

However, regarding its appearance, the Ghost MV1 is more attractive and charming than Mighty. Also, this vaporizer offers several metallic colors; each color is very eye-catching and alluring. But, it holds a lesser amount of substance.

Temperature Flexibility

The Mighty+ Vaporizer holds enough temperature options, which are adequately sufficient to get most of the cannabis from the substance.

Moreover, the temperature between 40-210°C gives you intense vapor flavors. Not only this, its stainless steel takes a few minutes to get heated and provides you with potent vapors.

Inversely, the Ghost MV1 proposes higher temperature options, which are in-between 149-243°C, which can be easily set using the mobile application.


This vaporizer has a ceramic chamber that can warm-up speedily as compared to the Mighty Vape. It takes a few seconds to heat up and provides purer and denser vapor quality than its opponent.


Both vaporizers are well-known for their portability, yet which device is lightweight and offers longer battery life should be ideal for moving with you.

While talking about the Mighty vaporizer, it is a bit heavier and denser than the Ghost MV1. However, it contains two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, which take almost two hours to charge entirely and can go more than 1 ½ hours. 

On the other hand, the Ghost MV1 takes probably 6 to 8 hours to completely charge, but it runs only for 8 hours after fully charging. Its large battery can be charged using a USB cable, which comes along with the product.

Tip: You can separately purchase a fast charger, which would help to charge it within 2 to 3 hours.

The only verdict between the two concerning battery life and portability is that the Might vape can charge within a few hours and last longer than the Ghost MV1. However, this device is a bit heavier to carry. 



The mighty vaporizer is enormously simple to use and control. Despite its grind quality, packing, and drawing technique, it gives fantastic results. Its inbuilt display helps you see the desired temperature on a small screen.

Moreover, this vaporizer comprises innovative heating technologies and a cooling system that allows reaching vapors to your lungs after cooling them down. Besides, the Ghost MV1 is somewhat more rigid and challenging to control and use.

If you are getting the experience of Ghost MV1 for the first time, you need to learn it first. No doubt, this device provides higher heating quality and imaginable taste, but it takes a bit of time to understand it.

However, this vape carries more technologies than the Mighty one, such as higher heating, cooling, and water filtration system. Hence, if you are looking for a vaporizer with more exclusive technologies, go for Ghost MV1 vaporizer.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

Cleaning both devices is a quite tricky process that needs much time and effort. Although the mighty vaporizer comes along with a cleaning brush through which you wipe it off and brush all the residue on the device.


However, the Ghost MV1 offers more cleaning tools, including 3 Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes and three cleaning buds, making it easier for you to clean and wipe this vaporizer. However, if you still face it challenging to clean the device, you can separately purchase a cleaning kit.

Should You Buy Mighty OR Ghost MV1?

At last, both devices are outstanding and worth buying. However, after going through each product’s features, you would definitely prefer such a device that offers innovative features yet at an affordable price. Nevertheless, the winner amongst the two vapes is the Ghost MV1.

This vape is quite reasonable to purchase and offers excellent execution. The higher temperature modification permits you to make thicker, denser, and purer vapors. Not only this, its ceramic heating bowl takes only a few seconds to heat the substance more quickly.

Moving towards its cleanliness, this vaporizer comes with more cleaning tools, making it more straightforward for you to maintain the device regularly. I must say the Ghost MV1 is very beneficial and worthy to use.

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