Mighty Plus vs Firefly 2+

There were times when people used to buy classic cigarettes with the same old tobacco-filled inside. The repeated flavor and the need to buy a new pack every day have triggered the need for something more convenient and versatile.

Vaporizers are among the products which have insisted smokers invest their money. Even though all the vaporizers are cost-justifiable, the two models stand out in almost every respect.

The Mighty Plus vaporizer and Firefly 2 plus are worth discussing when we talk about features, and here is why we have brought this article to you. So read through and know more.

Mighty Plus vs Firefly 2+ [Plus] Comparison

Mighty Vs Firefly 2 Plus Comparison
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Overall look and feel

Firefly 2+ plus is popular among youngsters and party freaks who like to vape with their friends in a group. This vaporizer has a metallic coating of aluminum and a sleek design to add more to it.

Meanwhile, the Mighty Plus vaporizer has an opposite feel where the body is made of plastic. This gives a dull look to the device. The design is also chunkier than Firefly 2+ plus, so you will have to choose Firefly 2+ plus if you aim to use it during parties.

Battery life

By far, the most crucial feature that you need to consider before investing your money is battery life. Imagine going on a trip to someplace where you would not be able to find a power outlet.

What will you bank on in such a condition? The battery life, obviously. The Mighty Plus vaporizer is a hard nut to crack when we talk about battery life.

It allows you to smoke for 2 hours straight when the battery is fully charged. On the contrary, Firefly 2+ plus is somewhat a disappointment because you will only smoke for 45-60 minutes.

Going a little deeper into our analysis, Firefly 2+ has one slight advantage over the Mighty Plus vaporizer, and that is the USB changeability. The Mighty Plus vaporizer can only be charged using a power outlet.


The Mighty Plus vaporizer is more portable than Firefly 2+ plus as it provides a longer battery life. Similar to the said feature, size also matters when we discuss portability.

You need to make sure that the product is compact enough to be carried away in small pockets. Both the vaporizers that we are talking about have a size as small as 5 inches.

Temperature range

Firefly 2+ plus is designed for those who prefer well-cooked herbs and concentrates. The temperature range is between 93 and 260 degrees Celsius.

The control is limited due to presets available to adjust the temperature. The Mighty Plus vaporizer suits milder settings where the users require a slight heat to produce warm vapors.

The range goes from 40 to 210 degrees Celsius, but the thing that you will love about this model is the control that it provides you. There are no presets available so that you can choose your favorite settings.

Heat-up time

Ignore this factor once, and you will experience an instance where you would regret taking the decision. Heat-up time might not seem like a big deal to you but ask any old-school smoker about this feature.

Only then you will know what it means. Firefly 2+ plus produces the first wave of vapors in about 3 seconds (probably a record timing). In real life, this is almost synonymous with perfect.

The Mighty Plus vaporizer, however, is a bit slower in this respect. It takes approximately 90-120 seconds to produce the first wave.

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Heating method

Firefly 2+ plus has an efficient method of producing a continuous stream of high-quality vapors. Convection heat support blows hot air through the vapors to heat them at the demanded temperature.

The flavor is not compromised in the end. On the other hand, the Mighty Plus vaporizer has a dual-heating method where both the conduction and convection method is used to cook the fillings.

You will get a vaporizer that cooks the herb directly and also blows hot air to maintain the temperature for better quality and accuracy.

Vapor Quality

Let’s talk about the Mighty Plus first. This vaporizer has an incredibly aromatic, dense, and flavorful vapor production. You will receive an uninterrupted flow of smoke through the mouthpiece.

Firefly 2+ plus has a completely different story. You will experience flavored fume, but there is a slight problem. The pathway usually gets blocked due to continuous sessions without cleaning the compartment.

Once you clean it, the quality exceeds any ordinary vaping device. The company provides a cleaning kit inside the original packing.

Mobile app support

In this modern era, having a device that you can control and monitor remotely is a great feature to use. The Mighty Plus vaporizer lacks this function as there is no mobile app available to manage the settings.

Firefly 2+ plus, however, has a mobile app built on its name, but Apple has banned the usage of this app on iOS.

Easy to use

As we discussed earlier, app support is a very convenient thing to have. While the Mighty Plus vaporizer is a pretty simple device to use, Firefly 2+ plus is comparatively more complex.

There are two touch sensors that require proper know-how. This makes things difficult for newer users and will need a manual to get used to. The Mighty Plus vaporizer has 2 simple buttons to adjust the temperature as per your choice.


The Mighty Plus vaporizer wins this time, again. The battery life has been the stand-out feature, along with the vapor quality. Firefly 2+ plus clogs and its battery also gets consumed pretty quickly.

We will suggest you buy the Mighty Plus vaporizer for traveling or streaming purposes because both the features mentioned above are compatible with this kind of use.

On the other hand, if you need a quick production of vapors or a stylish vaporizer, your decision should be different. Firefly 2+ plus works as a party-oriented vaporizer when we consider these features.

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