Mighty Plus vs Crafty Plus

Storz & Bickel recently released updated versions of Mighty Plus and Crafty Plus. In both devices, there have been remarkable improvements.

Mighty+ had a variety of new features compared to Crafty Plus. Each device has its own distinct advantages. The Mighty Plus and the Crafty Plus are rated among the most popular vaporizers available today.

The new USB-C port, ceramic-coated filling chambers, fast charging, and other improvements have greatly increased the power of these two devices.

Mighty Plus vs Crafty Plus: Comparison Table

mighty plus vs crafty plus comparison


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Mighty+ vs Crafty+: Detailed Comparison

Weight, Height & Portability

Both the Mighty Plus and Crafty plus are portable, having a lightweight. The size is also pocket-friendly as Mighty Plus is 5.5 inches long while the Crafty plus is 4.3 inches long.

It makes it more compact and easier to carry away than Mighty Plus. The Crafty Plus is nice to have while traveling.

Temperature Range

Crafty plus and Mighty Plus share the same temperature range where you would set any temperature between the intensity as high as 210°C or as low as 40°C.


These vaporizers provide you with full control over the settings, which is different from all the other substitutes that contain limited preset options.

Heating Mode

Both the vaporizers operate using conduction as well as convection heating. You will receive a high-quality stream of vapors without any distortion while the device is turned on.

The heating method is not direct because hot air is blown through the residue to heat it consecutively. This allows the smoking material to be heated at a more accurate temperature than vaporizers with a direct heating system.

Auto Switch-off

Manufacturers have installed the auto shut down option in both the mentioned models to ensure your safety and longer battery life.

If your device stays stagnant for two minutes, then the heating system is turned off to ensure safety and efficiency. Though you feel receive a vibration before the device is turned off.

Battery Features

The battery is a crucial thing to consider before buying any electronic product. The busy routine nowadays forces people to leave everything behind and get more value out of their time.

A vaporizer with a better battery feature saves your time and lets you have fun while doing other chores.

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Battery Life

The battery life sets both the vaporizers apart because Mighty Plus has an undisputed life of 120 minutes compared to a 60 minutes Crafty Plus’ life. You can enjoy longer smoking sessions with Mighty Plus’ power efficiency.

There is another thing that might make you change your decision. The battery in Crafty Plus is detachable, which enables you to carry an additional battery when needed.


Charging Duration

Users who usually have a hectic work routine or a busy party schedule always prefer products with lower charging times.

Crafty plus takes almost 120 minutes to charge completely than a fast-charging Mighty Plus, which takes merely 90 minutes to let you smoke your heart out. Mighty Plus is a winner in this respect.


USB-C Charging Cable

Both of the latest Mighty Plus and Crafty Plus have type-c charging ports. That means now you can charge these devices anywhere, anytime.

Ease To Use

Starting with Mighty Plus, this vaporizer does not support a mobile app but contains very convenient controls on the product itself.

There are two buttons installed to up and down the temperature with an LED screen to monitor the battery life and temperature reading.

On the other hand, Crafty can be controlled using a mobile app that can be used on Android and iPhone. You can easily change the temperature, adjust the LED screen's brightness, and turn off the vibratory notifications at your will.

If you are not a fan of electronic controllability, you can use the device with the help of the buttons installed.

Ease To Clean

Vaporizers need frequent cleaning to maintain the quality of vapors produced. While every company tries to clean up as simple as possible.

Crafty has the simplest method to disassemble and clean that you will ever come across. Crafty allows you to enjoy your session without breaking any part.

The Price Factor

Since you are here, we assume that you know the price of both the products already. If you still did not do any research regarding the amount of money you need to invest, we will tell you.


Mighty Plus is a little more expensive than the other model with a price of $399. On the other hand, Crafty Plus has a price of 120 dollars lower than the Mighty Plus vaporizer. It has a budget-friendly price of $279.

Mighty+ vs Crafty+: Which one to buy?

A new version of both devices was released in September 2021. There are similar features in both products.  Both devices are exceptionally powerful. However, Mighty Plus has a few features that make it superior.

A powerful design, a powerful heating system, and a long battery life make this the best buy.  Ultimately, everything depends on your choice. When it comes to my recommendation, I'd urge you to try Mighty Plus. It's a beast.

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