Mighty Plus vs Boundless CFX

The Mighty Plus vaporizer is considered the best in the market. The company claims it has fulfilled customers’ needs like no other smoking product.

While this claim might seem harsh, it is justifiable in some respects. The customers’ recent buying pattern shows that another vaporizer is rising.

Boundless CFX now holds a fair share of the market and provides a quality experience for all those who demand better value for money.

This article will compare the models mentioned to decide which product to buy.

Mighty Plus vs Boundless CFX Comparison

Mighty Vs Boundless Cfx Comparison
FeaturesMightyBoundless CFX
Battery Life2 hours2 hours
Charging time2 hours1 hour 15 minutes
Temperature range40 to 210 °C90 to 120 °C
Heating time90-120 seconds20 seconds
Heating MethodConduction and convectionConduction
Warranty2 Years2 Years
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Overall look

The Mighty Plus vaporizer is not known for its stylish looks or eye-catching design. The body is made of plastic, which looks dull, and the design feels slightly bulky.

On the other hand, after buying Boundless CFX, you will find a sleek body of pure silicon that will allow you to keep a firm grip on your device. Boundless CFX is more stylish than the Might vaporizer.

Battery life

When it comes to battery life, people find it difficult to find a synonym for Mighty Plus vaporizer. This beast provides you with 2 hours of long smoking sessions in one complete charge, and the battery takes an equal period to charge.

Now, let’s talk about the battery life of Boundless CFX. The dominance of the Mighty Plus vaporizer has ended as this vaporizer enables the user to smoke for about 3 hours in a single charging cycle.

Moreover, the battery takes even lesser time to fill up (1 hour and 15 minutes). Please check out our latest Mighty+ Review if you want to know more.


Portability is undoubtedly something that bothers users every time. When you buy an electronic device, ensure it suits portable usage.

Simply put, the vaporizer you purchase must be compact enough to carry in your pocket, and the battery life should be long enough to allow you to smoke for a couple of hours a day.

Both Mighty Plus and Boundless CFX fulfill this criterion. Additionally, we will tell you if you want to know the space the unit will take.

Mighty+ has a height of about 5.5 inches, while Boundless CFX has a height of 7 inches. This makes Mighty+ more compact than the other vaporizer.

Temperature range

The temperature is not much of a factor when distinguishing between the two models. The Mighty+ vaporizer lets you choose any temperature between 40 and 210 degrees Celsius.

The Boundless CFX has a wider range where you can select the temperature level from 38 to 221 degrees Celsius. If you are one of those people who prefer well-cooked herbs, then Boundless is the option to choose.

Heating time

Like any other factor, heating time also matters much in real life. By heating time, we mean the time your device needs to heat the herb or concentrate to the required temperature.

Mighty Plus vaporizer cooks the filling in about 90 to 120 seconds, while Boundless CFX does the same in 20 seconds. You should wait longer when using Mighty Plus, so Boundless CFX is the winner.

Heating method

Both the models under discussion contain dual heating methods. The filling gets cooked by a direct heating method called conduction, while convection cooling aids the device by blowing hot air through the concentrate. This produces a stream of consistently flavored vapors to enhance pleasure.

Vapor Quality

Mighty Plus has the best vapor quality among the vaporizer fraternity. The dual heating system, especially the hot air blown through the filling, is one of the main reasons behind the device’s high-quality, dense smoke.

There is a consistent mix of flavors throughout the session, so you will never feel a decline in the fun you experience. Boundless CFX does not lag here as it has an isolated pathway for the vapors to flow.

This prevents the pungent and metallic smell from getting mixed in the vapors. Furthermore, there is no blockage in the stream of vapors produced.

Easy to use

Boundless CFX is a simple device as the ceramic chamber is easy to open and fill when you want to load the herb inside. Moreover, the controls are straightforward and convenient, with a detailed LED screen inside the device.

On the other hand, Mighty Plus is also simple to use due to its accurate LED indicator and simple yet handy buttons. You need to keep one thing in mind.

Neither one of the two models support a mobile app for remote handling. The auto switch-off in both units frees you from the worry of manually switching off the device when inactive.


Both the vaporizers under discussion have a warranty period of 2 years. This period is sufficient to track a manufacturing flaw or a sudden decline in performance. The companies sell these products through approved suppliers to ensure a convenient buying experience.

Which is better? Mighty Plus OR Boundless CFX?

You can easily guess our conclusion if you read our article thoroughly. The Mighty Plus vaporizer has always been a tough nut to crack for the competitors, but Boundless CFX has beaten the Mighty Plus vaporizer with ease.

The Boundless CFX comprehensively leaves behind its counterpart in all material aspects. The battery life and charging timing are impeccable, the build is stylish, the temperature range and heating system are extraordinary, and the user convenience is definite.

This vaporizer is among the best ones produced to date. It will suit various usages like long streaming, traveling, and night parties in your favorite club.

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