Mighty Plus vs Arizer Solo 2

Smokers usually demand a heavy-duty, durable, eye-catching, and quality vaporizer to make the smoking sessions enjoyable.

There are many vaporizers available in the market to choose from. But the number of options usually confuses the buyers regarding which device to buy.

The Mighty Plus and Arizer Solo 2 are two of the best vaporizers discussed online. The Arizer series has been a complete mess, but the company has invested a lot of money and effort in Solo 2 to satisfy the customers.

Mighty Plus is undoubtedly the best product manufactured by its company. We are about to compare both the products, so read through the article to learn more.

Mighty Plus vs Arizer Solo 2 Comparison Table

Mighty Vs Arizer Solo 2 Comparison
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Mighty Plus vs Arizer Solo 2 Detailed Comparison

Overall look and feel

Starting with the looks of Mighty Plus, it is made from a body made of high-quality plastic. The look is not what many people are a fan of as it looks bulky and dull.

When it comes to Arizer Solo 2, the overall feel is good as the shape is pretty much compact. The body is made up of anodized aluminum with a stainless steel coating at the top and the bottom. Arizer indeed leaves Mighty Plus behind in this aspect.


The Mighty+ vaporizer has always been known for its extraordinary battery performance. The users can enjoy the long smoking sessions stretched for 2 hours.

It is usually felt that no other product can beat Mighty+ when it comes to the battery, but Arizer Solo 2 has proven every person wrong.

Now you can smoke for 3 hours without a worry to recharge the device. Battery life is something that impresses most customers, especially streamers and travelers.


Portability depends on the size and battery life of the product. Might and Arizer Solo 2 have a size of 5.5 and 4.5 inches, respectively. The Arizer vaporizer can fit in smaller pockets and takes lesser space in the bag.

Moreover, the battery life of Arizer Solo 2 is better than Mighty Plus, where you get a complete additional hour to smoke your heart out.

Temperature range

The temperature range in both models is almost the same. The Mighty+ vaporizer allows you to choose a temperature between 40 and 210 degrees Celsius.

On the other hand, the Arizer Solo 2 has an equal range (though 10 degrees higher at both extremes), starting from 50 to 220. This slight variation in the highest possible temperature might affect those who like to smoke hot stuff.

The other thing that you should know is that both of these devices let you choose any temperature within the range we told while other vaporizers have preset temperature levels to restrict your control.

Heating method

The heating system is usually of two types, i.e., conduction and convection. Conduction heating is the direct method where the stuff you smoke is heated with a flame or any other source, while convection heating includes the hot air being blown through the stuff.

Mighty+ is known for the high-quality vapors that it produces using both the conduction & convection heating methods.

Arizer Solo 2 uses conduction heating only to produce vapors 30 seconds after the system is turned on. The vapors produced are not as good as the ones produced by Mighty Plus.

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality has been a great thing about the Mighty+ vaporizer. It ensures a consecutive flow of vapor from the vaporizer to your lips with the help of a combination of the two different heating methods.

On the other side, the Arizer series was always criticized by users for low-quality smoke produced with a pungent smell. The Arizer Solo 2 has conquered that flaw to become the best vaporizer produced by the company.

A glass path has been installed for the flow of smoke, and the heating procedure has been adjusted to increase the overall quality.

Auto switch-off

The companies have assured your safety and better battery life by introducing an auto switch-off option. This option enables your vaporizer to turn off after an inactive period of 2 minutes.

This saves you from the worry of switching off your vaping device before sleeping. There is an additional feature in Arizer Solo 2, where you can increase the auto switch-off time as you want.

Easy to use

Both Mighty Plus and Arizer Solo 2 are considered the most convenient vaporizers available in the market. While you would not find any app support in both models, there are manual buttons available with easy functioning and understandability.

You can change temperature, timings, and other important settings using the easy-to-use keys. We would recommend both products to beginners.


Mighty+ comes with a 2-year warranty to keep customers on the safer side while purchasing. The Arizer Solo 2 also assures the buyers of a similar warranty on the device (apart from the battery, where you receive a 1-year warranty period).


The Conclusion is pretty tough in this case. Both the vaporizers are one of the best ones in their respective series. The winner, although by a very small margin, is the Mighty+ vaporizer. Don’t be surprised; we can explain our answer with a justifiable reason.

There is a definite tie on features such as the auto switch off, temperature range, and warranty, but other things differentiate the two products.

The Mighty+ vaporizer lags a bit in the looks and battery life, but on the other hand, the main thing is the vapor quality and heating system, which is almost perfect.

In the end, it all depends on the vapor quality. The battery life of 2 hours, though lower than Arizer Solo 2, is good enough for traveling and streaming.

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