Ispire Daab vs Puffco Peak Pro: Is Daab Better than Peak Pro?

Ispire Daab and Puffco Peak Pro have revolutionized the vaping experience when we compare both devices with old-school bongs. However, the Puffco Peak Pro rig has been sleeker and more portable than the Ispire Daab.

The Puffco Peak is operated by pressing buttons and is an efficient mobile application, whereas the Ispire Daab can be used totally with buttons.

Both devices have an induction heating system, so being a user, you don’t have to use lighters or torches to heat the concentrates. Moreover, the rig’s temperatures are controlled by the users as per their preferences, and the traditional bongs also lack this feature.

Ispire Daab vs Puffco Peak Pro

Ispire Daab vs. Puffco Peak Pro: At a Glance 

Ispire Daab and Puffco Peak Pro come in a sealed box; inside the box, you will see a case. Regarding the case outlook, the Ispire Daab comes in a Thick Pelican case with the manufacturer’s name and is designed to protect the borosilicate glass components that come with the device.

The case is bigger and weighs over a pound. The case ensures the safety of the glass components and can travel with you anywhere you go.

The Ispire Daab comes with the following components:

  • The electronic device itself
  • 1 Water Chamber
  • 1 Carrier Cup
  • 1 Reclaim Cup 
  • 1 Carb Cap 
  • 2 inner cups 
  • 1 USB Type – C Cable
  • User Manual Mat
  • Heat Resistant Silicone Ring
  • A dab tool
  • 3 Alcohol Swabs
  • 1 Water Chamber Silicone Bumper

Most of the components listed above are made with borosilicate glass which keeps the concentrates pure without messing up the flavor. On the other hand, The Puffco Peak Pro is a one-piece rig that comes in a premium-quality case. The case is quite sleek and more portable than the Ispire Daab.

Moreover, the carrying case design looks like a tower and super cool. The Puffco Peak Pro is a single-piece rig; you don’t have to assemble it to use as is the case with the Ispire Daab rig.

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Some other Features

We will try to explore what are the essential features of both rigs. Both manufacturers are unique in their way. We’ll discuss them all one by one. Check Puffco Peak Pro Review.

Induction Heating

The rigs, Ispire Daab and Puffco Peak pro, have an induction heating system, so you will not have to use any torch or lighter to heat your concentrates. Plus, like a bong, your concentrates will not directly contact the heat, giving you a clean flavory hit.

The induction heating works like magic, decreasing the risk of burning yourself to almost zero. Induction Heating is an innovative process in which the temperature is raised with the help of an induction heater comprised of electromagnets and an electronic oscillator.

However, traditional burners are unsafe and can burn you or things around you. Furthermore, the temperature is raised in less than a minute and will give you a hit that is pure and full of flavor.

Temperature Control

Controlling the temperature is a bit different for both devices, Ispire Daab and Puffco Peak Pro. The temperature on the Ispire Daab is controlled manually through the + and – buttons on the rig. Check Ispire Daab Review.

Ispire Daab also has an auto-heat mode that constantly heats the inner cup, and when it is raised above the normal range, it turns off automatically. However, the Puffco Peak Pro has a mobile application through which you can change the temperature and other settings.

Ispire Daab or Puffco Peak Pro: Which Rig is more Portable?

Between both of the rigs, Ispire Daab and Puffco Peak Pro, the latter is more portable than the prior due to its case design and weight. It is a single-piece rig that doesn’t need to get assembled. and is one piece. In contrast, The Ispire Daab has a list of components you will need to take wherever you go. The case is heavier than most of the rigs and bigger.

Which Rig has a Strong Vapor?

If we compare both rigs, both rigs get the job done, but the strong vapor also depends upon the rig with a higher temperature. Daab by Ispire has preset temperatures ranging from 121°C to 426°C (250 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit). You can see the temperature on the rig’s OLED screen.

On the other hand, the Puffco Peak Pro has four preset temperatures that can be changed through the Puffco mobile application. Puffco Peak Pro ranges from 254°C to 285°C (492 to 545 in Fahrenheit).

The rig has no screen, and the application only shows the temperature. However, the lights that change on the rising or fall of the temperature can be seen on the rig. 

At the low 254°C, the light will turn blue; at 266°C, it will turn green, and as it gets higher, it changes to red; when it gets to the peak, which is 285°C, it will turn white.

Thus, the Ispire Daab has a stronger vapor as it has a higher preset temperature but is unsuitable for all types of users. If you are looking for light hits, the Ispire Daab will suit you more.

Battery: Which Rig Lasts longer?

The Puffco Peak Pro comes with a 1700mAh battery that is charged with a Type-C charger and has less battery life than the Ispire’s Daab.  The Daab by Ispire has two 3000mAh lithium-ion batteries that are replaceable and run at 30A. Ispire Daab is also charged with a Type-C battery. The rig is fully charged within an hour and lasts almost an hour.

What can be Smoked in Both Rigs?

It is important to note that Ispire Daab is not for you if you want to use it with nicotine substances. It is used as an aromatic therapy diffuser and is designed completely for herbs, concentrates, oils, and aromatic terpenes at a low temperature.

Ispire Daab only supports between 0.1g to 0.3g of concentrates. Whereas the Puffco Peak Pro allows you to smoke many, if not all, substances. It will enable you to smoke wax, budders, shatter, rosin, live resin, and oils.

Which Rig has a Bigger Cloud?

Again, the higher temperature rig gives you a bigger and milkier cloud. As mentioned above, the Ispire Daab can go up to a higher temperature than the Puffco Peak Pro rig, giving you a bigger and milky cloud when the temperature is raised.

Do you need to Assemble both rigs?

The Ispire Daab comes with several components and needs to get assembled before use. On the other hand, the Puffco Peak Pro comes in one piece and will need to get charged, and you are good to go.

How to Clean the Rigs?

Cleaning both rigs is relatively easier if you clean them after using them each time. If you compromise cleaning or cleaning them after a long time, the job can be difficult. If you don’t clean the rigs every time after using them, the bowls can get stained and ruin the flavors.

Wiping the oven and bowls after every hit is recommended to clean the rigs. It can also be done using cotton or alcohol swabs.

You can also use an orange chronic pipe cleaner; after pouring it into the bowl, you must shake the banger for a few minutes. Lastly, you can wash them with slightly hot water.

Do both of the Rigs have a Warranty?

If you want to buy Puffco Peak Pro, you should know that you will get a one-year warranty from the day you purchase the rig.

Ispire Daab also has a 1 year which can be claimed only for the built-in defects and not if the rig gets damaged.

Which Rig is Overpriced?

Initially, the Ispire Daab e-rig was released for $299, was later re-priced by Ispire, and now sits at $249.

On the other hand, the Puffco Peak Pro sits at $399, which is relatively high compared to the Ispire Daab. The device has less battery life than the Daab and does not have an OLED display.

Though the Peak Pro is a stable rig and provides an adequate vaping experience but seems to be overpriced.


We have discussed all the features that both Rigs offer and have learned that both provide a great vaping experience compared to most of the rigs available in the market. If you are looking for a longer battery and need a powerful rig that goes up to a temperature of 426°C. 

In this case, Ispire Daab should be your choice, and if you need lighter hits and are looking for a stable device, go for Puffco Peak Pro.

Overall, both rigs are excellent and durable; however, there are some features that one rig has and does not. Both are different in their way.

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