Ispire Daab vs Dr Dabber Boost Evo – Is Daab better than Boost Evo?

Today’s challengers are the Dab devices, by two of the biggest names in the Dab industry. If you have any experience with dabbing, you will surely love the two products we have for you today. The Ispire Daab and the Dr. Dabbr Boost Evo will remind you of the golden days of dabbing.

These devices have much to offer, and technological advances in the industry have further helped evolve the products. They both have excellent features and a design that is futuristic and classy. Let’s dive in and find out how these stack up against each other.  

Ispire Daab vs Dr Dabber Boost Evo: Comparison table

SpecificationsIspire DaabDr. Dabber Boost Evo
CompatibilityDabDab and wax
Heat up time38 seconds10 to 20 seconds
Temperature range250 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit6 levels; 550 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit
Temperature modesPrecision mode onlyPresets only
Mobile applicationNoYes
Haptic feedbackNo, beeping soundsYes
Warranty1 year1 year
Sessions per charge12 to 159 to 12
Battery2*18650 batteries3400mAh
Battery typeRemovableInternal
Charging time2 to 2.5 hours1 to 2 hours
Charging modeUSB C-typeUSB C-type
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Ispire Daab vs Dr Dabber Boost Evo: Detailed Comparison

Built Quality


The Ispire Daab has all very sturdy glass accessories, while the base is made with ferrous metal encasement. All the glass accessories are easy to place and come with rubber to place on them for an easy and sturdy grip. The borosilicate glass is also sturdy and won’t break easily.

The device comes neatly packaged into a briefcase, a kind of box where every single accessory has its place and sits perfectly. The device is well-machined and exudes a specific type of class. It is also very sleek and straightforward, except for the chamber protruding from the device.

The Boost Evo has the best-machined accessories, and the metal used is top-grade. All the parts place inside the device comfortably with magnetic installments. The device is super easy to disassemble and clean. All the parts come off quickly, while the magnet on the device is super strong to ensure everything stays in place even if you tilt the device.

The magnets won’t pull off unless you give them a good grip. That, along with the sleek and snazzy light show on the device, makes it a spectacle. You can always activate the stealth mode if you do not enjoy the lights too much.

Battery life

The Ispire Daab comes with 2 18650 batteries, and they are removable. You can always get some spare batteries and run them for extra fun. The battery lasts 12 to 15 sessions and won’t run out that easily.

It has a USB C-type port and a charging cable to charge the device. The C-type charging is the fastest way to charge up devices, which takes roughly 2 hours.

The Boost Evo displays the battery life on the LCD screen, and you can quickly charge it with the C-type charging cable. It has an internal battery of 3400mAh and will easily last you for around 9 to 12 sessions.  

How to use

The Ispire Daab is super easy to use and has many accessories to aid your sessions. The Ispire Daab has a pretty cool display and turns on by pressing the fire button 5 times. Yeah, the power button is called the fire button. Also, if you are new to these devices, the Ispire Daab comes with a complete instruction manual to ensure you use it correctly.

The device has up and down buttons to help you navigate the temperature. The device once turned on, allows you to set the temperature. However, to activate the heating process, you must click the fire button 2 times. Once the heating is activated, it will heat up in 35 to 40 seconds. Once it reaches your desired temperature, it will beep 3 times. You can then start your sessions.

The device comes with sturdy Borosilicate glass cups, and other glass accessories are also very sturdy. The device also has rubbers around the glass tubes to protect your hands and provide a good grip. You also do not need both hands to have a fun dabbing session. It is straightforward to use. Check Ispire Daab Review.

The Dabber Boost Evo comes with a unique design. It is very comfortable to hand, especially considering that the chamber is inside the device and there are no external chambers that make the device sleek and classy. The device turns on by pressing 5 times the power button, then choosing the temperature from the presets, and then pressing and holding the power button to start the heating.


You can also choose stealth mode, which will turn off the device’s cosmetic lights on both sides. By clicking the power button twice, you can activate stealth mode and click it twice more to deactivate the stealth mode. All the elements of the device are magnetic.

Everything sits in place perfectly. The heating chamber is right underneath the glass water attachment, which makes the vapor super smooth and pure flavor. The device will show red lights to depict the heating process in progress. The device uses haptic feedback and a green light on the device to show that it is ready to use.

Every temperature setting has a different color so you can know your temperature. The airflow is easy to manage as there is a small button where you can easily access it. All you need to do is place your thumb or finger on it to ensure you get the right airflow.   

Temperature Settings

The Ispire Daab has precise temperature control that can be changed using the up and down buttons on the device. The temperature range on this device is massive and can hit pretty hard for those who like lower settings. The temperature range is between 250 degrees to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is massive, and not most e-rigs or dabbers provide that range. Also, if you like Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, you can easily switch by pressing the up and down buttons simultaneously. The heat-up time with the Ispire Daab is 38 seconds for the highest temperature, 800 degrees Fahrenheit. So if you start your session on a lower setting, you can reach the desired temperature in less time. Check Dr. Dabber Boost Evo Review.

The Dabber Boost Evo has 6 levels of presets. You can turn the device on and click through to choose your desired preset temperature. The six temperature settings and their respective colors are mentioned below:

  1. 500 degrees Fahrenheit with a Purple light
  2. 550 degrees Fahrenheit with a Blue light
  3. 600 degrees Fahrenheit with a Cyan light
  4. 650 degrees Fahrenheit with a Green light
  5. 700 degrees Fahrenheit with an Orange light
  6. 750 degrees Fahrenheit with a White light

These six settings allow you to enjoy the flavor and low dabs. The lower settings will enable you to enjoy smooth, excellent dabs with big clouds despite being on a low setting. For those who love clouds, this device helps you want them a lot more with even the lower settings. The higher settings give you many denser and bigger clouds, and the flavor manages to stay intact.

Vapor Quality

The Ispire Daab uses the glass chamber to transfer the vapor to your mouth, and Borosilicate glass helps keep the flavor intact. The vapor is smooth and dense even at the lowest temperature, while the flavor is right on the money. The glass tube and the water help cool down the vapor, and you get smooth and cool dabs every time.

However, at higher temperatures and the use of airflow, you may still get hot vapor that may hit your throat a bit hard. Either way, you can enjoy different temperatures and vapors with this device since it has precise control. So determine what temperature works best for you, and the results will still be excellent.

The vapor quality of the Dabber Boost Evo is fantastic. You get the densest and perfect clouds from the lower to the higher settings. This is the device for cloud chasers. Even if you start your session at 500 degrees, the clouds’ flavor and density will blow you away.


The higher temperatures also do not burn the dab and keep the flavor intact. The vapor at higher temperatures is much denser and more enjoyable. The vapor does hit a bit hard at higher temperatures, and you will be reminded of the bongs when you use this device. However, it still has the best flavor and clouds at all temperatures.

Is Dabber Boost Evo better than Ispire Daab?

The Ispire Daab and Boost Evo have impeccable specs and are well-machined sturdy products. Even the glass parts of the device are classy and sturdy. Not just that, both devices use magnetic insertions. Both devices also have a sleek design and are super easy to hold.

Boost Evo is exceptionally portable, with a small frame and magnetic insertions, making it very durable and easy to use. Its design further elevates the device as it lights up and helps you read the temperature using different colors. The ease of use helps elevate your sessions to another level.

Also, how can we forget about the clouds produced at even the lowest temperatures? Boost Evo seems to have all the bases covered, and for those who love big, dense clouds, this is the perfect device for you.

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