G Pen Roam vs Puffco Peak Pro: Is Roam Better? (20% OFF)

All those who love dag rigs will know about the fantastic tech that has come out in recent years in the vaporizers market. Today we are comparing the G Pen Roam and Puffco Peak Pro. Both devices are dag e-rigs from famous manufacturers.

Grenco Science and Puffco are big manufacturers putting much thought and effort into their designs. Hence these two devices do not come as a shock as they are perfectly engineered. There is much to look into and appreciate, so let’s dive in and determine which is better.

G Pen Roam and Puffco Peak Pro: Comparison Table

SpecificationsG Pen RoamPuffco Peak Pro
CompatibilityWax and dabWax and dab
Heat up time2 to 5 seconds5 to 10 seconds
Temperature range600 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit492 t0 545 degrees Fahrenheit
Temperature modesPrecision onlySmart Path mode
Mobile applicationNoYes
Haptic feedbackYesYes
Warranty1 year1 year
Heating elementQuartzCeramic
Sessions per charge2030
Battery typeInternalInternal
Charging time1 to 2 hours1 to 2 hours
Charging modeMicro-USBC-type
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Well, that gives us a good idea of what device could be better but let’s not call it a day here, and let’s see how they stack up against each other.

The G Pen Roam vs. Puffco Peak Pro Review: Detailed comparison

Manufacturing Quality

The G Pen Roam sits in hand very nicely and on its own. The device is sturdy and will not tip over. The best part is the fantastic manufacturing quality and the materials used in the device. The aluminum chassis on the device is sturdy and neatly houses all the unique elements.

The coil is placed neatly into the device, keeping all the heat away from your fingers. The device does not get hot, either. The only thing slightly concerning is that the water bubbler is also placed inside the device, and you cannot see it.

With the small battery, these two issues are worth considering before buying this device. The good thing about G Pen Roam is that it comes with an LCD screen that gives out all the necessary information that one might need. Check G Pen Roam Review.

Puffco Peak Pro is a beautiful and sleek device. It has tapered glass for the water and perfectly holds it without splashing or throwing it back in your mouth. It has a 40% larger bowl than the previous one, which helps get the flavor out of your extracts. The device may not have the widest range in temperatures, but it has the optimal temperature settings.

These temperature settings can still extract the flavor and give you some powerful hits. All over, the manufacturing quality of the device is excellent, while the matte finishes on the device make it look sleeker. The device also has a very cool design and lighting effect.

Vapor Quality

The G Pen Roam comes with an internal water tank that can be stressful for most people; however, it does help cool down the vapor properly. The device has a range of flexible temperatures, and once it hits the water tank, the vapor cools down and lets you enjoy the hit ideally. The vapor is cool and smooth.

The flavor extraction is immaculate, as the temperature range on this device helps get the flavor out. The automatic and manual heating activation can also help you get your desired temperatures and enjoy the flavors perfectly. The device doesn’t let down in the clouds department as well as it produces large clouds with the perfect hit.

The Puffco Peak Pro doesn’t have a wide variety of temperatures, yet it delivers the promise of the perfect hit. The vapor quality is excellent and gives out cool and smooth vapor. The large concentration bowl and the well-directed airflow path help bring the vapor to your mouth with the perfect extracted flavor.

Even though the temperature settings are not too high, the device still delivers a good vapor, and anyone can enjoy the perfectly extracted flavor. The Peak temperature setting gives a harsh feel, so it’s all about choosing the right temperature that suits you.

Battery Life

The battery in the G Pen Roam is the biggest letdown. It comes with a 1300 mAh battery; considering the temperature range and the clouds, this seems unreal. With a 1300 mAh battery, it still gives 20 sessions out of a single charge, which is astounding. It also depends on how long of a session you are holding.

The temperature also plays a role in determining if you can last for 20 sessions. The G Pen still uses the Micro-USB for charging. This is also disappointing as most manufacturers have moved to C-type charging. Big manufacturers like Grenco need to move to the new changes. Check Puffco Peak Pro review.

Puffco Peak Pro has a 2800 mAh battery that charges in 2 hours or less. It has a battery life of 30 sessions per charge, giving you enough time to enjoy the flavors. The device uses a C-type charging port and charges in no time. It helps keep the fun going for a long time. This device has a much better battery life than G Pen Roam.

Temperature Settings

The G Pen Roam comes with a wide range of temperatures, and it is super easy to use and go through those temperatures. Click the power button to turn the device on, and then choose your temperature by clicking the up and down buttons.

Choose the temperature setting and let the device heat up, and inhale. The temperatures range on this device is 600 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also go to the Max mode by pressing the down button once. The temperature range is perfect for extracting flavor from your concentrates and gets the right hit.

The Max mode is perfect for cleaning purposes and the perfect extraction of the flavor. Those who enjoy a hard hit will love the Max mode. Compared to G Pen Roam, the Puffco Peak Pro has a smaller range of temperatures. The temperature range on Puffco Peak Pro is 492 to 545 degrees Fahrenheit, even though the temperature range is not too vast.

It still extracts the concentrate’s flavor well enough for you to enjoy the hits you like. The flavor extraction is good, and the device does not heat up. The 545 degrees Fahrenheit is the highest temperature on this device, also known as the Peak.

How to use

The G Pen has very easy settings and a manual to guide you on how to use it. It has a variety of temperature settings that are easy to maneuver with the plus and minus buttons on the device. To use this device, fill your concentrate into the coil and start the device.

Press the power button 5 times quickly to turn it on. Once it is on, you can choose your desired temperature with the up and down buttons. Once you have chosen your temperature, you can start the manual or automatic heating to let the device heat.

Once it reaches temperature, it will vibrate to inform you it’s ready to be used. You can then inhale and go through your session. It also comes with the handy feature of an auto cool down. If the device gets too hot, it will automatically cool down. The screen on the device will display a hand, and you can wait for it to cool down.

The device is very simple and easy to use. We will discuss the temperature range in the later section. However, it has a wide range and can help you enjoy your concentrate’s flavor.

The Puffco Peak Pro comes with only one button, which is the power button. The device is very easy to use as well. All you need to do is put your concentration in the bowl and turn the device on. Choose your desired temperature setting, and you can do that by clicking the power button.

Once it reaches the desired temperature, it will vibrate to let you know so you can start your session. The device is very simple and easy to use it. The temperatures are highlighted with the light underneath the device, and you can choose the one you like.

The application with the device also helps you go through your sessions easily and see all the information you need on the app. The application makes the device much easier to use.

Is Puffco Peak Pro better than G Pen Roam?

Considering everything we discussed above, the Puffco Peak Pro offers much more than the G Pen Roam. Even though both the devices are designed and manufactured using the best materials and the designs are immaculate, the Peak Pro leaves the G Pen Roam behind easily.

The Puffco Peak Pro has a stronger battery and lasts much longer than any other device. It has many temperature settings, and you can taste the flavor perfectly.

The flavor extraction is the same for both devices; both are easy to use. The devices are also portable and come nicely placed into travel-friendly boxes. Considering the price of both devices, you may want to consider which one meets your needs best and appeals to you.

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