G Pen Hyer Vs Connect – Is G Pen Hyer Better than Connect?

The G Pen Hyer and the G Pen Connect are two products that have captivated the vaping community’s attention. Both devices, crafted by Grenco Science, a leading name in the industry, promise a superior, personalized, and convenient vaping experience.

They deliver on innovation, design, and technology, bringing the future of vaping to the present. The G Pen Hyer is celebrated for its versatility, featuring dual-use functionality with concentrates or dried herbs, while the G Pen Connect is lauded for its dedicated concentrates vaping efficiency.

Each brings unique strengths, fostering diverse user experiences and satisfaction. This detailed comparison aims to dissect every feature of these two standout devices, providing an in-depth understanding that will guide your decision.

Let’s dive into the world of G Pen Hyer and G Pen Connect, assessing their performance on the grounds of use, heating elements, battery life, temperature control, heat-up time, durability, and warranty.

g pen hyer vs connect – Comparison Table

FeaturesG Pen HyerG Pen Connect
UseDual-use, works with concentrates or dried herbConcentrates
Heating ElementQuartzCeramic
Battery6,000mAh, USB-C charging850mAh, Micro USB charging
Temperature ControlYes, 5 settingsYes, 3 settings
Heat-up Time15-45 seconds5 seconds
HousingDurable, lightweight die-cast aluminumMetal
WarrantyNot Provided1 Year

Key Takeaways

Both products offer unique features, but the G Pen Hyer stands out for its dual-use functionality, stronger battery, and five temperature settings. However, G Pen Connect shines for its quicker heat-up time and included warranty.

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G pen hyer vs connect – Detailed Comparison


G Pen Hyer: The G Pen Hyer stands out with its dual-use functionality. It works with either concentrates or dried herb, providing versatility in usage. This feature is beneficial for users who prefer varying their vaping substances. Read G Pen Hyer Review.

G Pen Connect: The G Pen Connect, on the other hand, is specifically designed for concentrates. While this may limit its versatility, it enables a dedicated, optimized experience for concentrate vaping. Read G Pen Connect Review.

Winner: G Pen Hyer for its ability to function with concentrates and dried herbs.

Heating Element:

G Pen Hyer: The Hyer boasts a full quartz heating element. Quartz is known for its ability to heat up quickly and distribute heat evenly, ensuring a smooth and consistent vapor.

G Pen Connect: The Connect uses a ceramic heating element renowned for preserving flavor and producing a clean, pure vapor. Its patented reverse airflow technology promotes even and efficient vaporization.

Winner: Draw. Both quartz and ceramic elements have their strengths; it boils down to personal preference.

Battery and Charging:

G Pen Hyer: The Hyer has a 6,000mAh lithium-ion battery, rechargeable via a high-speed USB-C cable. This impressive battery capacity ensures prolonged usage.


G Pen Connect: The Connect comes with an 850mAh battery with Micro USB charging support. Despite its smaller battery size, it allows for pass-through charging, ensuring uninterrupted vaping sessions.

Winner: G Pen Hyer, for its significantly larger battery capacity.

Temperature Control:

G Pen Hyer: The Hyer offers five temperature settings, allowing users to fine-tune their vaping experience. This extensive range suits different substances and personal preferences.

G Pen Connect: The Connect has three preset temperature settings, which simplify usage while offering a degree of control over the vaping experience.

Winner: G Pen Hyer, for offering a broader temperature control range.

Heat-up Time:

G Pen Hyer: Depending on the selected temperature setting, the Hyer heats up in 15 to 45 seconds.

G Pen Connect: The Connect impressively heats up in 5 seconds, offering almost instant readiness.

Winner: G Pen Connect, for its incredibly fast heat-up time.

Housing and Durability:

G Pen Hyer: The Hyer is made from durable and lightweight die-cast aluminum. It is designed for longevity, resistant to wear and tear.

G Pen Connect: The Connect is constructed from sturdy metal, assuring durability. Its glass mouthpiece provides a cool, flavorful vapor path.

Winner: Draw, as both products showcase robust and durable designs.


G Pen Hyer: The Hyer doesn’t specify a warranty.

G Pen Connect: The Connect provides a one-year warranty, offering peace of mind and support in case of any functional issues.

Winner: G Pen Connect, for its explicit one-year warranty.


Choosing between the G Pen Hyer and the G Pen Connect concerns personal preferences and usage needs. The G Pen Hyer would serve you well if you value versatility, a larger battery, and more temperature controls. It is a more adaptable device suitable for both concentrate and herb vaping.

Conversely, if you seek a device specifically for concentrate vaping, desire faster heat-up times, and value an included warranty, the G Pen Connect is your go-to option. Its speed, simplicity, and warranty make it a solid choice.

Remember that both vaporizers are high-quality devices with impressive features, and either choice will offer an enhanced vaping experience.

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