G Pen Elite vs. PAX 3 – Is G Pen Elite Better than PAX 3?

When picking the best portable dry herb vaporizer, many vapers get confused about selecting the best one. Since the vape market has introduced numerous companies delivering expensive, cheap, high-quality, and low-quality devices, one can get easily tangled between these products.

I am here to help you guys with the two most recommended vaporizers from different brands; G Pen Elite vs. Pax 3.

The G Pen Elite is an excellent and super portable device. It offers fantastic features at an affordable price. However, the PAX 3 is also high-performance, has a great appearance, and is a compact vape that PAX Labs features.

G Pen Elite vs. PAX 3: Comparison Table

G Pen Elite
Pax 3
Weight75 g93 g
Heating time30-40 sec20-30 sec
Warranty1 yr10 yrs
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G Pen Elite vs. PAX 3: Detailed Comparison

The two most prestigious vapes have hit the vaping market because each has a tremendously outstanding appearance and comprises ultra-exclusive technologies to provide perfect vapor quality. Yet, let’s begin our comparison and see which holds the trophy.


When you first see the Pax 3 vape, it looks just like its previous series Pax 2. However, not only design, numerous aspects are similar to its older design.

Yet, a few innovations have been made, like in this latest design. The PAX 3 vape is manufactured with a first-class aluminum alloy, which gives a sparkly look. The sleek exterior is aesthetic and easy to clean using a cloth or brush.

On the other hand, the G Pen Elite is constructed with an excellent plastic synthetic that is not that glossy. Yet, if you like matte products, this one’s perfect.

Moreover, the G Pen Elite is ergonomic, giving spectators an ash-black shade and a tougher exterior.

Although both devices are engineered durably and convey a solid look, the Pax 3 vaporizer is more spectacular and more rigid in its exterior. This vaporizer also gives a sleek glossy look that cannot be resisted.

Ease of Use

Talking about the Pax 3 vaporizer, it is elementary to control and manage. If you have ever used its prior version Pax 2, then it is no strive to use the Pax 3. You can connect the device to your mobile device through Bluetooth; the control is in your hands.

Once it is linked to your device, it will enable you to see its statuses, like the current temperature. You can also alter the temperature just through your smartphone,

Comparatively, the G Pen Elite vape is more straightforward to use. Though this vaporizer does not connect with any mobile app or Bluetooth device, it can still be used effortlessly.


There is an integrated display on its exterior, which depicts the exact existing temperature. Besides, the buttons modify the temperature and heat the substance according to your desire.

Connecting the device with Bluetooth and learning its usage could be tricky and time-consuming. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a straightforward vaporizer, you must pick the G Pen Elite, which is controlled by pressing a button.

Temperature Modification

The Pax 3 has preset temperature options, which you can change. You can easily customize the temperature from 182-215°C.

The temperature can be easily set by turning on the device and connecting it to your smartphone. As discussed above, you have all the control over this device in your hands.

However, the G Pen Elite has more decent and appropriate temperature options, ideal for vaporizing dry herbs.

Its digital display gives you the absolute liberty to watch and set the temperature between 93-220°C, sufficient to vaporize the herbs to a deeper extent and provide an intense flavor. Thus, this vaporizer is ideal for strong sessions.


Both vape devices are renowned for their portability and compact sizes. Notwithstanding, the Pax 3 is heavier than G Pen Elite but comes in the ideal size. Its size is not more than a large lipstick and weighs about 93 grams.

This vaporizer dimension is 3 x 2.1 x 9.8 cm, which can be carried effortlessly into the pocket or bag and moved wherever you want. Moreover, charging takes only 2 hours and goes up for 90 minutes frequently.

On the other hand, the G Pen Elite weighs less than 75 grams. This device measures 3.1 x 22 x 10.7 cm, slightly greater than the Pax 3 device.

However, talking about its battery life, this vaporizer can be used for 6 to 12 sessions, yet, its heavy battery takes 3 hours to charge entirely.

Both vaporizers are easy to carry and last enough to use for an extended time. Nevertheless, the G Pen Elite is lighter and offers more sessions.

G Pen Elite vs. Pax 3: Which one should you buy?

Hence, both devices work superbly and offer outstanding execution. No doubt, both devices deliver an exceptional experience. But which one should you pick?

The G Pen Elite is an affordable yet fantastic product worth buying. This vaporizer is not only lighter in weight and easily portable but is constructed durably using excellent plastic synthetic.

Besides this, if you want more potent and impactful vapor qualities, the G Pen Elite device offers higher temperature flexibility, strongly vaporizing the constituent.

Nonetheless, this vaporizer offers a warranty of one year only. Now that you know each device’s aspects, it becomes easier to pick the best one and take pleasure in every session.

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