G Pen Elite 2 vs Mighty Plus

Choosing a vaporizer that perfectly fits your needs can be daunting, especially when the market is brimming with high-quality products.

Today, we’ll look at two premium vaporizers that have generated quite a buzz: the G Pen Elite 2 and the Mighty Plus.

These vaporizers are sought after for their sophisticated technology, performance, design aesthetics, and functionality.

Both have unique features and benefits, but how do they stack against each other? To answer that question, we’ll dive deep into a comprehensive feature comparison between these two vaporizers.

We aim to give you a clearer picture of each product’s strengths and weaknesses to help you make a well-informed decision.

Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or a beginner, our detailed comparison should guide you in your quest for the perfect vaping experience.

G Pen Elite 2 vs Mighty Plus – Comparison Table

FeatureG Pen Elite 2Mighty Plus
MaterialZirconia mouthpiece, Ceramic chamber, Zinc-alloy bodyPlastic
Battery Capacity2100mAh4600mAh
Charge Time1.5 hours1-2 hours
Sessions Per Charge1 hour9-12 sessions
Oven Capacity0.5 grams0.25 grams
Temp Settings200º – 430ºF / 93º – 221ºC104-410°F
Heating MethodHybrid conduction and conductionConduction
Heat Up Time30-40 seconds60 seconds
Wifi ConnectivityYesNo
Haptic FeedbackYesYes
Warranty2 years2+1 years

Key Takeaways

Based on the comparison table, the Mighty Plus comes out on top regarding battery capacity and session time, but falls short in oven capacity and temperature range.

The G Pen Elite 2, on the other hand, offers a lighter and arguably higher quality build and a wider temperature range. The price difference is also significant, with the G Pen Elite 2 costing significantly less.

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G Pen Elite 2 vs Mighty Plus – Feature Comparison

Design and Build Quality

The G Pen Elite 2 stands out with its sleek, ergonomic design and high-quality materials. The zirconia mouthpiece and ceramic heating chamber feel premium and durable, while the zinc-alloy body adds an extra layer of ruggedness. The integrated air-path and built-in pick tool are practical additions that enhance the user experience. Read G Pen Elite 2 Review.

The Mighty Plus, on the other hand, is predominantly made of plastic. However, it’s medical-grade and heat-resistant, ensuring safety and durability. The device also features discreet fins for stability on even surfaces, which is a thoughtful design feature. Read Mighty+ Review.

Winner: G Pen Elite 2. Despite the Mighty Plus’s durability, the G Pen Elite 2’s premium materials and ergonomic design give it an edge.

Battery Life and Charging

The Mighty Plus takes the lead in this department with its impressive 4600mAh battery capacity, allowing for 9-12 sessions per charge. It also boasts a Supercharge function that can power the device up to 80% in 40 minutes.

The G Pen Elite 2, though sporting a significantly smaller 2100mAh battery, offers fast-charging capabilities via USB-C, and it fully charges in 1.5 hours.

Winner: Mighty Plus. It’s larger battery capacity and rapid charging capability give it an advantage in terms of power efficiency and convenience.

Heating Method and Temperature Control

The G Pen Elite 2 and Mighty Plus utilize hybrid heating, combining conduction and convection methods. This ensures efficient and even heating of your herb for optimum vaporization.

However, the G Pen Elite 2 offers a slightly wider temperature range (200º – 430ºF / 93º – 221ºC), compared to the Mighty Plus’s range (104-410°F).

Winner: G Pen Elite 2. The broader temperature range gives users more flexibility to customize their vaporization experience.

Additional Features

The G Pen Elite 2 impresses with its Wi-Fi connectivity, offering software updates and more. It also features a full-color TFT display and haptic feedback.

While lacking Wi-Fi connectivity, the Mighty Plus features a Superbooster temperature mode and offers haptic feedback.

Winner: G Pen Elite 2. The Wi-Fi connectivity and the colorful TFT display give it an edge regarding tech features.

My Comments

I found the G Pen Elite 2 to be quite handy and efficient. The Wi-Fi connectivity adds a modern touch to it, and the premium materials used in its construction were certainly noticeable. However, I was impressed by the battery life and charging speed of the Mighty Plus, which significantly reduces downtime between sessions.


Both the G Pen Elite 2 and the Mighty Plus have their advantages. However, if you’re looking for a sleek design, premium materials, more tech features, and a lower price, the G Pen Elite 2 might be the right choice.

On the other hand, if battery life and charging speed are your top priorities, and you don’t mind paying a bit more, the Mighty Plus could be a better fit.

Ultimately, the decision should be based on your personal needs and preferences. Both devices are high-quality vaporizers that offer a great experience. Do consider all the factors before making your choice.

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