G Pen Dash Plus vs Pax Mini

When it comes to the world of portable vaporizers, two names stand out: the G Pen Dash Plus and the Pax Mini.

Both are renowned for their high performance, compact design, and advanced technology.

Choosing between the two may be tough for many, given their similarities.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive comparison, outlining the similarities and differences, to help you make an informed decision.

G Pen Dash Plus vs Pax Mini – Comparison Table

FeaturesG Pen Dash PlusPax Mini
Heating TechnologyHybrid convection and conductionSingle heat mode
Heating ChamberTitanium3D oven screen
Heat-up Time30 seconds22 seconds
User Interface3-button operation, Full-color LED displayOne-button operation
Haptic FeedbackYesNo
Air Intake ChannelsDual clean air intake channelsNot mentioned
Battery1800mAh, USB-C charging3000mAh, Magnetic USB charging dock
Warranty1-year (electronic components)2-year limited

Key Takeaways:

  • The G Pen Dash Plus uses a more sophisticated heating method combining convection and conduction heating. This system heats up quickly, but the Pax Mini still outperforms with a 22-second heat-up time.
  • The Pax Mini boasts a superior battery capacity, promising 2+ hours of continuous use, compared to the G Pen Dash Plus’s unspecified duration.
  • Pax Mini operates with a single button, while the G Pen Dash Plus offers a more complex interface but with more control options, using three buttons and a full-color LED display.
  • The Pax Mini does not offer haptic feedback, a feature available in the G Pen Dash Plus.
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G Pen Dash Plus vs Pax Mini: The Battle of Compact Vaporizers


The G Pen Dash Plus and the Pax Mini are priced very closely at $149.50 and $150, respectively. With a negligible difference, the price shouldn’t be a deciding factor between these two devices.

Heating Technology

The G Pen Dash Plus uses hybrid convection and conduction heating technology. This dual heating system provides efficient heating and helps preserve the flavor of the herbs.

On the other hand, the Pax Mini utilizes a single heat mode setting. Though less sophisticated, it’s still capable of delivering quality performance. Read Pax Mini Vaporizer.

Heating Chamber

The G Pen Dash Plus has a titanium heating chamber that heats quickly and maintains a consistent temperature.

Meanwhile, the Pax Mini’s heat source is an innovative 3D oven screen. It ensures even heating without burning, delivering a smooth vaporizing experience.

Heat-up Time

The G Pen Dash Plus has a heat-up time of 30 seconds, which is quite quick, but the Pax Mini manages to heat up even faster at just 22 seconds. The Pax Mini could be the more appealing choice for those who value quick heat-up times.

User Interface

The G Pen Dash Plus offers a three-button operation system, allowing greater control over the vaping experience. Its full-color LED display gives real-time temperature, battery life, and time information.

The Pax Mini, however, opts for simplicity with a one-button operation, which may appeal to users seeking an easy-to-use device.

Haptic Feedback

The G Pen Dash Plus has haptic feedback, providing intuitive alerts that enhance usability. This feature is not present in the Pax Mini.

Air Intake Channels

The G Pen Dash Plus has dual clean air intake channels to ensure optimal vapor quality and production. No such feature is specified for the Pax Mini, which might affect the device’s vapor quality.


The Pax Mini leads in battery capacity with a 3000mAh battery promising 2+ hours of continuous use. The G Pen Dash Plus, on the other hand, features an 1800mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Although the exact duration of use is not specified, the G Pen Dash Plus supports USB-C charging, a more convenient method.


The Pax Mini offers a 2-year limited warranty, while the G Pen Dash Plus provides a 1-year warranty on all electronic components. The extended warranty period may give the Pax Mini an edge for those who value long-term product support.


Choosing between the G Pen Dash Plus and the Pax Mini will determine your specific needs and preferences.

If you want more control over your vaping experience and appreciate real-time status updates, the G Pen Dash Plus is a clear winner. It offers advanced heating technology and a more complex interface.

However, if simplicity and battery life are your top concerns, the Pax Mini might be the right choice. Its one-button operation is incredibly user-friendly, and the battery life outlasts the G Pen Dash Plus. It’s also marginally faster in heating up.

Remember, both are high-quality vaporizers and are competitively priced. Your choice will ultimately depend on what you value most in your vaporizing experience. Either way, you can’t go wrong with the G Pen Dash Plus or the Pax Mini.

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