G Pen Connect vs Puffco Peak Pro

When it comes to choosing the perfect portable vaporizer for concentrates, the choices can be overwhelming. Today, we delve deep into the features, specifications, and performance of two popular devices in the market: the G Pen Connect and the Puffco Peak Pro.

Both offer unique sets of features designed to enhance your vaping experience. But which one stands out? Let’s find out.

G Pen Connect vs Puffco Peak Pro: Comparison Table

FeatureG Pen ConnectPuffco Peak Pro
ManufacturerGrenco SciencePuffco
TypePortablePortable & Desktop
Heating TechniqueConductionReal-Time Temp Control
Energy SourceBatteryBattery
Chamber/Oven MaterialCeramicLarge sealed Ceramic Chamber
Temperature ControlPreset Temperatures4 Pre-Programmed Heat Settings + App Control
Automatic Shut-offYesAuto-Sleep Function
Charging CableMicro USBUSB-C
Heat-up Time5 seconds30 seconds
Battery Capacity850 mAhNot Specified
Sesh ModeYesYes
Adjustable AirflowYesNot Specified
Bluetooth AppNoYes
Warranty1 YearNot Specified

Key Takeaway


While both devices offer high-quality vaporization for concentrates, they differ significantly in several aspects, such as heating technique, temperature control, charging mechanism, and additional features like Bluetooth app control.

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G Pen Connect vs Puffco Peak Pro: Detailed Comparison

Manufacturer and Type:

G Pen Connect comes from the house of Grenco Science, a pioneer in the vaping industry. It’s designed to be a portable device.

On the other hand, Puffco Peak Pro is a product of Puffco, known for its innovative vaping devices. Notably, it is both a portable and desktop-use compatible device, providing additional versatility for users. Winner: Puffco Peak Pro. Read Puffco Peak Pro Review.


G Pen Connect and Puffco Peak Pro can handle wax and other concentrates. However, the Peak Pro also broadens its compatibility with shatter and oil. This increased versatility could be beneficial for those who prefer various types of concentrates. Winner: Puffco Peak Pro

Heating Technique and Temperature Control:

G Pen Connect uses conduction for heating, with preset temperature settings. It heats up in 5 seconds, making it incredibly fast and convenient. Conversely, Puffco Peak Pro offers real-time temperature control and heats up in 30 seconds.

It provides four pre-programmed heat settings that can be customized through the Puffco app, granting greater control over your vaping experience. Winner: Puffco Peak Pro

Charging and Battery Capacity:

The G Pen Connect has an 850 mAh battery and charges through a Micro USB cable. The Peak Pro, in contrast, does not specify battery capacity, but it boasts a USB-C connection for faster charging.

Both devices are designed for long-term usage, but the G Pen Connect’s disclosed battery capacity is a point in its favor. Winner: G Pen Connect. Read G Pen Connect Review.

Extra Features:

Both devices have a Sesh Mode for extended vaping sessions. While the G Pen Connect features adjustable airflow, the Puffco Peak Pro doesn’t specify this.


The real game-changer is the Bluetooth App offered by Puffco Peak Pro, which gives you precise control over temperature settings, allows customization of LED lights, and provides statistics on your vaping sessions. Winner: Puffco Peak Pro


The G Pen Connect and Puffco Peak Pro are formidable, each with strengths. However, when all the features are considered, the Puffco Peak Pro stands out as the more advanced and versatile of the two.

It offers a blend of innovation, customization, and flexibility that’s hard to match, making it a fantastic choice for casual and serious vapers. The Bluetooth App and ability to function as both a portable and desktop device truly set it apart.

The G Pen Connect, however, is a reliable, compact device with a speedy heat-up time and disclosed battery capacity, making it a solid choice for those seeking simplicity and convenience.

Therefore, your choice would depend largely on your individual needs and preferences. Nevertheless, the Puffco Peak Pro is the clear winner in this comparison.

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