G Pen Connect vs Dab X Go

When it comes to portable vaporizers for concentrates, two names dominate the conversation: the G Pen Connect by Grenco Science and the Dab X Go. Read Dabx Go Review.

While both are designed with the user in mind, each offers a unique experience that differentiates it from the other.

In this article, we’re putting these two vaporizers head to head, comparing their design, materials, battery life, temperature & heat-up, vapor quality, warranty, and other key features.

G Pen Connect Vs Dab X Go: Comparison Table

FeaturesG Pen ConnectDab X Go
TypePortable VaporizerMulti-Functional
MaterialMetal, Ceramic, GlassGlass, Ceramic, Stainless Steel
Temperature ControlPreset TemperaturesIntelligent Heating Profiles
Battery Capacity850 mAh2200 mAh
Heat-up Time5 seconds14 seconds
Sessions Per ChargeN/A~100 dabs
Charging Time2-3 hours30 minutes
Warranty1 year1 year

Key Takeaway

While both devices are fantastic for concentrated use, they cater to different needs. The G Pen Connect is better for users who prefer a quick heat-up and more compact design, while the Dab X Go appeals to those seeking longer battery life and a more extensive filtration system.

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G Pen Connect Vs Dab X Go: Detailed Comparison


G Pen Connect: The G Pen Connect is praised for its sleek, pocket-sized design. This device is portable and user-friendly, built for convenience and efficiency. Its magnetic connection, spring-loaded carb release button, and lack of need for a torch and nail all contribute to its ease of use. Read G Pen Connect Review.

Dab X Go: On the other hand, the Dab X Go has a larger design, made evident by its full-sized water filtration system. It is also multifunctional, increasing its appeal for users who prefer versatility.

Winner: The G Pen Connect wins in design due to its compact and user-friendly structure.


G Pen Connect: The device is constructed with metal, ceramic, and glass. Ceramic is known for its ability to heat evenly, contributing to the quality of vapor produced.

Dab X Go: The Dab X Go uses glass, ceramic, and stainless steel in its construction. Its no-plastics approach ensures a pure vapor experience, untouched by any possible plastic residue.

Winner: The Dab X Go wins in the material category with its stainless steel construction and no-plastics approach.


G Pen Connect: The Connect houses an 850mAh battery, supporting pass-through charging, allowing you to use the device while charging. It also takes about 2-3 hours to charge fully.


Dab X Go: The Dab X Go boasts a more powerful 2200mAh battery, capable of delivering about 100 dabs on a full charge. It also features a pass-thru USB-C fast charging port, fully charging the device in approximately 30 minutes.

Winner: The Dab X Go takes the lead in this category due to its larger battery capacity and shorter charging time.

Temperature & Heat-up

G Pen Connect: The G Pen Connect offers three preset temperature settings (3.1v, 3.6v, 4.1v) and heats up within 5 seconds.

Dab X Go: The Dab X Go uses intelligent heating profiles, heating each dab over 14 seconds for optimal terpene preservation and vapor production.

Winner: The G Pen Connect wins in this category due to its faster heat-up time.

Vapor Quality

G Pen Connect: The Connect uses a ceramic heating element with patented reverse airflow technology. This, along with its three temperature settings, allows for an even and efficient vaporization of concentrates.

Dab X Go: The Dab X Go, however, uses a full-sized water filtration system for a cooler, smoother, and more consistent vaping experience. Its four intelligent heating profiles are calibrated for optimal terpene preservation and maximum vapor production.

Winner: The Dab X Go is the winner for vapor quality with its full-sized water filtration system and intelligent heating profiles.


The G Pen Connect and Dab X Go come with a 1-year warranty, offering peace of mind with your purchase.


The G Pen Connect and the Dab X Go are superb devices for vaping concentrates, each offering unique features that appeal to different user needs. If you prioritize a compact design and rapid heat-up time, the G Pen Connect is an excellent choice.

However, if you’re looking for a device with a more powerful battery, quicker charge time, and superior filtration system for optimal vapor quality, the Dab X Go shines.

Based on our comparison, the Dab X Go edges out the competition with its larger battery, shorter charging time, and superior vapor quality. However, the ultimate choice will always depend on your preferences and vaping needs.

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