Firefly 2 Plus vs Crafty Plus – Is Crafty+ Better than Firefly 2?

Firefly 2 plus and Crafty plus are considered the closest substitutes. The two vaporizers are known for their high-quality features, among which the convectional heating rests on top.

Firefly 2 Plus runs an on-demand vapor technology that instantly produces smoke (in short, no heat-up time). Crafty Plus Vaporizer, on the other side, has a fairly traditional production mechanism.

This article is written to compare both products, and the results will shock you at the end.

Firefly 2 Plus vs Crafty Plus: Comparison

Firefly 2 Plus Vs Crafty Plus Portable
Firefly 2+Crafty+
Outer CoreMetallicPlastic
Touch SensorYesNo
Internal StirringNoYes
Extra BatteriesYesNo
Heat-up Time5 sec2 min
Remote AppYesYes
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Manufacturing Quality

Firefly 2 Plus Vs Crafty Plus Manufacturing Quality

Customers have always criticized Crafty Plus for its exterior look.  The product looks dull because plastic is used as an outer core.

The users usually complain that they expect a vaporizer with a better design at 400 dollars, but the manufacturer has already said they prefer features over the structure.

Moreover, Crafty Plus Vaporizer has a non-removable battery. The users must send the unit back to the manufacturer for battery replacement.

Unlike Crafty Plus, Firefly 2 Plus is comparatively sleeker and more stylish. The unit has a metallic body, a glass vapor path, and a magnetic lid.

The device is compact (fits in your hand) and comes with a touch sensor that enables it to function smartly. Firefly 2 Plus comes with a detachable battery as well.


Firefly 2 Plus Vs Crafty Plus Portable

None of the vaporizers mentioned is portable. Crafty plus, even though it is not that compact, is a better a more convenient option as it supports USB charging. It also contains an in-built stirring function that allows the user to blend herbs easily.

Firefly 2 plus does not contain the in-built stirring technology, but the size is smaller, and additional batteries make the usage time longer than usual.

Easy to use

Firefly 2 Plus Vs Crafty Plus Portable Easy To Use

Crafty plus contains an easy herb refill option, where you can insert the herbs by twisting the lid anticlockwise. After the refill, press the power button and let the chamber heat for a minute or two.

Firefly 2 plus is easier to use. Once you insert the herb inside its chamber, the only thing that you would need to do is to tap the touch sensors. The device always stays on standby mode, so it takes just 5 seconds to cook.

There is a major flaw in Firefly 2 plus. The user will find it hard to achieve the optimal vapors initially. It requires a great amount of practice to run this product.

Battery life

Each of the two vaporizers has a fairly small duration that runs 2-3 sessions on a go. The similarity makes them inconvenient, but Firefly 2 plus has our vote.

The reason is that the Firefly 2 plus comes with an additional battery. Charging both batteries, the total session capacity reaches 5-6 consecutively.

Temperature settings

Crafty Plus has a temperature range with a maximum limit of 215C. There are two different modes available, i.e., normal and boost.

Firefly 2 Plus contains six preset options, including a flexible option (according to the customers’ needs). After unlocking the “power tuning” option via a remote app, you can boost the temperature to 111%. Both products support remote app accessibility.


Considering all the above factors, Crafty Plus outruns Firefly 2 Plus in almost every function. Even though the design and battery life are not impressive, the overall performance is better than any other substitute.

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2 thoughts on “Firefly 2 Plus vs Crafty Plus – Is Crafty+ Better than Firefly 2?”

  1. I have used both the FF2 and FF2+ but never the Crafty Plus. I looked at the Crafty Plus and it was fugley and expensive without all the Firefly 2+’s features.

    I get at least 6 to8 draws out of a single battery. It did have a bit of a learning curve to get the best vaporization but it was no problem doing so and the FF Tech support was excellent. There is NO major FLAW whatsoever.

    The Firefly works great for Plant and both wax type and liquid oils.. I used it only wax and oils.

    From reading your write up, it seemed to me you favored the poorer product. Just sayin’

    So a metal case, replaceable batteries, an excellent and potable design, great support and fully adjustable temps beats the Crafty Plus in every category.

    Plus the Firefly is very pretty!

    Your critique was totally wrong from my point of view.

    • Good day,

      I appreciate you for sharing your thoughts. No doubt, both Firefly 2+ and Crafty plus are outstanding products. The comparison is just an opinion of our writer. He has explained everything to prove his points. Personally, I prefer Firefly 2+ over Crafty plus. 😉


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