Dr. Dabber Switch vs Puffco Peak

E-Rigs are electronic dabbing devices used to consume the substituent without any fire.

However, many vapers have switched from tobacco devices to these e-rigs in which no flame is required.

This is not only the reason; the benefits of using e-rigs involve discrete travel accessibility, temperature controllability, and effortless maintenance.

Yet, the e-rigs fall in vaporizers, yet, they significantly offer excellent efficiency and features.

Notwithstanding, the comparison in today’s article is Dr. Dabber Switch vs. Puffco Peak, two of the most innovative extract devices available in the market.

Both devices feature some significant accomplishments which would surprise you. Moreover, both vapes are quite similar, so I would give a buyer’s guide in the end.

Dr. Dabber Switch vs Puffco Peak

Dr. Dabber Switch
Puffco Peak
Weight6 pounds1.4 pounds
Heating time20-30 sec20-30 sec
Warranty2 yrs1 yr
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Dr. Dabber Switch vs Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak vape is a secure and spontaneous device; however, the dabber switch is a versatile open-source device. Both devices are similar concerning the construction, heating bowls, and heating time, yet they differ in price, then which one should you pick?

Review each section of the discussion and determine which is best for you.

Device Construction

At a premium price, the Dr dabber switch is a high-quality vaporizer constructed as a next-generation product. However, if you want an E-rig vaporizer with durable construction, the Dr dabber switch won’t disappoint you.

This device is made of excellent glass material, comparatively thicker than the others. Also, its heating chamber has ceramic material that heats your substituent within seconds.

Meanwhile, Puffco Peak is also not lesser than its competitor. It has also manufactured high-class glass material with an incredible base size. The vape is pen-shaped, exceptionally lightweight, and easy to carry.

Moreover, its heating bowl is constructed of ceramic material, which takes as much time to vaporize the substance as the Dr dabber switch.

Both vaporizers have the same building materials and similar ceramic chambers, which take almost the same time to warm up, then which one is better in terms of construction?

Dr. Dabber Switch has thicker glass material, which gives it a robust appearance than the Puffco Peak one.

Temperature Flexibility

Although each vaporizer is quite similar to the other, do their temperatures vary? Firstly, Dr. Dabber Switch vaporizer offers a huge range of temperature options, which you can set from 149 to 427°C.

These options would give you precise temperature control and are sufficiently adequate to provide an intense flavor. Moreover, Puffco Peak consists of four preset temperature settings in-between 232 to 315°C.

However, its temperature is not as high as Dr. Dabber Switch offers. Yet, it is still an excellent option to load and warm different constituents.

Besides, this versatile vaporizer comprises an exclusive heating technology that delivers a strong flavor over every session. Yet, Dr. Dabber Switch should win in temperature control because it offers higher options, ideal for providing intense flavor within seconds.

No doubt, Puffco Peak also gives strong vapors, but it may take a while due to its temperature options.


He deserves an award if someone can move the witch vaporizer with him. Since Dr. Dabber Switch goes on rather large size, which is hard to carry anywhere, this device is one of the most noticeable vaporizers in the vape market.

Still, it is not portable, as many vapers look for a device they can carry anywhere. On the other hand, Puffco Peak is a tremendously lightweight and compact-sized vaporizer.

Though you can fix it in your pocket or any small bag, you don’t need to. It comes with a case where you can put the device in and move it wherever you want.

There is a clear winner in the portability race, Puffco Peak, which can be fit anywhere and travel with you. It offers a carrying case for which you need no extra stuff to hold this device.

Battery Life

Usually, when you are looking for a portable vaporizer. You focus more on battery life, which goes with you for an extended period. However, Dr. Dabber Switch vaporizer has over 100 hits over single charging.

This vaporizer comes with a pass-through charger, which takes only 2 hours to charge completely. Moreover, if your battery gets damaged or stops working, you can easily replace it with a new one.

Alternatively, the Puffco Peak also comprises a good battery, which allows you to enjoy approximately 15 to 20 intense sessions after it has charged completely.

This vape charges with a USB cable, which comes with the device, and takes only 2 hours to charge. However, its battery is not detachable or replaceable like the Dr. Dabber Switch.

Since both vaporizers get fully charged within 2 hours and offer great numbers of strong hits, still Dr. Dabber Switch is the one that can replace its battery with a new one and works more effectively and intensely than the Puffco Peak.

Should You Buy Dr. Dabber Switch OR Puffco Peak?

In my opinion, both devices are great. Both are similar as if it is a 50/50 break between them. However, one vaporizer must be better than others, even with a small percentage.

However, in each section of the review, you must have noticed that Dr. Dabber Switch offers excellent performance, yet, the price is higher. Still, it delivers higher temperature options and stronger vapors.

Dr. Dabber is perfect in every manner, but it is not ideal for portability. Therefore, if you are searching for a portable device, go for the Puffco Peak vape. Otherwise, both devices are worth buying and leave a great experience.

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