DaVinci Miqro vs PAX 3

If you’ve been part of the vaporizing or ‘vaping’ scene, you’ll be no stranger to hundreds of pens. The problem is, that not all vapes are made equal!

If a compact, practical, discreet, and easy-to-maintain vape pen is what you need, we’ve got your back. Today we bring two of the best vape pens money can buy – the DaVinci Miqro and the Pax 3!

DaVinci Miqro vs Pax 3 Vaporizer: Comparison

Pax 3 Vs Davinci Miqro Comparison
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DaVinci Miqro

Davinci Miqro Vs Pax 3 Compare Latest

The fourth model from DaVinci, the Miqro, is made to deliver perfect flavor. Here’s what makes it a cut above the rest:

  • Humble name: Although the DaVinci Miqro is a mere 80 x 34 x 23 millimeters in size and a virtually weightless 104 grams, it still has all the goodies its 33% larger brother, the IQ, came with.
  • Adaptability: The Miqro comes with a multi-mode heating system matching users’ routines. You can toggle through the regular settings, Smart Path heating, and a supercharged quick-boost mode for when you need to get going. Also, read the DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Fiber review
  • No fear, newbies: The Smart Paths? There are 4 of them working on a range of 12 degrees, up and down. What that means is that those of you new to the vaping scene can experiment around safely while still enjoying the maximum flavor.
  • Too easy: The Miqro features physical buttons with a simple dot-matrix display instead of those complicated and confusing configurations that turn you off.

Pax 3 Vaporizer

Pax 3 Vs Davinci Miqro Compare

Pax Labs has done a number on the world of vaping with its slick, premium, and powerful Pax 3 Vaporizer. An extensive and welcome step up from the Pax 2.

They heard us. Pax 2 users often lamented how big the concentrate chamber was, but Pax has replied with an epic overhaul on the Pax 3. There’s now a half-pack lid, making all single-session users’ dreams come true.

  • Fired up: There’s fast, and then there’s Pax 3. With a heat-up time of only 15 seconds which lasts for a 1.5-hour session, it’s exciting to imagine how this industry-leading benchmark will be topped in the future. 
  • Connected: Although the Pax 3 offers physical controls, it also has Bluetooth compatibility to hook up to your Android, making for a more customized and controlled experience.
  • Ultimate control: The Pax 3 comes with 4 aptly-named modes to suit your needs, namely Efficiency, Flavor, Boost, and Stealth, depending on what you feel like.
  • Ease of use: The Nighthawk app can be installed on your phone and used to check up on your device status and connections.


Although both these devices are packed with flagship-level specs, we recommend the Pax 3 for your vaping experience.

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