DaVinci Miqro-C Vs Pax Mini – Is DaVinci Miqro C Better than Pax Mini?

In the ever-growing world of portable vaporizers, two names often come up: the DaVinci MIQRO C and the Pax Mini. These devices have been designed with discreetness and portability in mind, making them ideal for those who want a high-quality vaporizing experience on the go.

This article compares the DaVinci MIQRO C and the Pax Mini, focusing on their features, performance, and user experience. By the end of this article, you will better understand which vaporizer is the right choice for you. Let’s compare and discover which device comes out on top.

DaVinci MIQRO C vs. Pax Mini – comparison Table

FeatureDaVinci MIQRO CPax MiniWinner
Battery Life18350, 900mAh (30 min runtime)3000mAh (2+ hours runtime)Pax Mini
Charging MethodUSB-C rapid charging (90 min)Magnetic USB charging dockMIQRO C
Temperature Settings4 preset Smart Paths™Single temperature settingMIQRO C
Heat-up Time39 seconds22 secondsPax Mini
An extensive list of accessoriesGlass-lined ceramic heating ovenInnovative 3D oven screenMIQRO C
Dry Herb & Concentrate UseYesNo (dry herb only)MIQRO C
Warranty5-year warranty2-year limited warrantyMIQRO C
AccessoriesA basic set of accessoriesBasic set of accessoriesMIQRO C
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DaVinci MIQRO C vs. Pax Mini: Feature Comparison

Battery Life and Charging

The DaVinci MIQRO C features a removable 18350 battery with a capacity of 900mAh. This battery provides a runtime of approximately 30 minutes per charge.

The MIQRO C charges using a USB-C cable, taking about 90 minutes to charge fully. The device also supports passthrough charging, allowing users to vape while charging.

On the other hand, the Pax Mini boasts a 3000mAh non-removable battery, providing 2+ hours of continuous usage. It uses a magnetic USB charging dock for recharging, but the exact charging time is unspecified.

Winner: Pax Mini. With a longer battery life, the Pax Mini offers a more extended vaping experience, ideal for users who don’t want to recharge their devices frequently.

Temperature Settings and Heat-up Time

The DaVinci MIQRO C has 4 preset Smart Paths™ temperature settings, allowing users to customize their vaping experience. The device features a 39-second heat-up time and can maintain temperature accuracy within +/- 1 degree.

In contrast, the Pax Mini has a single temperature setting. The heat-up time for the Pax Mini is quicker, at only 22 seconds. However, the lack of customization options could be a downside for some users.

Winner: DaVinci MIQRO C. The MIQRO C offers more versatility and control with its temperature settings, allowing users to fine-tune their vaping experience.

Size and Portability

The DaVinci MIQRO C and the Pax Mini emphasize compact size and portability. The MIQRO C measures 23 x 34 x 80mm and weighs 87g, making it the world’s smallest dual-use vaporizer.

The Pax Mini is also designed for discretion and portability, but its dimensions and weight are not specified.

Winner: DaVinci MIQRO C. With its ultra-compact design, the MIQRO C is the clear winner in portability.

Vapor Quality and Oven

The DaVinci MIQRO C features a glass-lined ceramic heating oven and a zirconia insulative spacer, which helps reduce the oven size by 50%. Its vapor path is free of plastics and metals, ensuring a clean and pure vapor experience. The MIQRO C is compatible with both dry herb and concentrate materials.

The Pax Mini features an innovative 3D oven screen and a secure lid that evenly heats the material without burning it. It produces rich and flavorful vapor and adapts to the user’s session style. However, the Pax Mini is incompatible with concentrate materials.

Winner: DaVinci MIQRO C. Its compatibility with dry herb and concentrate materials and its clean vapor path, give MIQRO C the edge in this category.

Key Takeaways

  • Battery Life: Pax Mini
  • Temperature Settings: DaVinci Miqro C
  • Size and Portability: DaVinci MIQRO C
  • Vapor Quality and Oven: DaVinci MIQRO C

Warranty and Accessories

The DaVinci MIQRO C has a 5-year warranty and includes various accessories, such as a 18350 battery, user manual, 10mm water adapter, cleaning tools, alcohol wipes, and a USB-C cable.

The Pax Mini offers a 2-year limited warranty and comes with several accessories like flat and raised mouthpieces, an oven lid, 3D oven screens, a wire brush, and a USB charger.

Winner: DaVinci MIQRO C. The longer warranty period and a more extensive array of accessories make the MIQRO C a better value proposition for users.


After comparing the features, performance, and user experience of the DaVinci MIQRO C and Pax Mini, it’s clear that the DaVinci MIQRO C is the superior vaporizer in most aspects. With its customizable temperature settings, dual-use compatibility, compact design, and clean vapor path, the MIQRO C offers a more versatile and enjoyable vaping experience.

While the Pax Mini has advantages like longer battery life and a quicker heat-up time, it falls short in other categories like temperature control, oven compatibility, and warranty. This makes it more suitable for users seeking a more straightforward and minimalist vaping experience without needing customization.

In conclusion, the DaVinci MIQRO C is the better vaporizer overall. Its combination of features, performance, and flexibility make it an ideal choice for those looking for a high-quality, portable vaporizer that delivers a premium vaping experience every time.

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