DaVinci IQC vs Crafty Plus: Is IQC better than Crafty? Let’s Find out (20% OFF)

The Davinci IQC and the Crafty+ have been known as top-performing portable vaporizers. The vaporizers have a slight price difference, yet both have different features and stand their ground when compared.

The Davinci IQC has a conduction heating system, while the Crafty+ has both convection and conduction heating providing an exceptional vaping experience.

They are manufactured by companies that have been in the vaping industry for many years and are known for the quality and durability of their products. A new Davinci vaporizer is on the market called Davinci IQ2 Carbon. Here’s the Davinci IQ2 Carbon Review.

If you have saved a couple of bucks to purchase one of these two but are still deciding which one to buy, then this article is for you.


DaVinci IQC vs. Crafty+: quick differences

The Davinci IQC is an iconic vaporizer with a solid aluminum body and is a dual-use device compatible with dry herbs and concentrates. The device comes with a 3000mAh battery that takes 2 hours to charge, allowing you to use it for 2 hours per charge. The IQC features four preset temperatures, a convenience for users who don’t want to smoke at a temperature that has already been set.

On the other hand, the Storz & Bickel Crafty+ has a plastic body that is heat-resistant and solid. It has a 2800mAh battery allows you to use the device for 6 to 9 sessions. However, the biggest downsize of Crafty+, compared with the Davinci IQC, is that it is only compatible with dry herbs.

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Heating Mechanism

The Davinci IQC has a conduction heating mechanism, while the Crafty+ has a hybrid one. If you buy the Davinci IQC, you will not have to purchase any extra heating devices like a torch, lighter or hemp wick.

The device comes with four preset temperatures that you can toggle with buttons on the device or mobile application, and it is heated up in just 20 to 30 seconds. Check DaVinci IQC Review.

In contrast, Crafty+ has a hybrid when it comes to heating mechanisms. The device has a hybrid heating system, which means it has both convection and conduction heating that will heat the herbs evenly and efficiently, giving you smoother and more flavourful hits.

Materials Used

The Davinci IQC is compatible with dry herbs and concentrates, and you will not have to buy another device for concentrates. On the other hand, Crafty+ is designed for dry herbs but can be used for dry wax extracts.

Oven Capacity

Oven capacity is another significant feature you should consider when considering a vaporizer. Less oven capacity means you can use fewer dry herbs, which would work for solo sessions. However, if you plan for group sessions, you should opt for a device that has a bigger oven.

The Davinci IQC has an oven capacity of 0.3 grams; in the Crafty+, you can pack 0.25 grams. Both vaporizers suit solo sessions and would not work perfectly in group sessions. Check Crafty+ review.



The battery is an invaluable component of any vaporizer. The Davinci IQC has a 3000mAh battery that charges fully in 2 hours. The battery gets fully charged with a Type-C charger and allows you to use the vaporizer for 6 to 9 sessions.

Comparatively, the Crafty+ has a slightly smaller battery than the Davinci IQC. It has a 2800mAh lithium-ion battery that takes 1 to 2 hours to charge fully and lasts up to 90 minutes.

Pearl Adjustment and Vapors

Adjusting the pearl may be something that most beginner smokers don’t pay attention to. Both devices have a pearl that can be tightened or loosened depending on the airflow that suits you. Vapor quantity also relies on the adjustment of the pearl.

If the pearl above the chamber is left loose, it will have less resistance resulting in bigger and better vapors. We recommend keeping the pearls in contact with the herbs and preheating the chamber before every session to create denser and milkier vapor clouds.

Which device is more portable?

If you are curious about which device is more portable, then there are a few things that you have to look for before making a purchase. Three things that add to a device’s portability include its size, weight, and battery capacity.

The Davinci IQC has a sleek design and is pretty compact overall. The vaporizer has a 3000mAh battery that lasts longer, adding to the device’s portability. So, you can put the vaporizer in your pocket or your backpack whenever you are traveling. Also, keep a fine grind of dry herbs with you while traveling.

On the other hand, the Crafty+ is also a portable device. However, Storz & Bickel has yet to produce a device that meets such a need. The vaporizer is designed especially for dry herbs. Therefore, if you need a device compatible with all kinds of concentrates that can travel with you, then the Davinci IQC is better.

Does a warranty cover vaporizers?

The Davinci IQC and Crafty+ are solid vaporizers. Both vaporizers can break or get damaged if not handled with care. Both devices have a warranty that will enable you to change the components or get a free repair. You can claim the warranty if the device has a missing or broken piece. The Crafty+ comes with a 2-year warranty, while the Davinci IQC has a 5-year warranty.

How Does Davinci IQC work?

Thanks to its compact design, the Davinci IQC classy vaporizer is quite easy to use. Once you have charged the device, flip the device over, and you’ll see the chamber at the bottom. Just fill the chamber with dry herbs or your favorite concentrates. Next, you must turn on the device by pressing the power button five times.

Before buying a Davinci IQC, you should know that it has four preset temperatures that can be changed according to your needs. Changing the temperature is also quite easy as you’ll see a dedicated button on the device; press it once, and it will enable precise temperature control settings.


Now tap the arrow buttons on the device to toggle between the temperatures. Select the temperature that suits you and wait for the device to reach the temperature within 40 to 50 seconds. When it hits the temperature, it will vibrate, letting you know that you can take a draw.

It is worthwhile to mention that the IQC features two different modes to control your temperature. One is the smart path mode, where four temperatures are loaded into the device. You can adjust the temperature by pressing the up and down arrows on the device.

The second one is Precise Temperature Control, where you press the button on the side of the device one time, and you can then individually adjust the temperature. You can also switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit as per your understanding.

Additionally, you can change the smart path with the help of the Davinci app. This is quite a handy feature to load at a suitable temperature without adjusting it every time.

Furthermore, the Davinci IQC has a full zirconia glass-coated air pathway that delivers clean, flavorful hits. A silicon lid also seals the eating chamber, removing the heat from the vapor before it hits your lips.

How does Crafty+ work?

The Crafty Plus is a single-button operated vaporizer, and you’ll be pressing a button to turn it on/off and control the temperature. Compared to the Davinci IQC, the Crafty+ comes with three preset temperatures that are also controllable through the mobile application.

To use the Crafty+, pack the chamber with some fine-grind herbs, select a temperature, and you are good to go. The temperature can be customized between 40 and 210 degrees Celsius and locked in the device. The third setting is always set to the maximum temperature of 210 degrees Celsius.

Primarily, the Crafty+ is designed especially for dry herbs but can also be used with solid wax concentrates. However, Storz & Bickel could have worked at the highest temperature. It works well with concentrates but would have been even better if the temperature had been higher.

Final Verdict

Davinci IQC and Crafty+ are both popular among thousands of customers. Both devices have pros and cons and are unique in their way. However, the Davinci IQC is a more sophisticated device with more features than the Crafty+. You will be surprised that the devices have very little price difference but different features.

The Davinci IQC is available for $199, whereas the Crafty+ costs $209. So, if you are looking for a vaporizer made with solid aluminum, it has a compact design, is portable, and is compatible with dry herbs and concentrates. We recommend you consider the Davincici IQC, which is value for money.

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