DaVinci IQ2 vs PAX 3: Is DaVinci IQ2 Better? (20% OFF)

davinci iq2 vs pax 3

With so many herb vaporizers present in the market, it becomes hard for a user to pick one specific vaporizer that delivers outstanding execution and generates excellent quality vapors.

However, some portable vaporizers have been offered on the expensive side, but they are not that much worth buying, so why should you waste your money? 

In this article, you’ll see a detailed comparison between Davinci iq2 and Pax 3. 

Let’s discuss each vaporizer in detail and compare them to see which one is the king in portable devices.

Davinci IQ2 vs PAX 3: Comparison Table

 Davinci IQ2Pax 3
Price $295 $249.99
Temp 105 to 260 °C182-215°C
Weight 159g93g
Heating time 40 - 90 sec20-30 sec
Warranty 10 yrs10 yr
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Davinci IQ2 vs PAX 3: Detailed Comparison

The Davinci iq2 and Pax 3 were introduced to the market nearly at the same time and offered many standard features. 

However, Davinci IQ2 and Pax 3 made it challenging which one to opt for. Yet, it is all about the attractive features each device offers, but still which one provides in a better way.


Manufacturing Quality: Davinci IQ2 vs PAX 3

davinci iq2 vs pax 3 quality

The one who knows the Davinci vaping brand knows its robust quality, which is designed gorgeously. This vaporizer is made with entirely ceramic material, which is considered the most high-quality building material. 

Moreover, this vape comprises an adjustable chamber size, which can be modified as per the amount of the substance you want to heat up. 

Adjustable airflow is also there, which allows the device to pass the air and keeps it fresh and clean. Not only this, this vaporizer offers a 10-year warranty to its customers.

On the other hand, the Pax 3 vaporizer has a stunning and captivating appearance, compactly constructed of first-class aluminum that shines like a star in the dark. This vape has specifically intended to make it portable by keeping it in your pocket or bag. 

This vaporizer also offers you a warranty for ten years. However, the sleek and smart design makes it rather appealing and fascinating while holding it into your hands.

If we talk about durability, it isn’t easy to decide. But, the Davinci iq2 has numerous micro hinges that allow the air to pass through the device and make it longer lasting. 

Temperature Modification: Davinci IQ2 vs PAX 3

Both Pax 3 and IQ 2 have a cluster of remarkable heating modes nearly the same and offer approximately similar adaptability. Talking about the Davinci iq2, you can adjust this vaporizer’s temperature between 160-220°C. 

Besides, you can manually turn on this device, and it is all automatic onwards. It has a technology “Smart path,” which is a fancy way to increase its temperature according to the requirement.


Other than that, the Pax 3 vaporizer can be compatible with your mobile phone via Bluetooth or a mobile application that makes the device fully digital to control. 

This device offers a temperature between 182-215°C. Once you have connected the device and turned it on, it would probably take a half hour to heat up thoroughly.

Hence, both vaporizers are standard and offer boosted technologies and fantastic flavor. The automated smart path technology makes the Davinci iq2 better that needs to be turned on once and would increase itself. If you want to read more, check out Davinci IQ2 Review.

Portability: Davinci IQ2 vs PAX 3

davinci iq2 vs pax 3 portable

Since both vaporizers are known for their portability, each is too lightweight to carry in your bag or pocket.

The Davinci iq2 is one of the best small-sized portable vaporizers, which measures 45 x 25 x 92 mm and weighs about 159 grams.  However, Davinci IQ2 is a little heavier than the Pax 3, but it can be easily fit anywhere due to its size.

On the other hand, Pax 3 is a very sophisticated and compact design that comes in a very convenient size. When you peep on this vape, it appears just like lipstick in a larger size. 


Therefore, this vaporizer measures 98×30×21 mm in size. Pax 3 is only 93 grams, which is exceptionally lightweight and easy to carry.

Its thin and long size aids you put it inside your pocket or bag. If you are looking specifically for a better portable device, then both devices do well. 

However, talking about the better, the Davinci IQ has a stealthy feature that gives it superiority regarding portability that would provide you an extreme size that can be moved anywhere.

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Battery Life: Davinci IQ2 vs PAX 3

Talking about its battery, the Davinci iq2 comprises a 3500 mAh battery, which is a detachable battery that can be charged within 2 hours. A micro-USB comes along with this device through which you can quickly charge this device. 

Thus, this vaporizer has an impressive battery life, which allows you to take 8 to 10 sessions in each charge. In contrast, the Pax 3 vaporizer also contains a 3500 mAh battery that takes approximately 1 ½ hours to charge the device completely.


However, this vape also provides you with an adequate time of 90 minutes to use the vape frequently without charging it often.

Although both devices contain a battery of the same power, there is a difference between the charging time and the number of sessions each device offers. The winner regarding battery is the Davinci iq2 vaporizer, which can be charged quickly and offers more sessions.

Davinci IQ2 vs PAX 3: Which one wins?

Before deciding on one specific device, both devices are affordable to buy with no considerable difference. However, both vaporizers are a first-class and well-manufactured device which make them a competitor to each other. 

Although both vaporizers offer a 10-year warranty, the Davinci iq2 should be the choice. This vaporizer can heat up within 1 to 2 minutes and offer more flexible temperature options. 

Yet, choose the best vaporizer and get a remarkable experience using the Davinci iq2 vaporizer.

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