DaVinci IQ2 vs IQC | Is IQ2 Better Than IQC? Let’s Find out (20% OFF)

Since the DaVinci series has been blessed with a new member, internet users are trying to know whether or not the Davinci IQC is worth using.

DaVinci IQ2 was a great addition to the vaporizer fraternity if you consider the vapor quality and handling, but it lacked battery-related features.

People demanded a more portable device, so the company has worked its way out and introduced an advanced DaVinci IQC.

However, the question remains. DaVinci IQ2 or IQC? Is DaVinci IQC a better version of IQ2, or did the company over-improve the flaws and ruin other features loyal customers loved? Our article answers this question in detail, so read through it to enlighten yourself.


Davinci IQ2 vs. IQC: A Detailed Comparison

Temp4 smart profiles4 preset modes
Weight159 g150 g
Heating time30-40 sec20-30 sec
Warranty10 yr5 yr
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The build

davinci iq2 vs davinci iqc build

There is a slight change in the device’s build when considering DaVinci IQC. The design improvements are so few that you cannot see them when you see both devices. DaVinci IQ2 had a problem with the lid where a ball was placed under it to hold it tight.

This ball did not do the intended work, and as a result, the lid loosened. DaVinci IQC has a tighter lid where you will see the least or no amount of vapors escaping. Moreover, the IQC lid is made of antimicrobial material to protect the smoker from infection.

Airflow control

DaVinci IQ2 is the best vaporizer when discussing vapor quality and material. The company added the airflow control feature to adjust the air you want flowing through the herbs.

This feature is missing in DaVinci IQC, and most people still ask whether this thing makes a difference or not. For all such questions, the simple answer is that the IQC has the same vapor quality because the chamber is made of ceramic, and the vapor path is equally insulated. The airflow control is not much of a loss.

On-device dosage

DaVinci IQ2 had a very convenient feature where the device showed the dosage analysis. This incredibly unique feature allows you to turn on your device, fill the chamber, draw vapors, and then analyze the strength and concentration of your draws over time.

The DaVinci IQC lacks this feature as it focuses on reducing the burden laid upon the battery. It tries to focus on the core feature, i.e., producing vapors for an extended period.

IQ2 vs. IQC: Charging time

Charging time is one of the main reasons why people hated DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Fiber. It took around 6 hours to charge, and the battery life was miserable compared to the time the user had to invest while waiting for the device to charge.

Since the company has worked out of this situation, DaVinci IQC has emerged as a winner as the charging time has been reduced to almost 2 hours. This makes the IQC more portable and convenient as you need to wait less and vape more.


Battery life

davinci iq2 vs davinci iqc battery life

Another critical aspect that DaVinci IQ2 lacked was battery life. The charging only lasted an estimated one and a half hours. If you compare it with other products in the market, this duration might feel reasonably competitive.

A more relevant analysis is to compare the battery life with charging time. It took almost one-fourth of the charging time to consume the battery entirely.

DaVinci IQC has improved this battery life and works for 2 hours none stop at average settings. Moreover, the battery life is two-thirds of the charging time which is pretty solid compared to DaVinci IQ2.

Type C charging cable

A straightforward yet convenient feature to love about the whole charging system of IQC is the Type C charging cable which allows the device to charge faster than IQ2.

It is less prone to struggle while plugging the cable into the port. IQ2 did not support the reverse charging mechanism, which is one of the things to love about the IQC model.


DaVinci IQ2 had a specific set of warranty terms where the customer received a 10-year-long financial buffer. This extended warranty period showed how good the overall build and technology are.

On the contrary, DaVinci IQC has reduced the period to half. This reduction might be considered a minor change because you still have 5-year security at your disposal, right?

However, this reduction means that the quality of components and systems is foregone to achieve better performance, especially the battery life and charging time. It indicates that the convenience you desired was achieved by lowering the quality of components.


We wanted to discuss price at the start of our comparison, but it would have been useless because other features decide the relevance of price. DaVinci IQC has a retail price of $229, which is market competitive. It is hard to find a vaporizer for this good at such a low price.

DaVinci IQ2, however, has an unexpectedly higher price of $279. When considering the battery life, the price might sound unfair, but the quality of the system and the 10-year extended warranty back the increase.


DaVinci IQ2 or IQC: Which One You Should Buy?

There is no doubt agreeing with the fact that the DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer is still one of the best vaporizers in the market when you talk about the flavor and quality of vapors. Still, the battery features daunted the utility of this device.

The company overcame the flaws and introduced a highly efficient DaVinci IQC. This device has a shorter charging time and increases battery life.

When deciding on a better option, we can confidently opt for DaVinci IQC. The apparent reason behind our suggestion is the battery feature. However, DaVinci IQ2 is still a good choice for those who smoke on weekends.

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