Davinci IQ2 vs Firefly 2+

People tend to buy a perfect vaporizer for themselves when they go for online purchase.

There are hundreds of brands and products available in the market which can serve your cause, but you still need to search for the most suitable one on your own.

Our team always brings up the comparisons between the most popular vaping brands and their products. This time we have brought the Davinci IQ2 and Firefly 2+ to help you choose between the two.

Given below are the features you should consider before committing to any one of the two vaporizers mentioned.

Davinci IQ2 vs Firefly 2+: Compare

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Davinci IQ2 vs Firefly 2+


Davinci IQ2 is made from an aluminum outer, which gives it a classy metallic look and resistance to rust & leakage. Furthermore, the inner consists of medically graded material and a ceramic heating chamber (to preserve the taste).

Firefly 2 Plus Vaporizer is more of a light and versatile vaporizer that can be found in various shades. The magnesium alloy body is durable, and the smart mouthpiece is also something to love about this gadget.

Battery life

Davinci IQ2 is a far better option than the Firefly 2+ when considering the battery life before investing in the next vaporizer that you would purchase.

There are 75 minutes of running time in the Davinci IQ2, which is not an ideal stat, but it does perform well compared to the other option on our list. Firefly 2+ works for 6 to 7 shots per bowl. Furthermore, the batteries are replaceable, so you need not worry about the vaping sessions during traveling.


The portability factor takes several things that you need to check before buying a vaporizer. First of all, weight plays a crucial role in selecting the most appropriate and convenient device alongside the size.

Both the models are compact with a slight variation in weight, whereas Firefly 2+ is 19 grams lighter than the other option. Though the Davinci model is a bit heavy, the battery life is better than the Firefly 2+.


Each model is designed to heat all sorts of herbs, concentrates, and extracts. You would never need to buy a separate device to smoke different stuff just because the vaporizer you have bought does not compliment them.


Heat-up time

There is no valid comparison between the two vaporizers when it comes to the heat-up time. The Davinci IQ2 takes almost a minute to heat the stuff steadily, while the Firefly 2+ is more of an immediate sort of a device where the vapors are ready in 3 seconds only.

Temperature range

The Firefly 2+ wins the temperature range comparison because the manufacturers have invested a lot in the betterment of the heating system. The temperature stats range from 105 to 260 degrees Celsius.

Davinci IQ 2, on the other hand, is less diverse in this respect. There are lesser options available as the temperature goes from 121 Celsius to 221 Celsius.

Heating system

As we mentioned earlier, Firefly 2+ rules this comparison when it comes to the heating feature. It consists of a convection heating system that blows a stream of hot air through the herbs to heat it indirectly. This feature not only saves the herbs from burning but also preserves the aroma.

On the contrary, Davinci IQ 2 has a ceramic chamber to cook the herbs safely, but the direct heating ruins the fun at higher levels. If you are among those smokers who like to smoke extremely hot vapors, this vaporizer is not the option. If you want to read more, check out Davinci IQ2 Review.

Vapor quality

Firefly 2+ provides the best vapors for any vaporizer in the relevant price range and size. The conduction heating does not overheat the herbs and concentrates, and the air does carry the sweet aroma right towards the lips.

On the contrary, Davinci IQ2 does have a ceramic chamber to preserve the taste, but the major problem is the direct heating. The taste gets impaired at the higher temperatures as the continuous exposure at such high temperatures is not good since the herb is heated through conduction heating.


The controllability is impaired when the user does not know the exact temperature at which the device is heating. The temperature variation should be convenient, and the battery specs should also be visible somewhere.

There is smartphone app support in each of the vaporizers that we have mentioned. Now you can exercise full control by using the mobile app. Besides, loading and unloading are also pretty simple.


Both the vaporizers under discussion come with a warranty provided by the manufacturer. The claim available is more of a guarantee that the manufacturing quality is the best.


Moreover, Davinci IQ goes the extra mile for consumer safety by offering a 10 years contract while the Firefly 2+ awards 2 years claim.


Both Davinci IQ2 and Firefly 2+ have their own merits and demerits. You need to choose between the features that you want the most from your vaporizer.

For instance, if your preference is the temperature range, heat-up, and heating system, we suggest you opt for the Firefly 2+. On the other hand, the warrantied purchase, incredible design, and longer battery life make Davinci IQ2 a better substitute than the former product.

In the end, we will recommend you to go through our article thoroughly and plan the features which are necessary for you. The purchase would never be all-in-all perfect, but it will be based on the support you receive from the required features.

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