DaVinci IQ2 vs Arizer Solo 2: Is IQ2 Better? (20% OFF)

In today’s matchup, we have the Davinci IQ2 competing for its top spot with the Arizer Solo 2. We all are very well aware of the fantastic features that the Davinci IQ2 comes with by now. However, not many of us know what the Arizer Solo 2 offers compared to the Davinci IQ2.

It’s worth seeing how all the technological changes made in the Arizer Solo 2 stand against the Davinci IQ2. So let’s deep dive and find out how these two perform in a one-on-one battle.

Davinci IQ2 and Arizer Solo 2 Comparison Table

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Davinci IQ2 and Arizer Solo 2 Detailed Comparison

How to use

The Davinci IQ2 is very simple and easy to use. All you need to do is open the herb chamber at the bottom of the device. Fill it with a slightly fine ground herb, and start the device. To power up the device, hold down the power button. Press and hold the power button to turn it on.

Once it powers up, it immediately starts to heat up. Once it reaches the set temperature, the device uses haptic feedback to let you know it’s ready to be used. Use the concentrate pods with the package for wax, resin, and concentrates. Check DaVinci IQ2 review.

You can use the zirconia pearl to manage your dosage for dry herbs. The mobile application and smart path make your sessions smooth and perfect. However, the technological wizards at Davinci have enabled you to make adjustments without the app.

The Arizer Solo 2 has a LED middle and centre in the device. All you need to do is fill up the herb chamber and then use the buttons to turn the device on. To power up Arizer solo 2, hold down the power up and M button underneath the screen and in the middle of the device.

Once it turns on, the screen will display a time of 6 seconds. As the timer ends, the display will light up with a smiley face and “Hi”, along with a beeping sound. The LED screen is a perfect feature as it displays all the necessary information, such as the battery, the set temperature and the current temperature, and other settings.

The LED is also fully customizable using the buttons that are on the device. So the buttons you will find on the device are the middle button is M for menu and is used to power on the device by additionally pressing the up button.

Next, you will find up and down keys on the top and bottom of the M button. These will guide you through the menu and adjust the display to your liking. Arizer Solo 2 has a menu that lets you set the timer, screen brightness, volume, temperature measurement, and session timer.

Temperature Settings

Davinci IQ2 has the features of both the Smart Path and Precision mode. This is an excellent feature that allows all kinds of users to be able to enjoy the device. The temperatures that can be reached on this device are 222 degree Celsius or 431 degrees Fahrenheit.

With the Precision mode, you have complete control over the session and temperatures you want to hit. You can use the up and down keys to increase or decrease the temperature in a single-degree increment. Check DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Review.

With Smart Path, you can customize your whole session and let your device take care of the temperature sessions throughout the session. As the 4 preset temperatures keep increasing throughout the session, you won’t have to change anything.

Furthermore, you can change the preset temperatures using the mobile application anytime. The device heats up in 40 seconds and is ready to go. The Arizer Solo 2 comes with Precision mode. This is a new introduction to the Arizer vaporizers. With this enhancement and the LED screen, you can easily set your desired temperature and keep an eye on the current temperature.

The temperature range offered by the Arizer Solo 2 is 50 degree Celsius to 220 degree Celsius. This, and it heats up around about 30 seconds, is excellent. These improvements aside, the device still does not offer a smart path or cycle mode to help make the vaping experience easier for the users.

Vapor Quality

The Davinci IQ2 is a conduction oven heating vaporizer that gives out some of the best-tasting vapor. The device is powered with zirconia and ceramic combined vapor path, making the vapor cool and smooth. It further helps retain the herb’s flavour and ensures you have the best flavor.

Furthermore, the airflow adjustment dial helps you to adjust the airflow according to your needs and helps you produce either dense or big clouds. Whichever sails your boat. It is an exceptional feature, provides more functionality, and enhances your vaping experience.

As far as concentrates go, the performance is good and above average; however, there are other devices specifically for concentrates. So if that is something you are looking for, then you have other options to choose from.

The vapor quality of the Arizer Solo 2 has risen to a new standard. The flavor has been enhanced by using a long vapor path, all glass air tubes. This helps keep the vapor cool and smooth as you draw. The vapor quality didn’t diminish even in the highest temperature settings.

However, the same cannot be said about the flavor. The flavor at the highest temperature will diminish at the end of the session and give out a more overcooked flavor. To preserve the flavor and to enjoy the clouds, you can always use the device at lower temperatures as you still get some of the best flavorful hits. Check Arizer Solo 2 Review.

Built Quality

The Davinci IQ2 is a sleek and highly durable device. Materials like aluminum for the exterior and interior are made with ceramic and zirconia. This device will not rust and can handle severe wear and tear over the years.

The device itself looks sleek, and the hand feel is fantastic. It has many amazing features, like the zirconia pearl, airflow adjustment dial, and even the stirring tool that has been incorporated inside the device.

Furthermore, the level of detail the manufacturer puts into providing you with all the essentials for cleaning, battery, extra mouthpiece, and so much more. The device looks elegant and classy while using the best materials on the market, prolonging its life. The manufacturer also provides a 10-year warranty for this device.

The Arizer Solo 2 is machined well and has some classic Arizer features. This time, however, the addition of some technological enhancements has made it even better. The device may not be as pleasing to the eyes as the Davinci IQ2, yet it has some class.

The curved design of the device, including the LED display and the powerful punch of flavor, make it worth it. Arizer made sure to use the same dimensions on the Solo 2, which means if you own air tubes, water pipes, and other tubes, you can still use them with this one. However, you may want to be careful as the glass materials on these are prone to breaking quite easily.

Battery life

The Davinci IQ2 has a 18650 3500mAh battery. You can quickly get up to 8 to 10 sessions on a fully charged battery. It is also replaceable. Hence, if you want to keep your sessions going, you must buy a spare one.

Keep your batteries charged, and you can take this device out on long excursions. Not only that, the battery charges in just 2 hours. The only minor thing that is a bit of nag is that it comes with a Micro-USB charging port, switching to C-type charging will please many of its users.

The Arizer Solo 2 uses a Propriety charger, so not all chargers will work. The battery is 3400mAh and can last up to 3 hours. The battery is internal, so you cannot buy spares. The battery quickly gives you 6 to 9 sessions regardless of a full charge. It also charges 2 to 3 hours which is good enough.

Is Davinci IQ2 better than Arizer Solo 2?

Looking at the overall experience that the users get, the Davinci IQ2 comes out on top. Besides being portable and easy to use, it has many other features that Arizer Solo 2 lacks. Arizer solo 2 may have the LED screen and flavorful punch.

However, its inability to sustain that flavor throughout the session is a letdown. On the other hand, Davinci IQ2 retains the flavour and delivers massive clouds with the airflow adjustment and zirconia pearl that heat up the herb evenly. Both of them have many exquisite features, but for us, Davinci IQ2 definitely comes out as the winner.

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