DaVinci Ascent vs PAX 2 – Is DaVinci Better than PAX?

In times when finding luxurious vaporizers is often a difficult thing to do. Many companies might claim they produce the best vaporizers, but you should know which stands out.

The stylish and prominent Pax 2 Vaporizer and its counterpart, Davinci Ascent, contain features that chain smokers love. This article will compare both models and make your choice easier.

Davinci Ascent vs. PAX 2: Comparison Table

Pax 2Davinci Ascent
Glass PathwayNoYes
Heating ChamberMetallicCeramic
Battery50-90 Min3 Hours
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PAX 2 vs Davinci Ascent: Full Comparison


Pax 2 Vs Davinci Ascent Design

Davinci Ascent and Pax 2 have a sleek design and attractive coating for their users. Pax 2 has always been well known for the stylish and durable covering of glossy aluminum.

Davinci Ascent, on the other hand, has a glass pathway through which the smoke travels. It also contains a glass container to store oil and a ceramic heating chamber.

Easy to use:

Pax 2 contains a removable magnetic lid. After removing the lid, the oven is exposed. The only thing that you need to do is to load your aromatic blend in the oven, close the magnetic lid, and turn the vaporizer on.

You can instantly start your session after completing the whole process. Davinci Ascent uses a swivel lid that is less problematic than the conventional twist-and-remove lids.

Temperature settings:

Pax 2 Vs Davinci Ascent Easy Use

There are 4 presets available in Pax 2, ranging between 182-216C. The heating system is conditional, which provides evenly heated vapors throughout the smoking session. You can quickly draw 15-16 rounds of vapor from a fresh fill.

Davinci Ascent contains 4 buttons to control the temperature settings, with the highest temperature touching the 221C mark. The temperature starts rising slowly, and you can begin your smoking session once the cup stops blinking.

Battery duration:

Pax 2 has a longer battery life than the previous models. PaxLabs has invested a lot to increase the overall battery timings. The exact time varies but might range between 50 and 90 minutes.

Davinci Ascent beats Pax 2 easily with a battery duration of 3 hours or even more after a full charge. The battery is made of lithium ions that provide better session supportability.

Smart function:

You will find the lip sensor very handy in Pax 2, which helps you optimize the battery life with thermal sensing to let your device rest when you are not smoking. The LED light communicates the status of your gadget by changing colors accordingly. It lets you know if your system is heating, heating, or cooling.

Davinci provides better control over the temperature with an LED indicator that shows the exact temperature. It has an automatic turn-off function that allows the vaporizer to save battery when unused.


Pax 2 and Davinci Ascent are portable due to their sleek design and lightweight. Pax 2 is more compact, but Davinci is portable too. This feature ends with a tie.


Davinci provides a 2-year warranty contract, while Pax 2 offers a 3-year claimable contract.

Final Verdict

We recommend you undoubtedly go for this comparison’s winner, Davinci Ascent. It provides a lot more value than Pax 2.

Though the price is higher, this vaporizer has a more stylish design, longer battery life, higher and more accurate temperature range, and convenience.

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