Boundless CFX+ vs Utillian 722: Is CFX+ Better?

Vaping has become more popular as people look for alternatives to traditional cigarettes. There are various ways to vape, and each person has their preferences, from using an e-cigarette to a vape pen or box mod.

Apart from traditional cigarettes, people who have been smoking bongs have also shifted to vaporizers slowly and gradually, and for that, Boundless CFX+ and Utiillian 722 played their part. Both the pods are designed differently; however, CFX+ seems to be a winning product in this war of vapes.

We will discuss the features of both devices and other aspects considered ideal for the vaporizers that fall under this price range.

boundless cFX Plus vs utillian 722

Bigger and Better Cloud

In the battle of a bigger vapor cloud between CFX+ by Boundless and Utillian’s 722, the prior wins always. The CFX+ has a bigger cloud as the device has 4 preset temperatures from 378°F to 428°F; as the temperature increases, the cloud gets bigger. Another important and notable feature of CFX+ is the Zirconia airpath that cools vapor as it travels through it with every inhale.

The reason to mention this is that even if a person uses the device at a high temperature, the flavor is not messed up. On the other hand, the Utillian 722 does not have this special feature and has a less present temperature range, giving a cloud smaller than the CFX+.

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Even and Efficient Heating

The CFX+ has a special Precise Control Range of 250°F to 430°F that controls the temperature to maintain the device’s performance. In contrast, the Utillian 722 has preset temperatures that range from 356°F, 374°F, 392°F, and 410°F, which goes up to 437°F when the Boost mode is activated. Check Boundless CFX Plus review.

In addition to this, the Utillian 72’ vaporizer cannot control the temperature as efficiently as CFX+. It is also important to note that the Utillian 722 takes almost 45 seconds to heat up, while CFX+ is ready to use within 30 seconds. Furthermore, the preset temperature in the Utillian may not be suitable for all users.

Intuitive UI

The CFX+ has an intuitive UI design that makes it easier to manage the overall settings of the device, and with the help of buttons, the setting can be changed according to the user’s preference. On the other hand, the Utillian 722 has a single-button operation that limits the user’s control of the device’s overall options.

Which is a more Portable device?

Regarding portability, CFX+ is way more portable than the Utillian 722 because of its weight and size. CFX+ is of the latest generation and fits into the palm of your hand and in your pocket, making it convenient to take it while traveling. While the Utillian 722 is of the older generation and bigger than the CFX+.

Moreover, CFX+ comes with a built-in oven tool right under the mouthpiece that helps stir the herbs you pour into the ceramic oven, and Utillian 722 has no tools like that, and you will have to purchase and take the additional tools while traveling.

Battery Time

CFX+ has a 2500Mah battery that lasts longer than the Utillian 722, which has a 2300Mah battery, another downsize for the Utillian. If you need much time for vaping, then it is obvious that you will go for a 2500Mah instead of a 2300Mah battery.

Price: Which Vaporizer is Overpriced?

A Utillian 722, a less intuitive UI, is less portable, has less battery life, and is of an older generation, comes at 170 dollars. In contrast, CFX+, which has an intuitive UI design, is more portable, has more battery life, and is of the latest generation, sits at around $200. Considering all the features CFX+ has, the Utillian 722 seems overpriced.


Vaping has evolved tremendously recently, as preferences for liquid vaping devices and dry herb vaporizers have changed significantly.

We have tried to compare two vaporizers used by many individuals and concluded that the CFX+ is a clear winner when comparing it to the Utillian 722.

It has better vapor quality, a more user-friendly interface, and a more reliable device overall. If you’re looking for a new vaporizer, CFX+ is the way to go.

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