Arizer Solo 2 vs MFLB

The vaporizer market is growing day by day. This severe technological swing in smoking product manufacturing has paved the path for new and more convenient inventions.

While you would see vaporizers with the same old power buttons, there are other products that have other substitutive methods of working, such as lips sensing and long press.

Arizer Solo 2 and Magic Flight Launch Box are the two vaping devices that serve the same cause with different operating procedures.

Both the vaporizers that we are about to compare are different, so the comparison will be an exciting one. Read through the article and know what you did not know before.

Arizer Solo 2 vs MFLB: Comparison Table

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Arizer Solo 2 vs Magic Flight Launch Box: Detailed Comparison


Magic Flight Launch Box is considered one of the unique vaporizers available in the market, especially for the eye-catching and smooth-looking external.

The device is pretty small and compact with a fine shade of wood made in the USA. The Arizer Solo 2, on the other hand, looks way more advanced because it is made from anodized aluminum coating with stainless steel engraved at the top and the bottom.

Battery life

The battery life is a clear difference between the two models. Arizer Solo 2 works for an extended period of 3 hours, which is suitable for streaming, partying, and traveling. Other than this, the battery comes with a year-long warranty that secures you even more.

Magic Flight Launch Box is a contrary case in respect. The biggest reason being the 50 minutes to several additional minutes (depending on the usage) long usage. This makes it a casual vaporizer that only amateur vapers use.


You might have all ready-made up your mind about what we are about to say here. Arizer Solo 2, being a compact, sleek, and laboriously long-lasting vaporizer, is definitely the first preference in this respect. No one likes to buy a vaporizer that does not last during their business, educational, or traveling trip.

Heat-up time

People prefer using vaporizers with a lower heat-up time. The reason is that no one has enough time to time idle and wait for their herb to get cooked.

Arizer Solo 2 comes with a 30-second long heat-up time, which is exceptionally efficient for parties and streaming, but what if we tell you that Launch Box has an instant heat-up feature that fends off all the waiting chances.

Temperature control

Arizer Solo 2 has a temperature range between 50 to 220 degrees Celsius. Users usually praise this range, especially those who like smoking mildly cooked herbs. There is no mobile app support in this Arizer model, but the controls are straightforward and convenient for newbies.

The launch box, on the other hand, has a pretty authoritative control mechanism. There is a button incorporated in the body’s side, which you can press as long as you want to heat your herb. This feature is handy for experienced users who know the exact temperature to cook the herbs at.

Heating system

Both the vaporizers mentioned in this article are powered by conduction heating. This involves a session of direct heating where the herbs get cooked with the same old heating concept. There is no involvement of hot air or any other substitutes for even and more quality vapor production.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is generally not a problem in either of the two vaporizers. The main issue starts when you start heating the herbs at higher temperature levels for an extended period.

Exposing the stuff to direct heating makes it more vulnerable to metallic taste (taste deterioration) and an uneven flow of vapors.

Arizer Solo 2 is a bit less prone to this problem because the vapors are preserved by glass path compared to the Launch Box, where the stuff is loaded inside a metallic chamber (which diminishes the taste).

A piece of simple advice would be not to cook herbs at high temperatures for a long time.

Auto shutoff vs. On-demand vapors

Arizer Solo 2 has an in-built auto-shutoff feature that turns the device off when it is inactive for a few consecutive minutes. Launch Box has an entirely different procedure where it does not produce the vapors until you press the button to let the device know that it should produce vapors.


Arizer Solo 2 provides a 2-year warranty, which keeps the customers at the safer end. Warranty plays a significant role in the purchase commitments because the users need proper assurance from the manufacturer regarding the quality.

If you want more from the Arizer Solo 2’s warranty, then you can consider buying Launch Box because it comes with a lifetime warranty. This surety is good enough to impress the majority.

Should You Buy Arizer Solo 2 OR MFLB?

Comparing Arizer Solo 2 and Launch Box is invalid to some extent because the method of working and the customers they target are entirely different. The method of heating is the main thing that you should study properly before making any commitment.

The Launch Box is designed for experienced smokers who like to have complete control over the heating process though there is always the risk of herbs getting overcooked.

On the other hand, Arizer Solo 2 is more convenient and classic, which accurate temperature controls to help newbies. Furthermore, the battery life should also be considered, especially when you plan to vape when you are outside.

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