Airvape X vs Fury Edge

In this current era, every electronic device is becoming more compact. The same rule applies to portable vaporizers. Airvape X and Fury Edge Vaporizer have been in the ranks of the most portable vaping devices in the market.

While Airvape X is a slim vaporizer that resembles a compact hard drive or similar device, the Fury Edge Vaporizer is thicker but shorter.

We would recommend you not to get impressed or frustrated by the looks as vaporizers have much more to offer. All the features that are usage-defining are mentioned in this article, so you should go through our comparison to know what is on offer.

Airvape X vs Fury Edge: Comparison Table

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AirVape X vs Fury Edge: Detailed Comparison


Both Airvape X and Fury Edge Vaporizers are compatible with dry herbs and concentrates. However, if you require a device to complement wax usage, Fury Edge should definitely be your preferred choice.


Airvape X is a slim device, as we have already mentioned. It has an outer made of stainless steel and a mouthpiece made of ceramic. The ceramic build keeps it insulated throughout the session while a magnet is integrated to keep it fixed and airtight.

On the inside, you would find an isolated vapor path. In addition, there are holes present on the main body to manage the flow of air through the material.

On the other hand, Fury Edge has a kirksite body that is more durable than Airvape X. It seems a bit thicker, but the company has reduced the height to compensate for the thicker body.

The device is perfectly insulated; however, the mouthpiece design is not eye-catching. The OLED screen is integrated on the side of the device, so it is vulnerable to scratches.

Heating time

Airvape X has a reasonably on-demand vapor production as it prepares the first batch in 20 seconds or even less. Fury Edge also resembles its contemporary in this respect because it has a heating time lying between 25 and 30 seconds.

Heating chamber

Airvape X has a taste-preserving ceramic chamber that is designed to reduce wastage and maintain consistency throughout the session. It is made oval-shaped to fit in the slim body. On the other hand, Fury Edge has a stainless-steel chamber which could have been a significant problem if the heat source was direct.

Heating method

Both Airvape X and Fury Edge have hybrid heating systems. These systems are predominantly convection-based. As a result, the conduction heating is minimal as the only direct heating source is the heat conducted by the metallic components.

Temperature range

Airvape X has a wide temperature range that starts from 93 degrees Celsius and ends at 220 degrees Celsius. This temperature range is excellent for the production of mildly heated vapors. People with breathing problems and senior citizens should prefer Airvape X for aromatherapy.

On the other hand, Fury Edge has the same ending point, i.e., 220 degrees Celsius but the starting point sets both the vaporizers apart. It starts from 138 degrees Celsius, which is 45 degrees higher than Airvape X.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of both Fury Edge and Airvape X is better than many other vaporizers in the market. The flow of vapors is continuous as convection heating itself carries the smell and taste through the warm stream of air.

The same factor ensures that the temperature is consistent throughout the session. An isolated airpath also plays a critical role in performing the jobs we already mentioned.

Convenience of usage

Airvape X is exceptionally convenient to use, primarily due to its 2-button controllability. There is a 1.3 inches wide display integrated on the face of the device.

This digital display shows the temperature settings and battery percentage at which the Airvape X operates. It also has haptic feedback to let you know when the vapors are ready. The device turns off after an inactivity time to keep you secure.

Fury Edge has simple 3-button controllability to make temperature adjustments easy. The battery and temperature status are prominently mentioned on the OLED screen. There are haptic feedback and auto-shutoff features that ensure security.

Battery life

Airvape X has a solid battery life that allows you to smoke for 6 to 7 sessions in one complete charge. When translated into minutes, the numbers depict that the battery lasts around 45 minutes in one full charge.

Unfortunately, the battery is irremovable, so you cannot carry a spare with you. Pass-through charging, however, enables the consumers to use it whilst charging.

Fury Edge has a longer battery duration where you can use the device for 75 to 90 minutes. The charging time is short because the device has a type-C charging port to enable fast charging. However, you cannot use it while charging, so you have to plan your sessions better.

Airvape X or Fury Edge? Which one should you buy?

Airvape X and Fury Edge are almost the same in compactness and functionality. The hybrid heating system and an isolated vapor path produce precisely-cooked vapors. The heating time is short, and the LED display & haptic feedback mechanism tells when the vapors are ready.

However, we would recommend Fury Edge for users who demand durability with no stylish design. It also has wax compatibility that you should know about. The battery life is longer than Airvape X, and the charging is fast.

On the other hand, Airvape X has pass-through charging to enable using the device during sessions. The temperature range is wide so that you can use it for aromatherapy. The design is great for parties, and the slim size makes it easy to carry.

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