Airvape X vs Firefly 2 Plus

Being a market leader in their respective companies, Airvape X and Firefly 2 Plus Vaporizers are the most searched vaping devices on the internet.

Airvape X is a modernized device that resembles a slim disk, while Firefly 2 Plus is more like a doubled Airvape X. However, these vaporizers have much more to offer apart from the design and size.

This article discusses all those important and usage-defining features to help you with your purchase decision.

Airvape X vs Firefly 2 Plus Comparison Table

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Airvape X vs Firefly 2 Plus Detailed Comparison


The Firefly 2 Plus Vaporizer is known for its magnesium alloy body that is durable and stylish. It is quite portable, but you cannot hide it inside your hand. The lid is magnetic to keep it as convenient to load as possible. Unfortunately, there is no prominent LED display integrated.

The Airvape X has a stainless steel battery that is as slim as it can get. You can slide it inside your pocket without fearing breaking a part of it. It is considerably lighter when compared to Firefly 2 Plus. The mouthpiece is incorporated with a magnet to keep it airtight. A prominent LED screen rests on the face of the device.

Heating chamber

Firefly 2 Plus is integrated with a borosilicate chamber that preserves quality, taste, and aroma like any other high-end vaporizer on the market. The Airvape X contains an oval-shaped ceramic chamber.

It maintains an even temperature throughout the session and prevents the herbs from combusting. Ceramic chambers are always a better option because they provide the same quality as glass elements but at a cheaper cost.

Heating time

Firefly 2 Plus has a perfectly on-demand heating time. This device is tailor-made for portable usage during busy routines. You need to load the chamber, set your favorite settings, and start vaping in just 3 seconds.

Yes, it is really that prompt. The Airvape X Vaporizer also has a very impressive heating time though it is not as fast as contemporary. However, it heats in 20 seconds, so you do not have to wait much.

Heating method

The heating method is pure convection in the Firefly 2 Plus Vaporizer as the isolated vapor path, and the borosilicate heating element prevents the direct heat from interfering.

The airflow is uninterrupted because the company has promised 30% more air than the preceding models. Airvape X, on the other hand, has a hybrid heating system that is majorly convection-based. So conduction heating does play its role but not as much as convection heating.

Temperature range

Both Firefly 2 Plus and Airvape X have a wide range that makes them suitable for all classes of smokers. The Firefly 2 Plus has a 140 to 260 degrees Celsius range. 140 degrees are not that high to start with, but the Airvape X goes even lower.

Airvape X starts from 93 degrees celsius and goes up to 220 degrees Celsius. The range is almost identical, with 120 degrees of adjustments available at your disposal. However, the Airvape X is slightly milder than what Firefly 2 Plus has on offer.

Temperature settings

The temperature setting is one of those things that you can rely on while making a decision to choose the device that suits your usage pattern and needs. Airvape X provides full control over the heating process.

It has a simple up and down button combo to let you adjust the temperature with an increment of +/-1. Firefly 2 Plus has seven different automatics presets that limit the control. However, this limit over the control is not really a limitation for novice users as this allows them to remember the temperature intensities better.

Convenience of usage

Firefly 2 Plus has a mobile app that makes life easier for users. The temperature settings are simple to adjust as just seven intensities are available at your disposal. The loading-unloading is an easy exercise to perform along with the cleaning.

Apart from all this, no auto-shutoff feature is incorporated in the Firefly 2 Plus. The mobile app support adds more value in regards to convenience.

The Airvape X Vaporizer is simple and orthodox, especially when considering the LED screen that depicts the battery and temperature status of the device. Moreover, the temperature intensity can be adjusted at an increment of +/-1.

In addition, the Airvape X has an automatic shutoff feature that can be adjusted to either 3 or 5 minutes. Unfortunately, there is no mobile app support to make life easier.

Battery life

Fast charging is most definitely the best power feature incorporated in the Firefly 2 Plus. It charges in just 45 minutes. In addition, the batteries are replaceable, so you can carry a spare set to smoke your favorite herb or concentrate for an extended period.

Unfortunately, there is no pass-through charging feature to enable the user to vape while the device is charging. Airvape X is comparatively slow as it takes 1.5 hours to charge completely. There is no pass-through charging available here either.

However, the device has an auto-shutoff feature to save battery. The battery is non-replaceable, which is a usage-defining feature. The battery life lasts 45 minutes on average.

Airvape X OR Firefly 2 Plus: Which one should I buy?

The Firefly 2 Plus and Airvape X Vaporizers are nearly identical to each other. Portability is never an issue with these vaping device models as the companies have offered compact sizes with sufficient battery features. The outer material is durable and classy, with no glass component involved.

However, we say that Firefly is made for intense smoking sessions and novice users who know less about temperature intensities. On the other hand, the Airvape X is made for flavor chasers. The control on offer is why experienced users enjoy the usage.

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