AirVape X vs Airvape Legacy: Detailed Comparison (10% OFF)

When discussing Apollo Corporation, we all think of quality and unprecedented value. The Airvape X and Airvape Legacy are among those devices that Apollo has developed with the same perspective, i.e., to satisfy your vaping needs.

While Airvape X looks more compact than its contemporary devices, Airvape Legacy gives a more traditional and heavy-duty look. However, there is one simple rule when purchasing vaping devices i.e., never get deceived by how a device looks.

To explain the proportion of value offered by both devices, we have prepared this comparative review of the most important features.

AirVape X vs Airvape Legacy: Comparison Table

airvape x vs airvape legacy
BuildMetallic, flat, compactTraditional, bulky, heavy-duty
Weight90 grams250 grams
Heating time20 seconds15 seconds
Heating chamberCeramicGold plated
Heating methodDualDual
Temperature range93 to 220 degrees Celsius93 to 226 degrees Celsius
Haptic feedbackYesNo
Temperature settingsPrecisionPrecision & free convection
Auto shutoffYes, on inactivityYes, after each session
Battery life6-7 sessions7-8 sessions
Replaceable batteryNoYes
Wireless chargingNoYes
Fast chargingNoYes
Pass-through chargingYesNo
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AirVape X vs Airvape Legacy: Detailed Comparison

Design and build

One of the main differences that you would find between the Airvape X and Airvape Legacy is the design and build. The Airvape X is a slim device with metallic outer.

The mouthpiece is magnetic to ensure it fits perfectly in the heating chamber. You can slide this device inside your pocket as it weighs just 90 grams and the dimensions are also great. The edges are rounded to make it smoother and more convenient to hold.

On the other hand, Airvape Legacy is a fairly large device that barely fits in the hand whilst smoking. It does not fit inside the pocket and weighs 250 grams, so it is heavier than the Airvape X Vaporizer. Airvape Legacy has a ceramic mouthpiece with a standard body that is as traditional in texture as we as shape.

Battery life

The battery life is another major difference between both devices. While Airvape Legacy has nearly perfect battery features, Airvape X has pretty ordinary battery life.

Airvape X comes with a non-replaceable battery with a 1300 mAh. This impairs portability immensely. On the other hand, Airvape Legacy has an impressive battery life of 7 to 8 sessions per charging cycle.

There is a fast ty C charging support as well as wireless charging. Moreover, the battery is replaceable so you can carry a spare battery to extend your sessions. Airvape Legacy Vaporizer is the winner here.


You should consider compatibility before choosing either of the two devices we are reviewing. The Airvape X is tailor-made for dry herb smoking, providing an uninterrupted stream of vapors.

However, the Airvape Legacy is compatible with dry herbs and concentrates. You have no choice but to opt for Airvape Legacy Vaporizer if you need a suitable device for concentrate smoking.

Convenience of usage

The Airvape X has a prominent LED display that shows all the necessary stats you require while vaping. The battery life and temperature settings are displayed on the 1.3 inches display.

The temperature intensities can be adjusted with two simple buttons. It has haptic feedback to let the user know what is happening inside the device. After long inactivity, the device turns itself off to save the much-needed battery.

Airvape Legacy has an LED display but is less prominent than we would have liked. It is placed on the side of the device and is smaller in size. The device shuts off automatically after three minutes of smoking sessions. This saves a lot of battery.

Moreover, it has a dual operating method where a precision mode allows you to set the intensity by pressing the up and down button, and the convection mode heats the load for as long as you are holding the button. It does not have haptic feedback or mobile support to tell you exactly what is happening.

AirVape X vs Airvape Legacy: Other minute differences or similarities

Temperature range

Airvape X and Airvape Legacy are the same when considering the temperature range. The temperature range starts from 93 degrees Celsius and goes right up to 220 degrees Celsius. This wide range is sufficient to provide different low to high intensities.

Heating method

The Airvape X and Airvape Legacy are powered by dual heating systems that work on conduction and convection mode of heating the load.

The conduction heating ensures that the heating time is short (we have discussed it later in the article) and the vapor is perfectly and evenly cooked. Convection heating is one of the main reasons the airflow is continuous in both devices.

Heating time

Heating time is not much of a difference either. Both Airvape X and Airvape Legacy have quick heating times. The first batch is prepared in 15-20 seconds regardless of your intended intensity.

It is all due to the conduction heating and this feature makes both devices on a go that produce on-demand vapors.

Heating chamber

The heating chamber is another difference you should know before committing to the purchase. The AirVape X has a ceramic chamber that preserves the vapor quality like no other material. The Airvape Legacy has a gold chamber that is occasionally vulnerable to combustion at high temperatures.

Should You Buy AirVape X or Airvape Legacy?

While Airvape X is a sleek and discreet device in your inventory, it is no match for the Airvape Legacy. Both the devices serve different needs as the Airvape X is a casual device made for short smoking sessions, and Airvape Legacy is designed to produce many strongly cooked vapors.

The vapor quality is almost the same in both devices. However, other things give Legacy an edge over its contemporary. The battery features, design, method of usage, and compatibility are some prominent features that will compel you to buy this technology.

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