Airvape Legacy Pro vs Mighty Plus – which one is better?

The Airvape Legacy Pro is a blend of elegance and technology. Apollo Vaporizer spent two years perfecting this product. It claims to provide consumers with an unforgettable experience.

Its extra rapid heating time and other features, such as the micro-dosing compartment, will leave consumers wanting more.

With its sleek design and a hybrid heating system that uses conduction and convection heating technologies, the Mighty plus has set the bar very high.

Even though it is more expensive than other vapes, its advanced features set it apart. It is perfect for use by both new users and experts. It offers an experience you will not forget.

The comparison between two renowned vaporizers, Airvape Legacy Pro and Mighty Plus. The comparison will evaluate characteristics and determine which vape smokes its way to number one.

Airvape Legacy Pro vs. Mighty Plus: Comparison Table

FeaturesAirvape LegacyMighty+
DesignLeather exterior.Ceramic outer coat.
Dimensions11,9 x 5,2 x 2,1 cm8,0 x 3,0 x 14,0 cm
Weight247 g230 g
Battery2600 mAh battery with 90 minutes battery life.2 ? 3300 mAh battery. 45 watts battery with supercharge feature.
Heating SystemConvection heating system.Convection and conduction heating systems.
Heat-up time15 seconds.Up to 60 seconds.
Amount of dry herb/ concentratesHalf the size of Mighty+Much higher than that of Airvape Legacy.
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Airvape Legacy Pro vs. Mighty Plus


Mighty+ is priced at $399, whereas the Airvape Legacy Pro can be bought at as low as $199. Many users have stated that Airvape Legacy’s price is “too good to be true.” There is a huge price difference between the two. However, the price difference is due to the features of the two products.

Heating time

Airvape Legacy Pro uses a convection heating system to heat the concentrates or the dry herbs in 15 seconds. This feature puts Airvape Legacy ahead of its competitors. The device has an oven in which the heated air will vaporize the dry herbs or concentrates.

The contents will then have to pass through a glass which will cool the vapors for a better sensation while vaping. Another added feature of the Airvape Legacy Pro is the removable air path, making it easier to clean.

Unlike the Airvape Legacy Pro, Der Neue Mighty+ utilizes conduction and convection heating systems. The heating time for Der Neue Mighty+ is around 60 seconds, but it has pre-set setting for temperature adjustments known as the Super booster.

Pressing the power button thrice will cause the temperature to increase by 15°C. The oven of the device is coated with ceramic to make cleaning the chamber easier.

Battery Time

The Airvape Legacy Pro has a 2600 mAh battery with a 90 minutes battery life when fully charged. It has a removable battery. So if you need extra battery time, you can stock two batteries for a better time.

Airvape Legacy also provides wireless charging. The device can be charged using any Qi-certified charging pad.

The mighty+ has a 45 watts battery with a new feature that allows the users to supercharge the battery. Users can now charge up to 80% battery in just 40 minutes. The battery uses a USB cord so that users can charge their vape anywhere.


Airvape Legacy Pro has an exterior of vegan leather, which is not only eco-friendly but allows the users to have a better grip on the product.

With an optimal length-to-width ratio making it easy to hold, its dimensions are 11,9 × 5,2 × 2,1 cm, weighing 247 grams. It has several additional features, such as a removable battery, an air path, and a gold-plated heating chamber.

The Mighty+ has fins attached to the bottom of the device to stand upright on surfaces without falling. Unlike the Airvape legacy Pro, which is leather-coated, Mighty+ has a ceramic finish, making it sturdy.

The dimensions of Mighty+ are 8,0 × 3,0 × 14,0 cm. The weight of the Mighty+ (230 g) is lighter than Airvape Legacy (247g), making it easier to hold.

Airvape Legacy Pro or Mighty Plus? Which one is best?

Both vaporizers have pros and cons. While the Airvape Legacy Pro has features such as a micro-dosing basket and a gold-plated heating chamber, the Mighty+ has a ceramic coating for a better taste of the herb.

It is entirely dependent on what your requirements are. If you prefer micro-dosing, Airvape Legacy Pro is the perfect vape. The micro-dosing baskets allow for efficient heating as well. With Airvape Legacy Pro, you can also use dry herbs and concentrates.

If you want a long-term investment, Mighty+ is the right device. Even though it is priced at €398, it has a faster charging system and a super booster, allowing the herbs to get heated much quicker and at a higher temperature. It also holds more herbs than the Airvape Legacy Pro, so you will enjoy this vape more if you are an expert user.

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