How to Make Your Own Vape Juice?

Enjoying vape primarily depends on the specific flavor it holds. This is enjoyed using an electronic cigarette or a vaporizer. You can experience several unique flavors of vape juice. The taste differs on nicotine strengths and other components, depending on the choices and needs of the vaper.

There are hundreds of flavors for vape lovers. Some vapers select to buy ready-made vape juice from online vape stores or local shops, while others prefer to make their very own vape juice domestically.

Making your vape juice may have several blessings, which include saving money, customizing your flavors, controlling your nicotine consumption, and fending off dangerous components.

However, making your own vape juice additionally calls for some knowledge and competencies, as well as the proper ratio of substances and tools.

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How to Make Your Own Vape Juice: Two Different Ways

Making your own vape juice is all about mixing it correctly. There are principal strategies for blending vape juice: by weight or by volume.  These strategies have their usefulness and drawbacks.

It is critical to apprehend them in detail to make your vape juice. Here are a number of the advantages and disadvantages of each technique:

Mixing via weight:

This approach is accurate, faster, and simpler. In this method, you need a scale and a bottle to mix your elements. You don’t have to worry about cleansing syringes or pipettes or spilling liquid. A vape calculator may also be beneficial to determine the precise amount of every ingredient you want.

It is based totally on the desired PG/VG ratio, nicotine strength, and taste percentage. Take extra care while you measure every component. Gravity is another factor that may affect each ingredient’s weight, as different ingredients have different densities.

Mixing via volume:

It is rather a more practical and simple method. Here you will need syringes, pipettes, or measuring cups to measure your elements. A vape calculator would also be useful for measuring. This calculator will help you take the right quantity of ingredients, such as PG/VG ratio, nicotine strength, and flavor percentage. Still, this method is not one hundred percent accurate and reasonable as you would require different types of syringes or pipettes for every ingredient and clean them after each use.

Types of flavorings

You can explore different types of flavorings and use them for DIY e-liquids. Below are some examples of them:

Natural flavorings: 

These flavors are acquired using natural sources. Fruits, herbs, spices, plants, etc are included in such flavors. Natural flavors are extracted using distillation, infusion, or cold pressing methods. Commonly, these are considered safer and healthier than artificial flavorings.

Artificial flavoring: 

These flavors are similar to natural ingredients. Most of these flavors contain chemicals and additives. Artificial flavorings are generally cheaper and create a more stable taste than natural flavorings.

Organic flavorings:

Such flavorings are gained from organic ingredients. These are grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. You can trust these flavors as they are certified by a third-party organization, such as the USDA.

How to make your own vape juice without nicotine?

Making your vape juice without nicotine is a simple and secure method. You just want to mix the base liquid of PG and VG and the flavorings of your desire. You don’t require any unique system or safety precautions, as nicotine is the most hazardous aspect of vape juice. Here are a few primary steps to follow:

  1. Decide on the PG/VG ratio and the taste percentage you need for your vape juice. Here, you’ll need a vape calculator to measure the elements in the right percentage.
  2. Now, take a few VG and PG and a few flavor concentrates. These ought to be alcohol-based ones. Do not use pharmaceutical substances for this purpose.
  3. Use a smooth vessel and add the PG and VG in the pre-decided ratio. Shake the bottle well to mix elements collectively.
  4. Add the flavorings one drop at a time, shaking the bottle after each drop. Keep on testing the taste even as shaking and mixing the components.
  5. After getting the desired taste in vape juice, store the bottle in a safe, dry, dark area.
  6. Let the substances steep within the vape juice. This may also take from a few days to weeks.

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Why do people make their vape juice?

There are several reasons why anyone may want to make their very own vape juices. There is an opportunity for them to experiment with a few new flavors by mixing unique ingredients, or they need to explore a few new exciting flavors in a new ratio of ingredients. 

However, they should examine the benefits and drawbacks of doing so earlier than doing so.

Benefits of creating your very own vape juice

People make their vape juice for numerous reasons, such as:

  • Making your vape juice can be less expensive than shopping for ready-made e-drinks. Especially if you vape frequently or use high-powered devices that consume a lot of juice.
  • Making your vape juice allows you to test different flavors and mixtures.
  • Making your personal vape juice enables you to alter the nicotine power and type of your e-liquid.

Safety Concerns In Making Your Vape Juice

However, making your vape juice also includes a few dangers and challenges:

  • Making your vape juice demands you to be careful. You have to deal with liquid nicotine, an addictive and toxic substance. This can cause critical damage if ingested or absorbed through the skin.
  • Making your vape juice may expose you to some elements that aren’t safe for vaping. These may include oil-based or alcohol-based flavorings.


While growing your own vape juice offers personalization, financial savings, and nicotine control, it is essential to weigh the dangers before mixing. Nicotine’s addictive and poisonous nature necessitates careful handling and storage. Unsafe components like oil-based flavorings pose fitness issues.

Inconsistent blending can end up creating harmful e-liquids. Consider nicotine-free options or get expert advice if you are unsure about anything. Take into consideration your safety and protection first when you are going to explore such things.

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