How to Get A Vape for Free?

It is extremely easy to get a vape for free, such as by participating in different contests or promotions. Many vape companies especially those who are launching their products are offering free vapes at different places and stores.

Vape companies also offer giveaways to their customers so that they can get a free vape without spending any penny. Customers can check different companies’ websites or official pages to stay updated about special offers on getting a vape for free.

You need to keep an eye out for vape events, where companies promote vapes by offering free vapes to their customers. People can also join vape communities, in these communities or forums many companies announce exclusive deals or promotional events. In this article, we cover all the points related to getting a free vape.

How to Get A Vape for Free?

Start Researching for Vape Brands

start researching for vape brands how to get a vape for free

To get a free vape, start researching different vape brands by checking their official website. Many vape brands post exclusive offers and promotions on their official website. Don’t forget to subscribe to these companies’ official newsletters, after subscribing you can get notified about their latest promotions or offers. Being notified timely will also help you not miss any chance to grab the vape.

Another way to stay in the loop is to follow these companies’ social media pages, as on these pages, vape companies host giveaways or do promotions exclusively to engage with their audience. An important tip to remember is to always pay attention to their terms and conditions so that you know about their eligibility criteria or deadlines. Sometimes, to get a free vape, you need to do certain tasks such as entering a contest or sharing their social media posts with your audience. 

Join Vape Communities

join vape communities how to get a vape for free

The most effective strategy to get a free vape is by joining different vape communities available on different forums or social media groups. Being an active member of such vape groups will help you to get access to many promotional vape events. These groups will also help you to get notified about upcoming vape events as many vapers post information and their experiences related to such events and discounts.

Many vape companies promote their products by offering exclusive deals and specials on these forums. Many vape companies have partnered with these groups so they post exclusive deals only for these groups. Engaging in these groups and participating actively in different contests will increase your chances of getting a free vape.

Attend Vape Events

attend vape events how to get a vape for free

Another excellent opportunity to grab vape freely is by attending vape events either local or national. Attending such events will help you to take advantage of different promotional offers. Many vape companies host these events by setting up their booths or stalls so that they can share their vape samples with their customers. Some companies host lucky draws in these events either as a marketing strategy or simply to engage customers in these events.

In the lucky draw, participants can win vape for free. The other fun facts about engaging in such events will help you not only increase the probability of getting a free vape but also help you to make new friends with other vapers.  Attending such events will help you immerse yourself in the vaping community and get notified about other upcoming vape events.

Join Loyalty Programs

join loyalty programs how to get a vape for free

Many vape companies host loyalty vape programs to engage their customers actively as in these programs they offer free vapes to their loyal members. Companies use this strategy to boost their businesses as these programs will help them get customers who like their products.

You can even get free vape accessories by actively participating in such programs. Some vape companies also offer additional perks for their loyal customers such as loyal members who can get early access to new products or special discounts.

Checkout Local Vape Shops

checkout local vape shops how to get a vape for free

You can check out your nearest local vape shops to get a free vape as these shops offer free vape samples to their customers to gain new customers. Some vape shops also sponsor vape events where they gift a free vape to attendees. To retain their customers, vape shops also announce free giveaways to their loyal customers where they offer free vape devices or accessories.

You need to keep an eye on your nearest vape or be updated about the opening of other local vape shops. Many newly opened vape shops offer promotional deals and exclusive offers by purchasing from them to gain customers.


Getting a vape for free involves various interesting steps first you need to be quite active on social media as almost all the companies post exclusive offers and special discounts on their social media pages. Remember to always subscribe to their newsletter to get notified timely about their latest offers.

You can also attend various vape events as many companies promote their vape products by offering free vape samples to their customers. Joining vape communities will also help you to stay notified about upcoming vape events or the opening of local vape shops. You can also participate in many contests and giveaways hosted by different companies. All the mentioned ways are practical for getting a free vape.

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