Does Amazon Sell Vapes?

Amazon needs no introduction when it comes to providing a platform for new and anemic businesses to benefit from a wider base of customers.

Various businesses have expanded using this international exposure, but Amazon has banned the supply of vaporizers and other complementary accessories on their website.

Several rumors are circulating about this ban, but this has nothing to do with the quality and services. The vaporizers are unacceptable on various platforms, but Amazon’s ban has been the most severe.

This did not reduce the demand because there are other websites where these products can be sold.


Many companies still know the potential that the vaporizer market has in it. However, this ban has several aspects, so this article is dedicated to discussing all those unknown details.

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Why does Amazon not sell vapes and vape pens?

There are many reasons behind the ban imposed by Amazon on vaping devices. You would know most of them, but still, these aspects are worth discussing.

The health factor

One of the main factors that caused this ban is the health factor. Amazon management believes that vaping or smoking products are injurious to health. There is nothing that the customers can benefit from.

However, aromatherapy is still a cure for many diseases. I mean, there is a downside to every product that is being sold on the planet Earth. Should we ban each one of them? We respect the decision as it was made to improve the prevailing status of public health.

Not a legal but constructive obligation

The thing that you must know is that there is no legal proceeding that has forced Amazon management to ban vaporizers from their website.

They have banned the supply of vaping products from their store as a constructive obligation towards society. The ban has been imposed in the view of public goods.

Brand image

Selling a product that is widely considered harmful is a dangerous move. It can easily bring disrepute to the company since a social media campaign is all that it takes to make people boycott a website. Like all other leading companies, Amazon cares a lot about its goodwill.

Nothing to do with the quality

Throughout this ban, many people have speculated that the vaporizer-supplying companies did not qualify for the quality criteria. However, this is a meaningless reason to think of.

A product failing quality standards would have led to Amazon banning a specific company, not the whole vaporizer fraternity.

Where should we purchase vaporizers and other complementary goods?

The vaporizers are available on other websites that specialize in selling such products. You would see a specific brand website with a certain brand’s vaporizers.


While other websites are third-party sellers that have different brands on their shelves, the manufacturers verify the majority of these websites and are trustworthy.

Why choose other websites?

The vaporizer selling websites are the only solution to purchasing a vaping device conveniently. These sites have the following features that you should keep an eye on.

Verified websites

The respective companies verify all the websites run by vaporizer manufacturing companies. Most third-party websites are also verified as a distributor and wholesalers on the internet. This ensures that the websites sell original products designed and developed by a genuine vaping brand.

The goodwill factor

Goodwill plays a crucial role in ensuring that customers receive standard goods. Selling vaporizers on its website makes the company or distributor think that a quality-related issue will diminish the goodwill over some time. This factor forces them to sell quality goods at reasonable prices.

Discount Coupons

Regarding the reasonableness of prices, vaporizer-selling websites often offer the best discount deals. Various coupons and promo codes are available on the internet, among which the most popular is “RV20,” which reduces the overall price by 20 percent.

Up-to-date stock

More websites mean more competition. To sustain in this competition, a vaporizer-selling website tends to offer newer models as soon as they are launched. This availability is never this fast on Amazon. This allows the users to catch up with the trending products.


If you have visited online vape stores, you already know that a community of smokers reviews products and discusses the features provided by each company.

This includes help, suggestions, and tricks that can bring the most out of your vaping device. This discussion could never have been so constructive on Amazon.

Reviews and blogs

There are well-written blogs and review articles posted regularly on each website. These articles are normally posted on third-party websites where light is shed on the features integrated into each vaporizer. No such blogs are posted on Amazon. You can learn more by visiting sites regularly.

Recommended vaporizers

DaVinci IQ2

does amazon sell vapes
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A classy and durable vaporizer is enclosed inside the anodized aluminum outer. The DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer has a zirconia chamber and mouthpiece that keep you safe while vaping at consistently hot temperatures.

The zirconia chamber and the airpath ensure the herbs get burnt while heating. Moreover, combining precise and preset temperature settings is great for experimentation and convenience.

There is no prominent digital screen on the device body, but a set of 3 square grids depicts the temperature intensity inside the chamber. The heating time might not be the quickest, but it does prepare a batch in less than a minute.

There is an airflow dial integrated at the bottom to control the flow of vapors. Apart from this, the controls are simple, with just 3 buttons on the side.

The slim body and convenient controls make it a portable device, but the battery life is shorter than an hour, and the charging time is around 6 hours, which is an extremely long time to wait.

However, the battery is replaceable, so you can purchase a spare piece. A mobile app is supported along with haptic feedback to make controllability more fun and convenient while traveling.

The 10-year-long warranty speaks a lot about the quality that the DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer offers to the buyers.

Mighty Plus

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The Mighty Plus is an extremely efficient and heavy-duty vaping device from the Storz and Bickel Corporation. It is an improved version of the Mighty Vaporizer.

Mighty Plus is an amazing companion for all those people who like aromatherapy since it starts from 40 degrees Celsius and goes up to 210 degrees Celsius.


It has a hybrid heating system combines the efficiency of conduction and the goodness of convection heating to ensure that the users receive great quality in just a minute.

Moreover, the heating chamber has a ceramic lining to ensure the herbs do not combust at high temperatures. The chamber capacity has also been improved when compared to the older version.

The design is tweaked to make it more stable and upright while you wait for the batch of vapors to prepare. The Storz and Bickel Corporation has installed a supercharging mechanism that enables the battery to fill up to 80 percent in just 40 minutes.

The temperature settings are entirely digital for better understanding and control. A super boost mode is integrated to increase the temperature when you hit the power button several times and to an even higher temperature if hit three times consecutively.

The temperature settings are simple, and the physical buttons allow you to adjust the intensity at your favorite level precisely.

Pax 3

does amazon sell vapes
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The Pax 3 Vaporizer is one of the most compact and classy vaping devices on the market. It comes in two different packages. You can either purchase it alone or with the complete kit.

It has a quick heating time because the chamber is metallic, and the heat source is directly placed under the heating chamber.

Preset settings are available for simple usage, while a mobile app enables precise temperature settings. This combination of automatic and manual temperature intensities is admired by experienced and novice smokers.

The Pax Lab has also integrated an isolated vapor path for better preservation of taste and cooling. Haptic feedback and lip-sensing technology make life easier for the user.


The battery life and charging time are 90 minutes, which is unprecedented since most vaporizers lack it. You will also get a 10-year-long warranty that keeps you on the safer side.

The durability of the Pax 3 is second to none. The flower-shaped LED lights look classy but are trickier to understand. You need to memorize the lighting pattern to understand better what is happening inside the device.

Recommended vape pens

Flip Ultra

flip ultra does amazon sell vape pen
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The Flip Ultra, designed and developed by O2Vape, is from a unique vaporizer substratum that uses electric voltage to heat 510 carts.

It is an economical vaporizer that can be purchased for around 50 dollars. A prominent LED display on the device shows the voltage, battery life, and the number of puffs.

The heating time is immediate as the vapors are ready in 2 to 3 seconds, and the heat settings are adjustable between 2.7 and 4.8 volts (the intensities are based on the voltage value).

You will find no haptic feedback or mobile app for better handling. The airflow adjustments are also missing. The chamber is made of ceramic to ensure everything stays in control.

A mini USB port is integrated to let the device charge in 2 to 3 hours. The battery is not replaceable,, so you must compromise with the long charging time.

The on-and-off is automatic. It depends on the cart that you flip. It turns on when the cart is flipped open and off when closed. The company offers a lifetime warranty to keep providing security against manufacturing defects.

ZTN Vape Pen

ztn vape pen does amazon sell vape pen
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Ever heard about disposable vape pens? Yes, vape pens can be disposable. The ZTN Vape Pen is a cheaper substitute than all other competitors in the market.

An 8 milliliter of e-liquid filled inside the ZTN vape pen enables it to lend 3000 puffs throughout its life. It comes with a fragile battery of 650 mAh that is non-replaceable, as we all can expect.

However, the battery is rechargeable with a micro USB charger. The colors are too loud, so it does not feel classy or mature. The liquid capacity is considered sufficient.

There are nine different flavors to choose from. The mouthpiece is comfortable and easy to use. It is undoubtedly a unique vape pen that cannot be refilled.

Does Amazon Sell Vapes? Conclusion

We do agree that Amazon has earned the confidence of buyers all over the world. Trusting a company selling online for the first time isn’t easy. Still, you must know that vaporizer companies are experienced in developing and marketing their products.

The products are the same everywhere, while the platforms where they are sold can be different. The same vaporizer is available on the company’s website and other platforms. As discussed in the article, individual websites are great for various reasons.

Moreover, the products that we have recommended are some of the most fulfilling vaporizers that you would find on the internet. These vaporizers and vape pens are just the most basic vaping devices, as you can find various kinds on the market.

There are portable, desktop, dry herb, oil, conduction, convection, hybrid, economical, and high-end vaporizers available for you to choose from.

The choice is all yours, as your needs define the best vaping device you can buy. The website or platform does not matter. What matters is the correlation between your need and the features provided by the vaporizer.

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