Coconut Cake Vape Recipe

Vaping is a great alternative when you want to quit smoking. It contains e-liquid that comes in different flavors, providing a pleasant experience for its consumers. Coconut flavor is trendy among vape enthusiasts.

Numerous coconut flavor variations, like coconut lime berry, coconut custard, white rabbit, strawberry coconut, coconut cream pie, and coconut cake, exist on the market.

We will discuss the coconut cake vape recipe in detail in this blog. Let’s explore the recipe for the coconut cake’s e-liquid and answer the queries related to it.

Coconut Cake Vape Recipe

The coconut cake flavor is unique in its taste, leaving its consumers satisfied. The Coconut Cake vape recipe includes a carefully selected mixture of flavors that give the lovely taste of coconut cake.

The coconut cake has the sweet essence of a coconut filling, a moist cake, and toasted almonds and includes some light undertones. All of them combined to give a delightful experience of vaping.

You feel like you are in your favorite coffee shop, and you have ordered coffee along with a comforting, moist coconut cake. You get a vape flavor that is not only sweet but nutty, and the coconut touch in the E-liquid will keep you craving more.

The Constituents of the Coconut Cake E-liquid

The Coconut Cake vape recipe can be customized to your likings and dislikes, enabling you to create a recipe that is according to your preferences. Here are some of the ingredients for the e-liquid in the coconut cake vape:

Coconut Flavor Concentrate

The main ingredient in the recipe is the coconut flavor concentrate. Select a premium concentrate that isn’t artificially sweetened and instead embodies the real taste of fresh coconut.

Vanilla Custard Concentrate

This mimics the texture of the cake filling by adding a creamy, bakery-like feel.

Sweet Cream Concentrate

A small amount of sweet cream offers a hint of richness and balances the flavor character.

Cake Batter Flavoring

This optional component offers a subtle touch of delicious buttery cake.

Almond or Hazelnut Flavoring

This is an additional optional ingredient that gives the coconut a lovely, subtle, nutty undertone.

VG/PG Base

Depending on the throat hit and cloud density you want, select your ideal ratio.

Get to know more about the ingredients of the coconut cake vape recipe and their quantities here.

Tips for the Assemblance of your Coconut Haven

You can put together the flavor concentrates of your choice in a clean bottle. You can get started with 5 to 10% of each constituent and adjust it according to your preference. Then, you need to add your VG/PG base. After adding the base, you need to shake it well. It should be steeped, at least for a day.

However, for a perfect blend of taste, it is recommended to let the e-liquid steep for 48 to 72 hours. This way, it will have enough time for the flavors to soak into each other, providing a delightful taste.

You can try different proportions. You can adjust the ratios to find the ideal balance for you. Steeping is a crucial step, and you must not miss it. In fact, the more you steep your e-liquid, the more tasteful it becomes.

Using the best quality ingredients for making your e-liquid ensures that it remains fresh. The e-liquid shall be placed in a cool, dark place. There you go! You are all set to enjoy vaping with the mesmerizing taste of coconut fillings!

Taking the Recipe a Step Ahead

The recipe for this e-liquid is basic. You can go the extra mile and add some of the toasted almonds or coconut flakes to make it more nutty. This way, the texture of the e-liquid will be enhanced.

If you want something boozy, add a drop of rum or coconut liqueur flavoring. This can be your escape from sugary snacks, so you can enjoy the coconut cake flavor with each puff.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Coconut Cake Vape Recipe


  1. Rich Flavor
  2. Customizable nicotine strength
  3. A delightful pick for longer vaping sessions
  4. Versatile mixing


  1. Mixing can be a bit complicated for beginners
  2. Getting the constituents may not be budget-friendly
  3. Making the perfect coconut cake recipe takes a lot of time
  4. Achieving the right balance may be difficult. You might add one flavor more so that it overrules the other flavors

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to add any other ingredients?

Yes! It is perfectly okay to add other ingredients. You can try different proportions and see what suits you the best.

How important is steeping?

Steeping is a really important step in creating a delightful taste for the e-liquid. The more you steep the ingredients, the better the taste of the e-liquid.

How long will the e-liquid last?

Storing the e-liquid in a dark and cold place ensures that it will last for a few weeks. However, it can lose its freshness over time. So, it is advisable not to make huge batches of it if you do not vape frequently. It is recommended to keep the e-liquid for 1 to 2 weeks.

Can I add any other flavors?

Absolutely! You can add any flavors that go well with the coconut cake flavor. You can add vanilla, caramel, nutmeg, banana, pineapple, cinnamon, and anything else that you prefer.

What do you do if you are allergic to nuts?

Simply skip them!

What is the right nicotine strength for me?

This depends on your personal preference. Nicotine intake is subjective. Depending on your preferences, start with a lesser concentration and work your way up. For many vapers, 3–6 mg is the right amount.

Is it suitable for sub-ohm vaping?

Indeed. Sub-ohm devices work well with the Coconut Cake Vape Recipe since they produce a nice amount of vapor and flavor intensity.

Vape lovers can try the coconut cake recipe and tap their creativity to experience an enjoyable taste. They can experiment with different ratios to find the perfect mix to suit their taste. This article sums up the coconut cake vape recipe. You can now start vaping with your unique coconut cake vape recipe.

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