Can You Clean a Bong with Mouthwash?

Cleaning a bong is a crucial part of maintaining its functionality and longevity. While specialized cleaners are available for this purpose, many wonder if household items like mouthwash can be used as an alternative.

This article will explore the effectiveness, pros, and cons of using mouthwash to clean a bong.

Why Clean a Bong?

Regular cleaning is essential for any bong user. Over time, resin and other debris accumulate in the bong, affecting the taste and overall experience. A dirty bong can also harbor bacteria, a health risk you don’t want to take. Read Best Bongs On Amazon.

What Makes Mouthwash a Candidate?

Mouthwash contains antiseptic properties, primarily due to the alcohol content. This makes it effective in killing bacteria and germs, which is why it’s used for oral hygiene. The question is, can these properties be beneficial for cleaning a bong?

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Pros of Using Mouthwash

Kills Bacteria

Mouthwash is designed to kill bacteria in your mouth, so it’s reasonable to assume it would do the same for your bong.

Easily Accessible

Mouthwash is a common household item, making it a convenient option for cleaning. Read How To Find Bongs On Amazon.

Pleasant Smell

Using mouthwash can leave your bong smelling minty fresh, which could enhance your smoking experience.

Cons of Using Mouthwash

Alcohol Content

The alcohol in mouthwash might not be strong enough to effectively remove all the resin and gunk.


Mouthwash can be more expensive than cleaning alternatives like isopropyl alcohol or vinegar.


There’s a possibility that the mouthwash could leave a residue, affecting the taste of your smoke.

Steps to Clean a Bong with Mouthwash

  1. Empty the Bong: Remove any water and loose debris.
  2. Disassemble Parts: Take apart any removable pieces.
  3. Rinse with Warm Water: This will loosen up the resin.
  4. Fill with Mouthwash: Fill the bong and any disassembled pieces with mouthwash.
  5. Shake Vigorously: Make sure to cover all openings and shake.
  6. Let it Sit: Allow the mouthwash to sit for at least 30 minutes.
  7. Rinse Thoroughly: Use warm water to rinse out any mouthwash and dislodged resin.

Alternative Cleaning Methods

If you’re not convinced that mouthwash is the best option, there are other methods to consider:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol and Salt: A tried and true method.
  • Vinegar and Baking Soda: A natural alternative.
  • Boiling Water: Effective but risky for glass bongs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Mouthwash Clean a Bong?

Based on user experiences from online forums, mouthwash can disinfect a bong but may not break down resin effectively.

What Percentage of Alcohol is Ideal in Mouthwash for Cleaning?

The alcohol content in mouthwash varies, but it’s generally not as high as isopropyl alcohol. For cleaning purposes, a higher alcohol content would be more effective.


Is it Safe to Smoke from a Bong Cleaned with Mouthwash?

Yes, it’s generally safe, but it’s crucial to rinse the bong thoroughly to avoid inhaling any mouthwash residue.

Does Mouthwash Leave a Residue in the Bong?

There’s a possibility that mouthwash could leave a residue, affecting the taste of your smoke.

Can I Leave Mouthwash in the Bong Overnight?

Some users have tried leaving mouthwash in the bong overnight and found it to be somewhat effective in disinfecting the bong.

What Are the Alternatives to Mouthwash for Cleaning a Bong?

Isopropyl alcohol, vinegar, and specialized bong cleaners are more effective alternatives.

Can I Mix Mouthwash with Other Cleaning Agents?

Mixing mouthwash with other cleaning agents is not recommended due to potential chemical reactions.

How Often Should I Clean My Bong?

For the best smoking experience, cleaning your bong after every few uses or at least once a week is advisable.

Can I Use Flavored Mouthwash?

Flavored mouthwash can be used, but it may leave a taste residue in the bong.

What Are the Risks of Not Cleaning My Bong?

Not cleaning your bong can accumulate bacteria and mold, a health risk.

Final Verdict

After diving deep into the subject, it’s clear that mouthwash can serve as a makeshift bong cleaner, but it’s not the most effective or recommended method.

If you’re in a pinch, it can disinfect your bong, but for a thorough cleaning, it’s better to stick with tried-and-true methods like isopropyl alcohol or specialized bong cleaners. Therefore, mouthwash should only be considered a last resort option for cleaning your bong.

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