Can My Landlord Tell If I Vape Inside?

Vaping has become increasingly popular, and so does the concerns of using vaping in residential areas. One question frequently surfaces; can my landlord tell if I vape inside?

It is a valid question since most people live in rented spaces today and want to maintain a healthy relationship with the landlord, avoiding as much conflict as possible while enjoying making tasteful clouds.

This article will try to answer this question and share the technical and ethical dilemma behind vaping inside a rented space, what might give it away, and how you can get away with it while you ensure there is no damage to the property.

Can I Vape Inside the Apartment? 

Vaping is completely opposite to smoking and detecting if someone is vaping even in a closed space is not easy to detect except the smell of the e-liquid which in most cases lasts a couple of hours. It does not leave any residue, as in the case of smoking which can leave a strong smell and the residue from the smoke can leave a yellowish hue on the walls and the ceiling which is obvious and very easy to spot. 

Even with the invisible and clear pollutants vapor, it is not impossible to detect, with some state-of-the-art chemical detection devices or advanced air quality monitoring systems, even a slight chemical imbalance in the air mix can be detected because aerosols in the e-liquid can alter the chemical balance of the air. Still, it is not common for a residential apartment building to have these expensive high-tech gadgets.

Can Smoke Alarms Detect Vapor?

Many people are confused about vaping detectors picking up on vapor from e-liquids. Smoke detectors are designed to sense high volumes of carbon dye-oxide, carbon mono-oxide, particles of smoke, and carbon soot produced from fire burning, none of which is present in the vapor produced from an e-liquid.

Even if the detector can pick up on the vapor, it will take huge quantities of vapor to trigger the alarm like in a vape shop that is often filled with large clouds. Certain smoke detectors measure the air quality and can detect a certain amount of vapor, so it is better to take this with a grain of salt. 

It is always best to read your rental agreement and see the guidelines around smoking and vaping. Usually, there is a 20-foot policy outside of the building for smoking but vaping is not considered as dangerous as smoking. Since the smell does not last for long, one can ask their landlord if they are okay with someone using vape inside their personal space.

What Are The Effects of Vaping in an Apartment?

Let’s just say the landlord has no clue that you vape inside but can he still find out? Are there any long-term effects on the building’s infrastructure?

Let’s break down this question for an easy answer. Vaping does not create dangerous and hard-to-capture particles like cigarettes, it does not create tar, and the smoke does not linger for as long as a cigarette does. 

It makes aerosols and nicotine. Over time, those chemicals can accumulate in a closed space and cause health problems for pets or children.

Still, there is hardly an apartment today with no ventilation or a window, and even a small air purifier or letting the air ventilate from opening a window can take shoe chemicals out without causing any problems. 

Heavy and frequent vaping can leave a thin film on surfaces like glass windows and mirrors and can be detected during an inspection if someone is particularly looking for it, otherwise choosing a liquid with less intense flavors can avoid that as well.

How can I keep my landlord from finding out I vape inside?

Suppose you are committed to keeping your vaping habits under the radar. In that case, there are some useful tips that you can apply and easily get away with. Remember this is not to encourage people not to follow their building laws but to ensure that their actions do not affect people around them. 

Less Vapor

You can always choose an e-liquid that produces less vapor and does not have a strong scent. While you enjoy your favorite fruit flavor it can put other people off and the less vapor you produce, the fewer chances there will be of causing a disturbance and setting the alarm off. 

Air Purifier

You can sit by a window or keep an air purifier nearby to clean the air constantly. 

Through Carpet Cleaning

Keep your space clean and free from lingering odors, use vacuum cleaners in case of a carpet, and use a mop if you have a tile or wooden floor. Generally keeping your space clean will help avoid the odor from vape. 

Stay Alert

Try not to use your vape inside right before an announced inspection visit from your landlord. Taking your vape outside occasionally can also help with the volume of vapor produced inside. 


Vaping inside your apartment is neither encouraged nor frowned upon, it all comes down to the laws of your building. Even when it is not allowed, it is not humanly possible to vape so much that it can set a fire alarm, however, it is best to keep the habit at a moderate level.

It is much harder to detect vapor than cigarette smoke, but the tenant and the landlord should know their rights and responsibilities.

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