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Regarding producing the best vaporizers, Storz and Bickel’s products are worth mentioning.

Everyone knows the kind of value Crafty and Mighty vaporizers offer when performing at parties, along streams, or traveling far-off places. This article focuses on Volcano Vaporizers, a product line manufactured by Storz and Bickel.

These vaporizers are heavy-duty, and a whole group of people can vape using this extremely efficient vaporizer. Portability is an issue, as the Volcano Vaporizers do not work without direct charging.

Most potential buyers complain that the Volcano Vaporizers are unavailable on the Amazon store. This debate gave rise to a common misconception that the product was not worthy enough to be sold in the store.

However, this misconception is as fake as it can get, and there are several reasons why the company prefers selling the product on separate websites.

Volcano Vaporizers on Amazon: Hybrid & Classic: Weed Volcano Amazon

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer on Amazon

volcano hybrid vaporizer on amazon
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Powered by the in-device controllability feature, this beast can serve almost a room full of smokers. Although the heating time is high, the wait does pay off in the end as the balloon is filled with evenly cooked vapors.

The digital display ensures the system is set to a precise temperature level. The conduction mode of heating paired with convection heating makes the vapor strong and flavorful.

You can now order this effective piece of machinery from the websites of authorized dealers. There are certain reasons why the device is unavailable in the Amazon store, and the company has decided to prioritize the customer experience.

Weed Volcano Amazon: Classic Volcano

volcano classic vaporizer on amazon
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A simple yet unique vaporizer when you consider heavy-duty vapor production. You will receive a bulky vaporizer that is shaped like a pyramid. The stylish look and golden color look good with all sorts of interiors.

The heating time is much slower than other vaporizers, but the heating system is completely conventional. Though the heating time is slower than that of Volcano Hybrid, which we will discuss subsequently.

Now all these features are waiting for you on the approved online distributor websites where you would rarely encounter an unresponsive or rude response from customer support. Forget shopping on the Amazon store and buy it from the websites registered with Storz and Bickel.

Why should you buy Volcano Vaporizer from our recommended sellers instead of Amazon?

Prominent and authorized distributors

One of the main reasons why the company has planned not to distribute Volcano Vaporizer on the Amazon store is that it prefers authorized distributors over various companies supplying the product.

Furthermore, unauthorized distributors are often irresponsible and less cooperative, so to ensure a good customer experience, Storz and Bickel have made it available on limited websites offering unique value.

Legal issues

Another solid factor that has stopped the company from launching a distribution and marketing campaign on Amazon is the legal issues that might arise from it.

Government agencies and other law enforcement bodies usually initiate legal proceedings against the companies distributing and manufacturing smoking or drug-related supplies.

The fines or levies are expensive for any company to bear, especially one that has planned to compete on market price. Selling the product on independent websites normally takes the company off the government’s radar.

Warranty claims and quality-related issues

A major problem that most buyers face while shopping online is warranty claim handling. Unauthorized suppliers are usually unprofessional and rarely value the warranty claim offered by the manufacturer to the end consumers.

It is often hard to communicate with a supplier on Amazon, and finding a cooperative dealer is more like finding water in the solar system.

However, Volcano Vaporizers are supplied by authorized suppliers on their websites. You will receive a prompt response on all quality-related issues, and the warranty claims will be respected.

Up-to-date information

Information stated on the Amazon store is normally outdated or misleading. This problem has been growing since the distributors are unauthorized and are independent in selling or distributing the product in the manner they want.

Moreover, the company cannot take legal action against such dealers because they are under no binding agreement to advertise the product per the company’s criteria.

Keeping this in mind, Storz and Bickel have set the bar high and opted for authorized distributors liable to provide relevant information on time. The risk of fraud is minimal in this case.

Discount coupons on offer

It is hard to avail of discounts nowadays. Companies usually tend to set prices at a competitive level. This has made the distributors more conscious of providing monetary relief to the buyers.

On Amazon, discount coupons cannot be offered to the general public because the dealers want higher profits. Considering this, Storz and Bickel have introduced a discount coupon to get 20% off.

This “RV10” coupon is available on every authorized dealer’s website. Just visit the website, choose Volcano Vaporizer, and enter the RV10 discount coupon code to reduce the purchase price immediately.

Suppliers are image-conscious

When products are sold on Amazon, people buy because they opt for a brand that will provide them value in the future. Any inconvenience caused to the buyers by the suppliers on Amazon can lead to a negative image of the product. At the same time, the dealer experiences little or no impact on its goodwill.

Storz and Bickel have been extremely clever while handling this issue. They have made the authorized suppliers to sell Volcano Vaporizers on their websites. If the buyer does not receive quality service, the website will experience a decline in viewership and overall revenue.

Volcano Vaporizer Amazon: Conclusion

All the above factors were critical in compelling the company to allot all its distribution channels to authorized dealers.

Usually, it is hard for a company to take such steps as it takes strong negotiation skills to convince websites to get authorized. Storz and Bickel had such a strong brand image in the vaporizer market that it did not feel the need to convince dealers.

Selling goods via authorized suppliers has led to the development of a specific class of loyal customers who have been purchasing the Storz and Bickel products without difficulty.

All inconveniences and delays have been reduced by introducing authorized distribution channels. The whole process is now under the company’s control, and they are in a strong position to dictate the limited number of suppliers per its policies.

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