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PAX 3 Amazon. PAX Labs has come about with a new addition to the PAX family. The latest model is PAX 3. It has many of the features that the Pax 2 comes with.

The interesting new features of the PAX 3 are that it still is the smallest device in the market and packs the same, in fact, a bigger battery. Not only that, the heating time has been reduced to 30 seconds.

A smart path is still an option that is available on the device. This allows you to enjoy your sessions without worrying about changing the temperature every few minutes.

PAX 3 Amazon: #1 Vaporizer

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The PAX 3 is much similar in working and process. The device is turned on by clicking the power button on the top of the mouthpiece.

Once that is done, the device is turned on. Then you can move forward to running some empty cycles to remove the manufacturing oils and other materials that can gather inside during the production process.

So you need to turn the device on, let it heat up to the maximum temperature, and heat it as much as possible. Then continue to run these cycles 3 or 4 times.

Temperature settings:

The best part about the PAX 3 is that it comes with 5 different temperature settings. The same 4 settings exist that were in its predecessors. However, the fifth setting is the one that is customizable through the phone application.

The highest temperature you can reach with the PAX 3 is 215 degrees Celcius. The lowest temperature is 182 degrees Celcius. The device has pre-set temperatures, also known as the smart path.

The smart path begins at 182 degrees, 193 degrees, 204 degrees, and 215 degrees Celcius. These are the preset temperatures. Now on to the customizable fifth temperature, which can be changed and played around using the application. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your app to the device.

Using your phone, you can then work the preset temperatures known as the smart path or choose a temperature different from the designated temperatures. For instance, if you want to conduct your session at 197 degrees, that can be done using the application on the phone. Also read: Pax 2 vs Pax 3

Vapor quality:

The vapor quality of the PAX 3 is smooth and delivers a good vapor. The added feature of choosing the flavor profile will also help the vapor remain cool during the sessions, and the herb’s flavor will remain the same and more flavorsome.

The PAX 3 does lack in the heating method department as the PAX 3 is conduction heating which is not as good as convection heating. Regardless the heating of the herb is quite even, and the vapor quality is good. You can use the bubbler on the PAX 3, known as the mini bubbler.

It helps keep the vapor cool and the consistency of the vapor smooth and according to your taste and liking. Furthermore, the boost mode helps you get the punch you need from the denser and quicker vapor sessions.


Built quality: Amazon PAX 3

As far as the device’s exterior goes, it’s pretty much the same as its predecessor Pax 2. The look is the same as the petal lights on the design, which are a very pretty feature.

The main changes are inside the device: the herb chamber, mouthpiece, and air path. The one major change in the aesthetics of the device when it comes to the exterior is that it now has a glossy finish.

Unlike its predecessors that had the brushed aluminum effect, the only problem with this material choice is the constant cleaning to remove the fingerprints on the device. The glossy material tends to snatch up every single print and is hard to keep clean. While brushed aluminum never had that particular issue.

Furthermore, they have included the half-pack oven lid in the packaging. This means you do not have to fill the herb to the brim and can also use smaller quantities. It was a much-requested feature in the Pax 2, and naturally, the upcoming PAX 3 did not disappoint in that department.

The concentrate canister was also included in the package and can be used for concentrates and wax. However, the canister and the device do not reach a temperature high enough to heat the property or the concentrate.

It has also been noticed that the concentrate and wax attachments do not sit well into the canister and stick out a bit. Hence using it for concentrates and wax may not be the way to go.

Battery life: PAX 3 Amazon

The unit is quick and easy as it charges in only 100 minutes. That is quite astounding for a unit this small. It further has a massive increase in the battery size of 3500mAh of 18650 non-removable battery.

Some might consider the non-removable battery a flaw, but the fact that it packs such a large battery in such a small unit is quite impressive.


The PAX 3 is super portable due to its small size and simple design. It is easy to carry in the pocket and does have enough battery to be taken out of the home for a session or two.

PAX 3 Amazon: Final Words

The PAX 3, with its glossy design, is a beautiful device with a massive battery size and is extremely portable, it saves users a lot of hassle.

A few drawbacks, like constantly cleaning the device to ensure there are no fingerprints on it and a nonremovable battery, can be overlooked when you have the opportunity to get your hands on such a powerful device that truly packs a punch. PAX 3 may be small, but it has much to offer its users.

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