Mighty Plus Vaporizer Amazon

Mighty Plus Amazon. Mighty Plus vaporizer by Storz & Bickel comes as a fresh breath of air with the upgrades that were largely expected.

The original Mighty vaporizer was a very popular device and to get an update on an already amazing device that is very popular amongst the masses is by far the most exciting launch.

The device itself is amazing and the Storz & Bickel have put an extreme effort into making sure that the device is up to the mark and serves the best vapor. Now enough with the preamble and let’s get into the good stuff.

Mighty Plus Amazon. How does it work?

The working of the Mighty plus is very simple and can be easily understood by the new users as well. The chambers are very clear and easy to understand. Along with that the temperature settings and the power on and off buttons make it super easy to use.


For the best vapor quality, it’s best to use your desired herb finely or medium ground that will ensure that your vapor quality is as per your requirement.

To turn the device on, you just need to press the power button for a couple of seconds and the device turns on and starts to heat up. You need to select a temperature and let it heat up to that particular point.

It’s best to let the device run a few empty cycles to remove the manufacturing oils or other materials that may have been left inside the device during manufacturing. Let the device heat up to the highest temperature and run a few empty cycles.

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Temperature controls:

The temperature controls have made it even easier as the device contains up and down arrows on either side of the display. This makes selecting the temperature very easy and you can simply keep pressing the buttons to reach your desired temperature.

Another feature that has been added is the bump, called the super booster which makes the device increase to 15 degrees from your current temperature. The range of temperature offered is 40 degrees to 210 degrees.

That is good enough for any user and satisfies the high-quality vapor. The uncluttered display screen makes it very easy to keep an eye on the temperature settings.


Vapor quality: Mighty Plus Amazon

The heating chamber of the Mighty Plus has now been updated with a ceramic coating that improves the overall vaping experience. Using dry herbs you will get the best results from the Mighty Plus.

However, when using the concentrates and extracts the heating improves the vaping experience a lot as compared to its predecessor. So for those who enjoy extracts and concentrates you will definitely enjoy this device.

Built quality:

The device looks and feels the same as its predecessor. The device has been updated to a corrugated fin exterior and the device has been ergonomically updated and making it feel more comfortable in the hand.

This style of exterior actually helps dissipate the heat in the device in a way that the part of the device that is in contact with your hand now doesn’t feel as warm and heat up as much which was a dominant issue in its predecessor.

The device has a scratch-proof and scratch-resistant surface that makes it more durable and long-lasting. Fins have been added underneath the device so that it can stand on its own easily and is more manageable.

Battery life: Mighty Vaporizer Amazon

Storz & Bickel did their research and found the best way to maximize the battery life. The device takes 40 minutes to charge up to 80 percent which is shocking considering the size and the run time it offers.

The device with a full charge gives 60 to 90 minutes of run time which is pretty impressive. You can easily knock out around 11 to 12 sessions on this device with a full charge.

The best part is that the device now supports USB c type charging which means if you do run out of juice finding a USB c port charging cable will not be a hassle.

Portability: Mighty Plus Vaporizer Amazon

While being an extremely smart and easy-to-handle device the Mighty Plus is not as portable. It is bulky and large. Your pocket cannot handle the load of this device. However, when it comes to portable functionality, this area is fully covered.

You can simply stand the device on the fins and place it on any even surface to load up the herb. Once the herb is loaded you can use it on the go without any hassle.


That the best part about the device that is offers amazing portable functionality meaning you can have multiple sessions on the go and you do not have to worry about reloading the chamber as well.

LED screen:

The LED screen is much similar to its predecessor however it looks and feels cleaner. The battery life display and the temperature displays are placed neatly into the display and make it much easier to use.

The LED further is placed in the middle of the device underneath the chambers. If you place it on the fins and let it sit, you can still read the temperature and check the LED screen easily.

Mighty Plus Vaporizer Amazon. Final Words

The Mighty Plus is a massive device and a great device. It features three chambers and easily conducts great vapors. The device can charge up to 80 percent in the span of 40 minutes.

This helps ensure that you can charge it to a maximum in maybe 60 minutes and can have up 12 sessions on the go. The portability might be difficult as it’s a bulky device however the portable functionality stands on its own.

As the device is highly functional while traveling, having a few sessions on a fully loaded chamber and a topped-up battery will not be difficult at all.

As long as you find a way to store it someplace other than your pockets. Overall the device is amazing and many new features make it even more desirable than its predecessor.

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