G Pen Elite 2 Amazon

G Pen Elite 2 Amazon. The G Pen Elite 2 vaporizer is a huge step up from its predecessor. From design to the digital LED display on the side and many other improvements.

Grenco Science has been producing some of the best devices, however, some of them lacked the finessed that has been added to the G Pen Elite 2 Vaporizer.

It’s a wonderful portable dry herb vaporizer and meets the expectations of the users. Some of the other devices although top-notch lacked in the combustion department of the herb and gave combusted and sometimes burnt flavor.

However, with the G Pen Elite 2, Grenco Science has picked up the game a notch up and has instilled mechanics that will not give you over-combusted herbs and even worse flavor.

G Pen Elite 2 Amazon: How does it work?

The working mechanics of the device are quite simple and easy to understand. The herb loading chamber is placed on the top underneath the mouthpiece, which is exceptionally easy to remove and place back on.

The mouthpiece is easy to remove which means cleaning the device is a lot easier as well. Now let’s power up this bad boy. The simple five clicks of the power button turn the device on and you can see the logo on the device light up.

Along with that a digital display on the side also turns on. Before using it we recommend that you sterilize the device by heating it up to the maximum temperature and then repeating the cycle at least 2 more times.

This get rids of all the manufacturing oils inside the device and makes it clean. To start the heating process press and hold the power button that will start heating the device.

Amazingly enough, the device only takes 30 seconds to reach maximum temperature. It also offers precise temperature control with the help of the buttons placed on top of the LED screen.

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Temperature settings:

The temperature settings on the G Pen Elite 2 are immaculate. The device has precise temperature control and you can make use of the LED screen on the side to ensure that you have the temperature settings according to your needs.

The temperature ranges from 93 degrees Celcius to 220 degrees Celcius which is quite a wide range for such a small device. Furthermore, you can switch between Celcius and Fahrenheit by pressing the power button and the up and down toggle button at the same time.

The device offers the users full control over what kind of vapor they want from thick clouds to thin flavorsome vapor you can choose any setting you like and play around to find the perfect fit for your need.

Vapor quality:

The vapor quality of the G Pen Elite 2 is quite great. It actually is able to give out thick clouds of vapor and thin ones as well. Again that all depends on the user’s preference.

The quality of the vapor in itself is good as it provides smooth flavorsome vapor that the users can enjoy thoroughly. A lot of this is due to the precise temperature control that allows the users to choose the setting they prefer.

However, since the heating chamber is right underneath the mouthpiece the vapor does not has an air pathway that allows it to cool down. Hence when you do make a draw the vapor will be slightly hot. However, the ceramic heating chamber is a big step up and allows for easy cleaning of the device.

Built quality:

The built quality you expect from Grenco Science is well met here. As all the materials used in the device are of excellent quality. The exterior itself features some excellent design components that will make the user happy. G Pen Elite 2 Amazon.

The indent in the middle of the device for the index finger to access the toggle buttons is quite a unique feature and plays a good role in making it super accessible.

The all-black design of the G Pen Elite 2 does give it an Elite 2 feeling and added to that is the logo that lights up once the device is on. Along with that the LED screen on the side is a feature we cannot miss.

It gives all the details necessary from the battery life to the exact temperature that the device is on. The heating chamber on this device is massive and its depth amounts to 3 by 4 of an inch.

The heating time of 30 seconds is definitely astounding as there aren’t many portable devices that can beat that. The exterior, however, is made of plastic yet it does not have that cheap low-grade plastic feeling.

Battery life:

Much to our surprise, this device carries a 2200 mah lithium-ion battery. Sadly however it takes about 3 hours or sometimes less than that to charge it completely. On a full charge, the device can easily give you 6 to 12 sessions.

Why 6 to 12 sessions you must be wondering? Well, the answer is the temperature and the herb dryness. If you use it on a high-temperature setting with a fully packed less dry herb then the device’s battery is going to get eaten up pretty quickly.

Also, the battery life of the device is displayed on the LED screen on the side in bar format so you can be fully aware of how much battery is left inside the device.


The size of the device is small enough that you can carry it anywhere. It can fit in your purse or pocket without even being noticed. It is also super easy to hold in hand and carry around.

G Pen Elite 2 Amazon: Conclusion

The G Pen Elite 2 is an exceptional device and perfect for outdoor users. It is small and built sturdy.

The flavor and the herb chamber make it easy to pack with lots of herbs so you do not have to reload it. Furthermore, the vapor quality is exceptional and gives the users what they need.

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