Firefly 2 Plus Amazon – Firefly 2+ Amazon

Firefly 2 Plus Amazon. The firefly vaporizers have had mixed reviews from most users. Their restrictive draws and hard-to-understand user interface made it uncompelling to buy Firefly 2 Plus.

However, Firefly 2+ seems to have rectified those issues and has come into the market as a fresh breath of air. The device itself is pretty much the same as its predecessor.

Yet Firefly 2 Plus promises a lot more in the form of vapor quality. Along with the herb chamber and the ability to reach the desired temperature in minimal seconds, this device is worth checking out.

So before you decide to buy Firefly 2 Plus you may want to read through the review and get a good feel of the Firefly 2+ as we give an in-depth review. So let’s jump in.

Firefly 2 Plus Amazon – Firefly 2+ Amazon

As per the predecessor, the best vapor quality can be experienced via a slow and easy draw. The Firefly 2 Plus uses convection heating to heat up quickly and offer good vapor quality if the draws are spaced out and slow.

Filling the herb chamber is as simple as it gets. All you need to do is remove the top and place the herb of your choice inside.

Pat it down lightly and use the medium coarse ground herb to get the best quality of vapor. Furthermore, you can use the stirring tool to move the herb around a bit to ensure it is evenly cooked.

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Temperature settings:

The Firefly 2+ comes with an immense level of temperature flexibility. You can use the preset temperatures using the sensor buttons or you could use the application that can be downloaded on your phone.

The functionality of the application is amazing as the temperature adjustment becomes very easy to maneuver. You can further use the sensor buttons to choose the temperature of your liking. Check Firefly 2 Plus review.

The Firefly 2+ heats up in seconds. Use the sensor buttons on both sides and press them together to switch the device on. The logo will light up and start the heating process. Once the logo stops flickering and becomes solid it signifies that your device is ready to use.

Vapor quality:

As already mentioned the vapor is dense and potent if you take a slow and steady draw. This can be burdensome and annoying for some users. However, the quality of the vapor upon using the right technique is among some of the best.

The flavor is amazing and the vapor is smooth and potent. The vaporizer also reaches a high enough temperature to successfully make use of the concentrates.

So from a dry herb vaporizer to a concentrates vaporizer, Firefly 2 Plus seems to cover it all. Also when used with concentrates the quality of the vapor does not get compromised in fact you get an extremely potent and delicious vapor that is smooth and cool.

Adding the fabulous mouthpiece on the top was a good move as it allows the vapor to remain cool and the mouthpiece itself remains cool throughout the session.

Built quality:

The Firefly 2+ still follows the same design as its predecessor the Firefly 2. The only minor change is that the top has now an additional LED logo hole that lights up.

That is not a significant change and certainly not a useful one as an LED screen with details like the temperature and the battery life would have been much more helpful for the user. Regardless the Firefly 2 Plus is sturdy and made with good quality materials along with the fact that it is lighter than you would expect it to be.

Along with that manufacturers have put enough thought and effort into making sure they provide you with all the necessary tools, such as 2 batteries, a charging cable, and a hell of a lot of cleaning tools.

Not to forget the 3 concentrate pads this all ensures that you can clean your Firefly 2 Plus with alcohol wipes and use it again easily. The attention to detail in the packaging is phenomenal.

Battery life:

The battery of Firefly 2+ is a bit of a letdown as it is only 770mAh and does not provide as many sessions. You can get maybe 3 or 4 sessions out of one fully charged battery which is pretty low as compared to other similar small portable devices that come with 3500mAh batteries.

The batteries are also propriety and hard to get your hands on otherwise. The price tag of the batteries is also very high.

However, there are two batteries included in the package and you can switch between both and charge them using the charging cable. This still does not match up to the expectations of the consumers as the market is getting bigger and technologies are improving every day.


The Firefly 2+ is a portable device as it is very pocketable. However, you are still first of all required to use the stirring tool and open the lid to stir it for an even cook.

And the battery will not be able to last for long excursions. Hence the portability as far as size is concerned seems fair yet the delicate lid opening for stirring and battery life creates a disconnect.

Firefly 2+ Amazon: Conclusion:

Does it match up to all the other competitors that have much larger battery sizes and vapor draws that are easier to grasp and do not need a specific technique?

Putting these issues aside for a moment and just the use of the device and the vapor if you understand the technicality of the draw is good. The Firefly 2 Plus is portable even if the battery life does not support it.

You can use the stirring and cleaning tools and use concentrates easily as the temperature can handle it. Overall the Firefly 2 Plus is good, but the manufacturers do need to take note of the fact that other similar small portable devices are much more advanced, and the vapor quality is good with exceptional battery life.

Hoping that the manufacturers do take note of these things we think the successors will be of a top-notch quality where the Firefly 2+ lacks a bit.

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