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DaVinci Miqro Amazon. DaVinci has brought a newer, smaller device into the market that already loves all the DaVinci devices as they are small and portable. Yet DaVinci has decided to launch an even smaller one.

As far as portability goes, we know that DaVinci is capable of launching smaller versions that are portable and easy to carry. Also, check DaVinci MIQRO-C Review.

What needs to be seen is whether or not DaVinci Miqro packs the same punch and has the same features as its predecessors. To find out this and much more, read our extensive review on the DaVinci Miqro.

DaVinci MIQRO Amazon

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As simple as its predecessors, the DaVinci Miqro is also very simple and easy to get the hang of. Even the newest users will find it very easy to work with. This device has it all with the easy open and close lid of the herb chamber to the smart path.

If you want to start the session quickly, you absolutely can. All you need to do is fill up the herb chamber with some delicate ground herbs and then close the lid. Start the device by pressing the power button 5 times and let it heat up to your desired temperature.

You can either use the smart path or switch to precision temperature mode by clicking the power button once. The smart LED display will begin to display the temperature of the device one digit at a time.

Suppose you feel confused about differentiating between both modes. In that case, an easy indicator is that the smart path uses all four lights horizontally. At the same time, the precision temperature displays the temperature in figures and illuminates a single line of lights at a time.

Temperature settings:

The DaVinci Miqro is just as powerful as its predecessors, and the best part is that it heats in 40 seconds. For a small device, that is quite an excellent performance. The temperature also flows in a wide range and max out at 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additionally, the smart path makes the whole session even more fun as you do not have to worry about increasing the temperature every few minutes or seconds. Once you let it heat up, it vibrates when it’s ready to use, and it takes 40 seconds for the device to be ready for a session.

Vapor quality:

The vapor quality is good like its predecessors, smooth and cool. However, it does falter when it comes to larger vapor clouds and does not sometimes provide the proper hit that is needed.

So those who need a denser and thicker vapor will not be able to get their fill. Regardless the device does produce decent and smooth vapor, which does work well for micro-dosers and other users.

Vapor quality can be improved by using the bubbler. The bubbler helps cool down the vapor and keeps it smooth. It can further assist you in taking those significant hits.

Herb chamber:

The herb chamber on this device is much smaller than the IQ’s, filling up to 0.2 grams when fully packed. After filling in the herb chamber, you may want to give it a tap to ensure that the herb settles down finely into the herb chamber.


A concentrate can not be used inside the Davinci Miqro directly. However, it can be used by sandwiching it between herbs. That will undoubtedly increase the hit and make it more potent.

Built quality:

The built quality of the DaVinci Miqro is just as good as the DaVinci IQ2 Carbon Fiber and DaVinci IQC series. It has the same aluminum body and comes with all the details, such as the stealthy lids and the insulated heating chamber. Regardless of that, the device does get hot.

And due to its small size, it is hard to escape the heat. Furthermore, the device features a similar LEDs design to its predecessors. However, the design is slightly different and displays the lights and the temperatures in different styles.

Battery life:

The DaVinci Miqro comes with 900mAh batteries. Its predecessors had batteries around 3000mAh. So the 900mAh is slightly disappointing. As it does not give a lot of sessions and it needs to be recharged regularly.


The size of the DaVinci Miqro is very small, and it can fit inside the palm of your hand. It’s extremely portable and very discreet. If you do not intend to let people know about your vaping excursions, keeping this device stashed in your pockets without people noticing is straightforward.

Ease of use:

This device is small and straightforward to understand. It’s a very simple device as all the critical parts are visible on the exterior. Such as, the herb chamber is placed underneath.

The stir tool is also incorporated inside the device. The mouthpiece is very easy to remove and clean. All you need is isopropyl alcohol to clean the herb chamber with the cotton swab.

Similarly, you can remove the mouthpiece and dip it in isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes to clean it. However, before using it, it’s best to run an empty cycle and let it heat up to the maximum temperature to eliminate any manufacturing oils or other chemicals.

DaVinci MIQRO Amazon

All in all, the DaVinci Miqro is a perfect portable device. It handles the temperature well despite getting hot. It still serves an excellent vapor and is impressive. The airflow can be adjusted with the pearl airflow adjuster.

The herb chamber is super accessible with a stiff lid and is not made with cheap materials. The device itself is very sturdy and can handle wear and tear.


It does, however, come with only a 900mAh battery which is very small for the vaporizer, and in comparison to other vaporizers on the market, it’s very low. Regardless the device is excellent and does serve a good vapor and elite class performance.

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