DaVinci IQC Amazon

The Davinci IQC comes out with a bang as it is smaller than its predecessor and yet packs a true punch when it comes to vapor quality.

The device itself is a fashionable and high durability aluminum-built design and consists of many features that we love. There is much to dig into so let’s not wait anymore and see what makes the Davinci IQC one of the best portable devices.

DaVinci IQC Amazon

The Davinci IQC is a very intuitive device and comes with a lot of the same features as its predecessor. Not much has changed as far as the design goes. However, there are some built quality differences that will be highlighted below.

The device comes with the smart path option and the display is improved by using LEDs to display temperature. It does have a funky and cool look to it and adds to the whole aesthetic of the device.


As far as the battery goes, the Davinci IQC comes with a removable battery along with a new and improved feature of USB C port charging which is a much-welcomed feature. As far as the herb chamber and the airflow go, the herb chamber is located underneath the device and can be loaded to be fully packed.

However, the device does not feature the pearl airflow adjuster that its predecessor had. However, that is not much missed as the vapor quality is pretty amazing on the Davinci IQC.

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Temperature settings:

The Davinci IQC does come with the smart path option that allows you to have your sessions with a predetermined temperature setting. This allows the device to heat up on its own and keep raising the temperature as the session progresses.

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The smart path also ensures that you do not have to adjust the temperature after every few minutes during the session and is a very convenient feature to have for all users. The new feature that is interesting in the Davinci IQC is the temperature display.

The display now has LED lights that display the temperature that the device is currently at. This is an interesting new addition as it helps you manage the temperature settings a bit better than before and you can actually know what temperature you are at any given time.

Vapor quality:

One of the new and improved additions to the Davinci IQC is the use of zirconia for the glass-coated air passage. This keeps the vapor smooth and flavorsome as it reaches your mouth. The lid on the heating chamber is also a much-needed improved feature that can now be seen in the Davinci IQC.

The heating chamber lid was very weak and flimsy on the IQ2. However, this time around the heating chamber lid is made with silicone that insulates the whole heating chamber and secures the heat inside it. The performance as far as the vapor is concerned is identical to the  DaVinci IQ2 which is how it should exactly be.

The vapor is dense and smooth. However, the lack of the pearl airflow dial causes the issue of the user’s inability to adjust the airflow according to their preference. Regardless the vapor quality is pretty good and meets all the expectations.


Built quality:

The built quality of the Davinci IQC is top-notch. And it’s not an exaggeration as it’s made with aluminum alloy and the design and stylish look are hard to ignore.

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The hinges on the device have been improved to stay in their places and last longer than the predecessor. The design of the device has also been amped up as it has rounded edges that make it easy to hold and work with.

Battery life:

In a small package, the Davinci IQC carries a removable 18650 3000mAh battery. It lasts for 8 to 10 sessions easily and is removable. This gives you the advantage of carrying a few extra batteries on hand if you intend to travel with this device.

This also helps elongate the battery life of the device as you get to play with multiple batteries. It further becomes a power bank with the feature of reverse charging and helps charge any device that may need charging.

The Davinci IQC features the USB C port which is extremely beneficial as most devices are now USB C port devices, so the availability of a charging cable is more likely.

One thing that is a bit odd is that it takes 2 hours to charge the device. That is a bit long considering that the latest USB C-type port is being used.


Small with a large battery and a powerful vapor this device is easy to carry and is the most discreet device on the market. Since it also can function as a power bank it can be easily confused to be a power bank rather than a vaporizer.

The device can easily fit into the palm of your hand which means it is easier to place into your pocket and not worry about it showing too much.

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The removable batteries add to the portability as you can switch the batteries at any given time and carry your sessions on with a new battery. This makes it the most portable device on the market.

DaVinci IQC Amazon: Final Words

The Davinci IQC is nothing less than perfect if you do really love playing with the vapor density and flow then you may miss the airflow adjusting pearl dial. But in our experience, the vapor quality is pretty great as it is and meets all the expectations and more.


It further has a reverse charging facility with removable batteries. That means you do not have to worry about running out of juice and you can always carry a few spares to ensure that you have enough charge.

The built quality and the design are top-notch and there is nothing we would like to change as far as the design is concerned. The smart path is also a welcomed feature and Davinci has become known for its exceptional temperature settings. Now the added display makes it even more fun to enjoy the sessions.

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