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Vaping is not about the vaporizers only. You must focus on several other aspects to ensure enjoyable and tasty vaping sessions.

Companies have started focusing on other accessories that can help you take care of the secondary aspects of vaping. One such accessory is the weed grinder.

Weed grinders have become popular as people find it difficult to grind dry herbs using their palms and thumb.

Compared to traditional methods, the new and advanced weed grinders are way more hygienic and purpose-serving. You can easily find weed grinders on the internet. However, are these grinders available on Amazon?

While listing a vaping product on Amazon is impossible, weed grinders are easily available. It might surprise you, but we have stated the reason later in the article.

There are several grinders that we have listed in this article. Some of these are available in Amazon stores, while some are not. These products come from reputable brands, so you should at least know what they offer. 

Best Weed Grinders on Amazon: Weed Grinders Amazon

Kannastör GR8TR V2 Jar Body Grinder

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The Kannastör GR8TR V2 Jar Body Grinder is an expensive and high-end weed grinder sold on the internet for 95 dollars. This device is in matte black, matte silver, and rose gold. It is not as portable as other devices when you consider the size of the whole device. It is 3.75 inches tall and has a diameter of 2 inches.

It consists of a total of eight pieces/components. The Kannastör GR8TR V2 Jar Body Grinder is made of food-grade anodized aluminum. It is a durable and rust-free device that keeps your dry herbs healthy. There is a residue ring for easy grinding, while the base is polished for easy retrieval.

The screen is easily changed, so the fluffy and fine herb supply will never get blocked.  The GR8TR plates are interchangeable. Each plate enables you to vary the grinding type. The ground herb can either be fine or medium.

The Kannastör GR8TR V2 Jar Body Grinder has lidded storage for extra herbs. The modular design and size management allows you to carry the necessary parts. This feature enhances portability. All the components carry a lifetime warranty, so you are secure. 

Cloudious9 Tectonic9 Grinder with Dispenser

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The Cloudious9 Tectonic9 Grinder with Dispenser is a very convenient automatic grinder. It comes in midnight black, gray, red, and black colors. The body is made of an anodized aluminum body with a matte finish.

This ensures durability along with a classy build. It is sold on the Internet for 50 dollars. The Cloudious9 Tectonic9 Grinder with Dispenser is a portable device because its size and durability allow you to carry it anywhere. The dimensions are 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches.

The weight is 9 oz, so you can hold it or keep it inside your pocket. 28 CNC diamond-shaped teeth are integrated inside the Cloudious9 Tectonic9 Grinder for a fine grind. 

The Cloudious9 Tectonic9 Grinder with Dispenser has an LED light in the storage compartment. It is easy to check the quantity of dry herbs inside the storage box. The walls of the compartment are transparent to view the content.

The dispensing is easy as the manufacturer has made it automatic. A slide gate is also incorporated to secure the dry ground herbs from flowing from the device. 

The Cloudious9 Tectonic9 Grinder with Dispenser can be operated with just one button. The battery is 320 mAh. It is made of lithium-ion and is rechargeable.

You can grind 60 to 120 batches of weed on a single charge. The charging time is approximately an hour. You will get a carriage bag, a user manual, and a charging cable inside the package.

KINGTOP Large Spice Grinder

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The KINGTOP Large Spice Grinder is a simple yet decent device. It is available in 14 different colors that include solid and patterned textures. This device is sold for 24 dollars on the internet.

The method of operating this device is manual, where you need to turn and twist the cap. This device has a magnetic lid on the grinding chamber that prevents the leakage of dry herbs.

The cap of KINGTOP Large Spice Grinder is non-slip as patterns are engraved on it from a firm grip. The body is made of space-grade aluminum alloy to ensure durability. Its diameter is 3 inches, so the grinding chamber capacity is accommodating.

The height is as short as 1.2 inches, so you can slide it inside your pocket. The KINGTOP Large Spice Grinder has 45 diamond teeth that provide you with consistently ground dry herbs.

The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty on all the components. The body is waterproof so that you can wash it in the dishwasher. There is no battery in the KINGTOP Large Spice Grinder as it is a completely manual device. 

Green Goddess Supply Herb Grinder Card

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The Green Goddess Supply Herb Grinder Card is a simple and orthodox method of grinding a dry herb. You can purchase a 4 inches long car for 10 dollars from a vape store. It is available in green color as evident from the name. 

There are blades on the Green Goddess Supply Herb Grinder Card. It is a manual method of grinding a dry herb, as you have to rub the blades directly on the herbs.

It is also very portable; you can keep it in your pocket or wallet or attach it to your keychain. It has no storage compartment, so you must carry the unground herbs in a separate box. 

Sackville & Co. Signature Grinder

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The Sackville & Co. Signature Grinder is a unique but classy device that any image-conscious person wants in his inventory. It houses a four-tier design with four pieces to improve your grinding experience.

The topmost component is the lid, where you will find a diamond teeth plate; the mesh screen filters bigger pieces and a storage compartment. 

The Sackville & Co. Signature Grinder comes in three different colors. You can purchase it in gold, black, or concrete color for 40 dollars. The body is brushed to give it a smooth touch when holding it.

The dimensions are 2 inches × 2.1 inches. The diameter of 2.1 inches is accommodating for grinding larger chunks. Moreover, this device has magnetic connections to keep it sealed.

Banana Bros OTTO Electric Smart Grinder

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The Banana Bros OTTO Electric Smart Grinder is a premium weed grinder that you can use to fill cones quickly. The body consists of two main components.

The first component is the grinder, and the second is the glass cone holder. The machine is available on the market for 150 dollars. 

The Banana Bros OTTO Electric Smart Grinder contains an automated milling machine with an aerospace-engineered aluminum milling plate.

This milling plate runs on a patented technology that assesses the condition of the herb inside the grinding chamber. The artificial intelligence adjusts the milling teeth’ speed, direction, and pressure. 

Can I buy weed grinders on Amazon?

Weed grinders are available on Amazon, unlike other vaping products. Dealers tend to list these grinders under the spice grinder category. These products are called herb grinders; weed is not the only herb you would find.

This is the only reason why weed/dry herb grinders are listed on Amazon stores. Just search these grinders by typing spice grinder in the search bar.

Things to consider before purchasing a weed grinder on Amazon

Manual vs. Automatic

There are two types of dry herb grinders available on the market. This categorization is done based on the method of usage. Most of the grinders that you will find on the internet are manual. Manual grinders are convenient and give you more control over the grinding process.

However, some brands have developed automatic grinders for those users who are too lazy to grind the herbs by themselves. You have to decide whether to grind the herbs manually or find a machine that will do it for you.


Dry herb grinders are common devices that a dry herb smoker uses daily. It means a smoker will carry it to parties and even the office. An ideal dry herb grinder will be compact enough to fit inside your pocket or the bag.

Any device with a diameter of fewer than 3 inches or a height of around 1.5 inches is easy to fit inside your pants pocket. A wider diameter and higher height will need more space. 


As mentioned above, the dry herb grinders should be portable. Portability ensures that you can carry the device to any place you want. A portable usage demands better durability than a dry herb grinder.

Your dry herb grinder should be made of aluminum, zinc, or stainless steel to prevent the device from breaking. You should avoid purchasing devices that have glass components. 


Price is one of the most important aspects of any purchase. This rule does not change when it comes to weed grinders. You should know that weed grinders are, after all, a grinder.

Spending hundreds of dollars on dry herb grinders is not ideally the best investment. You should search and find grinders under the 100-dollar range. All the products mentioned on our list are well under the said range.  


Storage is also something you should check before purchasing a dry herb grinder. Certain products on the market have storage lids at the bottom of the device. This storage compartment lets you keep the herb clean and available.

The storage compartment stores unground herbs. You can access the unground herb when you need to grind it. However, the devices with storage compartments compromise on size.

Teeth and grind 

A dry herb grinder performs the grinding process by integrating teeth into the grinding or rotating plate. The higher the number of teeth on the plate, the finer the ground dry herbs will be.

You should check the number of teeth on the device and decide how well-ground dry herb you want. Some devices have multiple plates, each with a different number of teeth.


Weed grinders are mandatory for dry herb smokers. These devices give you the luxury of grinding the dry herb into finer pieces. You need a grinder if you are bored with the orthodox methods of churning dry herbs.

We have mentioned some of the most commonly used weed grinders. These devices contain simple grinding components that do not require much practice to master. 

You should know what you need the most from a grinder. The most important thing you should decide is whether you want a manual or automatic grinder.

Furthermore, you should check the durability, size, and storage compartment to make your decision more accurate. All the products that we have listed above are allowed on Amazon. You might find some of these products on Amazon while others are unavailable there.

The best thing to do is to purchase these grinders from verified websites. Manufacturers tend to sell their products through their certified dealers. You have to search these grinders by the name of ‘spice grinder.’

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