Best Vape Tank on amazon

Many companies have released vapes and the best vape tank on Amazon in the past few years. Hence it can become problematic to find the right one. The tanks range from different wickers to shapes and designs, along with the coils’ unique filling methods and longevity.

This is why we list down some of the best vape tanks so you do not have trouble finding the best one for yourself. So let’s get started!

Best Vape Tank on Amazon

Horizontech Falcon king

horizontech falcon king vape tank on amazon

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Falcon king is one of the latest tanks by Horizontech. Horizontech has included the bamboo fiber wicker in this tank, making it unique and unforgettable. The device soaks up all the ejuice quickly and lasts longer than a week.

Unlike most devices on the market, these coils are excellent, give you the best taste, and don’t lack design features. In the package, you get an extra straight glass tank as well.

However, the bubble glass tank is also perfect, its shape may be slightly on the outer side, but the taste and the design are still excellent. The bubble glass tank comes preinstalled and has a capacity of 6ml. This can last you a very long time.

The best thing about this Falcon King is that the wicker is made of bamboo, which lasts very long. Generally, with other wickers, the taste can get bad in about a week, but the Falcon king’s bamboo wicker does not cause the taste to go bad in a week; in fact, it lasts longer.

Along with all these fantastic features, it has three adjustable airflow settings that make it even better, as the airflow makes you help make bigger clouds. However, when fully opened, the airflow can be a bit too much; hence, using it on a lower setting is advised.

Filling the device is also very simple and easy as it comes with a sturdy button on top and does not open unless you put a lot of pressure on it. The best part is that you can carry it in your pocket without worrying about any leakage, as this device does not leak at all. The filling part is also straightforward as the insertion area is wide open and can quickly be filled with any bottle and dropper.

Best Features:

  • Bamboo wicker has exceptional taste
  • No leakage
  • Easy filling with a secure button
  • 6ml Capacity
  • Excellent build quality
  • Extra straight glass tank

Horizontech Falcon 2

horizontech falcon 2 vape tank on amazon

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Falcon 2 came after the Falcon King in the market. It is interesting to see how the manufacturers constantly make something exciting and new for the market that loves vaping. Falcon 2 is designed to be unique, and the designs you see on the tank are something that no other tank has to make it stand out.

It has a uniquely designed airflow system and lets in the air quite well. However, the closed-up airflow setting can restrict it too much and cause the vapor to get hot. Hence it’s best to use it on the default setting. The paint and the building material used are perfect and very high quality and last a long while even when handled roughly.

The top is a slide to fill cap, and now you may be wondering, is it like most others and leaks? Well, no, it doesn’t. The top slide to fill is quite restrictive, and you must apply much pressure to release and open it.

The device uses sector mesh coils conically shaped and incompatible with other Falcon tanks. It has a straightforward way of replacing the coil, unscrewing the tank, removing the coil, and replacing it with a new one by placing it inside the cage. And that is all.

The coils also have this unique design where each is narrow on top and wide at the bottom that funnels the flavor, and the ejuice makes it super delicious and flavorful when you vape.

There is no leaking and spit backs; the device handles itself well. However, one fallback it does have is that the consumption of the ejuice is a lot with this device. The coils use up a lot of the ejuice and soak it all up, so in one tank, you can fill 10ml, and that means your 60ml bottle won’t last a week if you are a heavy user.

The clouds on this device are massive; of course, you need to mind the airflow setting you use. Keeping all this in mind, this isn’t a bad device. It is a pretty good one that holds up well among others and is, in fact, better than the Falcon King.

Best Features:

  • Excellent vapors
  • No leakage
  • Excellent built quality and design
  • Long coil life
  • Restrictive airflow
  • Sector mesh coils
  • Straight glass design
  • Stiff sliding top fill

FreeMax Mesh Pro

freemax mesh pro vape tank on amazon

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The FreeMax comes with enough surprises in the hood. It has much to offer its users, and you would be surprised to know what it can achieve. The FreeMax has a large bubble glass tank that is 25mm. This is as good as it gets. It also has a fantastic quality of offering the best flavors.

It can hold 6ml juice in its big tank, and the coils do a good job of providing excellent flavors. Speaking of coils, the FreeMax comes with multi-mesh. This tank is compatible with single, double, and triple mesh coils.

It comes in 5 different colors, and the built quality of the device is excellent as it is made with resin. The only problem is that all the crucial elements of the device are made with a fragile resin. Hence it is advised to ensure that you are careful when using this device. The filling of the device is also effortless.

All you need to do is find the device’s red dot, guiding you where to open it. You can then slide the top and see the port allowing you to fill the tank quickly without any hassle. The top port and cap are very secure, and you will find that closing them means you will not get any leaking.

The airflow adjustment settings are also perfect, and the dial is placed underneath the device, and you can easily set it up to the lowest or the highest setting. The problem is that the airflow section of the device can cause some form of leakage occasionally.

Also, the airflow is good; however, the quality of the clouds is not as dense and thick. Even if you restrict the airflow to the minimalist, the device will still be unable to throw out thick clouds. The airflow thins out the clouds on a lower setting, becoming too airy.

The best part about this tank is that it has 4 compatible coils, and this list is only relevant to the FreeMax coils. Other coils in the market will work well with it as well.

  1. Kenthal Single Mesh 0.15 ohm coil
  2. Kenthal double mesh 0.2 ohm coil
  3. Kehthal triple mesh 0.15-ohm coil
  4. SS316L single mesh 0.12-ohm coil

You receive the single and double mesh coil; however, you must buy the triple mesh and the ss316L mesh. And it is worth buying if you want to get the whole experience of this device.

Best Features:

  • Large Bubble tank
  • Extra straight tank
  • Fantastic flavor with triple mesh
  • Compatible with multiple coils
  • Easy to fill

Geekvape Z Max

geekvape z max vape tank on amazon

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GeekVape Z Max is another one of those devices that seems to impress us every time. The Geekvape Z Max has high-powered engineering that allows it to pump out the best clouds you have ever seen. It comes with M coil series that is 0.14 single lettuce curls and 0.2 triple cross-section loops.

The airflow on the device is managed in a way that allows the air to flow through the device effortlessly and gives you massive clouds. Not only huge but flavorful as well since it makes use of single and triple cross-section loop coils.

The device comes in 4 unique and gorgeous colors. However, when choosing them, try to find the color that best resonates with you. It can be a hard decision, but with so many options, you will find something that will fit your bill.

Along with all these features, the best of all is the M reach, which is the new wind stream control that streamlines the flavors and gives you some of the best. The package also comes with 4 different new fresh out-of-the-box loops.

Working with all the slide top caps, you may be tired of using those. And the slip-aside top caps often have a chance of making the device leak. However, with the Geekvape Z Max, you get a device with a screw-off top cap.

As soon as you screw it off, you can find the drip port where you can fill the juice into the device without worrying about anything. Once screwed on safely, it does not leak.

Best features:

  • Best clouds
  • Cross section and lettuce curl coils
  • Airflow management exceptional
  • Massive clouds
  • Screw off top
  • 4 new loops
  • 5 new shades

Things to consider when buying a vape tank?

The capacity

When buying a vape tank, consider its capacity to hold the ejuice. For instance, all the options we have shared with you above come with a 6ml capacity. The capacity can also vary depending on whether you use a bubble or straight glass tank.

Bubble glass tanks add more capacity, while consecutive tanks do not have the same capacity due to the smaller and refined design. However, most of them come with options we have shared above, one bubble tank and a straight one.

Coils compatibility

Coils compatibility can be a severe issue when you buy new coils for your device. Hence it is essential to consider the compatibility of your chosen tank with other coils.

The diameter of the device and the specs can restrict you to not being able to add a different coil from a different brand. Hence consider this one aspect carefully before you make the purchase.

Leakage issues

Some of the tanks in the market that are very popular among users do have the problem of leakage, and it’s hard to find such issues when you are in the shop. Hence do your research before you go in to make the purchase.

Listen to reviews and talk to fellows who have used the product, and if you get a fair idea about it, then go ahead and make the purchase. Since these devices can be easily carried in a pocket or a purse, you want to ensure they are not leaking.

Airflow adjustment

If you are a cloud chaser and love that your vape can make big clouds, then find the one with the right coil to accomplish that job. This factor heavily depends on the air adjustment of all the different tanks.

Some tanks can give out too much air or be very restrictive. Either way, you have a choice when it comes to finding the one with the perfect airflow adjustment settings.


Buying a tank for your device is difficult, especially with many available options. It is best to choose the one that will last you the longest as the ejuice consumption of all of them is more or less the same. Hence these 4 products will give you an idea of what’s hot in the market and which suits your needs perfectly.

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