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Looking for the Best CBD Cream on Amazon? Look no further! Our expertly curated list features only the top products that will meet your needs. Trust us to help you find the perfect solution for your CBD needs.

CBD creams are popular amongst athletes who grind and train the whole day. These ointments treat problems like muscle soreness, body stiffness, dermal inflammation, and joint pain.

CBD creams have earned their place in the market with their natural hemp extracts and psychoactive treatment. CBD creams are unavailable on Amazon because they do not allow the trading of cannabinoids and related products in the store.

You can find CBD-free creams derived from the hemp plant, but those are not as effective. Are CBD creams harmful or below par?


I have used CBD products in creams, oils, capsules, etc. None of these products harmed my body. Every CBD cream has a different composition and quality, so you must opt for the best one that complements your body’s requirements. 

I wrote this article to recommend the best CBD creams that you will find online. Each description will look the same, but small differences can be critical. I have also enumerated some important factors you should consider before purchasing a CBD cream. 

Best CBD Cream on Amazon – CBD Cream Amazon

FAB CBD Cream on Amazon

fab cbd cream on amazon

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The FAB CBD Cream is my favorite. It is light, smooth, non-sticky, and has a blood-orange scent. Anything having a light orange scent has my heart immediately.

It is a full-spectrum CBD cream that psychoactively heals every muscle problem like stiffness, sourness, and inflammation.

I purchased a 2 ounces jar of the FAB CBD Cream for 49 dollars. It contains 600 milligrams which is adequate for muscle and joint support.

It contains essential oils for complementary skin healing. The full spectrum CBD is extracted from the organic hemp grown in Colorado. 

CBD Oil Biotech Cream on Amazon

cbd oil biotech cbd cream on amazon

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The CBD Oil Biotech Cream is one of the strongest ointments available online. It has 10,000 milligrams of isolated CBD, so I wanted to try it. I ordered it online for 104 dollars.

The bottle said that it relieves pain. However, it is also available in 250, 500, 1000, 1500, 2500, 3500, 5000, and 7500 milligrams CBD concentrations. 


Made from all-natural ingredients, the CBD Oil Biotech Cream contains menthol for coolness. This cream is specially developed for athletes who suffer from muscular stiffness and body pain.

A CBD Oil Biotech Cream jar contains around 4 ounces (118 milliliters) of ointment. Each milliliter of this cream contains 84.75 milligrams per milliliter.

I prefer purchasing full-spectrum CBD products from stores. The CBD Oil Biotech Cream has pure isolated CBD. My body responded well to the direct application of this ointment on the troubled body part. 

Lawrence Taylor – Pain Master CBD Cream on Amazon

lawrence taylor pain master cbd cream on amazon

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Lawrence Taylor, better known by its acronym LT, is a highly effective cream for post-workout application. The Lawrence Taylor Pain Master CBD Cream is available online for 43.99 dollars.

I purchased a 4 ounces jar that contained 1000 milligrams of CBD content. The company also supplies smaller jars with 250 and 500 milligrams of CBD. 

I liked the smoothness of this cream. The manufacturer claims the Lawrence Taylor Pain Master CBD Cream is 100% natural and organic.

Each milligram in the 4-ounce jar contains 8.47 milligrams of CBD isolate. A third-party laboratory has tested and certified the composition of this cream.

Meds Biotech CBD Pain Relief Cream on Amazon

meds biotech cbd pain relief cbd cream on amazon

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The Meds Biotech CBD Pain Relief Cream is a full-spectrum for body aches, exercise, arthritis, bruises, and strains. I suggest purchasing this cream if you are an athlete or a laborer.


The purchase price is 66.54 dollars, while a jar contains 6 ounces (around 177 milliliters).  Each Meds Biotech CBD Pain Relief Cream milliliter contains 5.65 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD. 

The Meds Biotech CBD Pain Relief Cream is extracted from organic hemp plants grown in the USA. You should apply it four times a day to keep your body healthy.

When applying the Meds Biotech CBD Pain Relief Cream, your stiffened muscles will get the much-needed comfort.

Penguin CBD Cream on Amazon

penguin cbd cream on amazon

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The Penguin CBD Cream is a premium ointment for rough skin and problematic muscles. A 4 ounces jar is available online for 55 dollars. I liked the light CBD content of 250 milligrams per jar. This cream has my approval for daily usage without any side effects. 

The Penguin CBD Cream is a smooth cream that absorbs quickly in your skin. It is terpene rich and contains peppermint extracts for a cool feeling. This cream has a soothing peppermint and lavender smell.

Every ingredient is extracted from natural hemp plants in the USA. The extraction technique is based on carbon dioxide, so there is no use of alcoholic solvents.

I recommend the Penguin CBD Cream to those individuals who prefer applying broad-spectrum CBD products on their skin. This cream is THC-free and contains essential oils to make it more healthy.

A third-party laboratory confirms the claims made by the manufacturer. The Penguin CBD Cream also has a 30-day return policy to keep you safe. 

ReThink Hemp CBD Cream on Amazon

rethink hemp cbd muscle and joint cbd cream on amazon

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The ReThink Hemp CBD Muscle and Joint Cream is a broad-spectrum CBD ointment that has no THC for psychoactive treatment. It will not get you high or make your body numb.

I have used any products developed by ReThink, and they have never disappointed me. The ReThink Hemp CBD Muscle and Joint Cream have the same quality as other products from the manufacturer. 

It is available on the official store for 80 dollars. The total CBD content is 1000 milligrams per 4 ounces (118 milliliters) of this cream. The amount of CBD per milliliter is not as strong as other substitutes so that you can use it daily.

The ReThink Hemp CBD Muscle and Joint Cream contains arnica flower extracts and OptiMSM to cure muscular inflammation and joint stiffness.

The cannabinoids used in the ReThink Hemp CBD Muscle and Joint Cream are extracted from naturally grown hemp plants using a CO2 extraction. The cGMP and a third-party lab attest and certify all the ingredients.

Plus CBD Pain Relief Cream on Amazon

plus cbd pain relief penetrating cream on amazon

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The Plus CBD Pain Relief Penetrating Cream is an ideal ointment to relieve you from neuropathic, joint, and muscle pain. It comes in a 2 ounces tube with 1000 milligrams of CBD.

It is available online for 39.99 dollars and contains camphor and menthol for the cooling and warming effect. The menthol cools the paining body part; then camphor warms it to relax the stiffness. 

The Plus CBD Pain Relief Penetrating Cream is extracted using CO2. The company does not use alcoholic solvents to separate CBD from the organic hemp plant grown in the USA.

It is pesticide-free, non-GMO, and gluten-free. The formula contains no fragrance, dye, parabens, etc. A third-party laboratory confirms these claims independently. 


Best CBD Lotion on Amazon

CBD products are available online in many forms. Each type of CBD product has a different method of usage and benefits. CBD lotions are one of the oldest methods to provide your skin with the cannabinoids it desperately needs. 

CBD lotions are ideal for localized treatment like any other medical balm. However, CBD lotions contain cannabinoids that help heal muscular pain and maintain healthy skin. These cannabinoids work in coordination with several herbal extracts to serve the cause, as mentioned earlier.

CBD lotions are unavailable on Amazon despite being an effective dermal and muscular treatment. Amazon has a strict policy against CBD products because they consider it a psychoactive drug. 

Many physicians and doctors recommend CBD lotions to cure stiffened muscles. Do not go anywhere else if you want to purchase a CBD lotion to revive your physical strength.

We have compiled some of the most popular and effective CBD lotions online. This article is a complete guide to let you decide and opt for the best CBD lotion.

CBD Oil Biotech Hand and Body Lotion

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The CBD Oil Biotech Hand and Body Lotion are perfect for keeping your skin soft and gentle. It also warms your muscles and tendons to grind through the daily routine.

This lotion is a premium serum that contains full-spectrum CBD extracts from the hemp plant. The manufacturer has added eucalyptus extracts, coconut extracts, and all the essential oils to keep your skin fresh and calm.

The company has tested this product from a third-party laboratory, but what it brings is sufficient. The total weight of the CBD Oil Biotech Hand and Body Lotion bottle is four ounces.

It contains 120 milliliters of lotion, and each milliliter has 500 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD. This product is a trustworthy companion that you can apply anywhere on your body.

CBDFx CBG Plus CBD Lotion for Muscle and Joint

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As the name suggests, the CBDFx CBG Plus CBD Lotion for Muscle and Joint is a biomedical serum developed especially for your physical health. The CBD and CBG quantity is perfectly balanced in this product, where you will get a one-to-one ratio.

This lotion is made from broad-spectrum CBD extracts that do not contain THC at all. It is available in two different concentrations.

The lighter bottle has 1000 milligrams of both CBD and CBG. On the other hand, the stronger version contains 3000 milligrams of each component. 

The CBG Plus CBD Lotion for Muscle and Joint is made from white willow bark, caffeine, and tea tree oil. This mixture is ideal for natural pain relief.

For anti-inflammatory action, vanillin is added to this lotion. Moreover, camphor is there to produce the much-needed heat for muscular relief. It is a vegan lotion hailing from the USA. 

Lord Jones Whole Plant Formula CBD Body Lotion

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The Lord Jones Whole Plant Formula CBD Body Lotion brings you the moisture your dry skin is dying for. This lotion keeps your skin smooth and provides a cooling effect to reduce dermal irritation.

It is available in the signature containing mint and green citrus. You can opt for a fragrance-free or grapefruit scent lotion as well.

The Lord Jones Whole Plant Formula CBD Body Lotion is a full-spectrum cannabinoid product that contains less than 0.3 THC. The bottles are available in 50 and 100 milliliters (1.69 and 3.38 ounces).

The 100-milliliter bottle contains 200 milligrams of CBD, while 50 milliliters have 100 milligrams. The Lord Jones Whole Plant Formula CBD Body Lotion is made from organic oils from hemp plants and tested in a third-party lab to make it more credible. 

ShiKai Advanced Formula CBD Body Lotion

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The ShiKai Advanced Formula CBD Body Lotion is our list’s first isolated CBD product. It is a pure CBD lotion that does not contain THC. It has all the essential oils to moisturize and smoothen your skin like no other product. 

The ShiKai Advanced Formula CBD Body Lotion comes in a 6-ounce bottle with 1500 milligrams of isolated CBD. It contains no fragrance, so you will never feel the earthy scent of terpene. It is free from corn, animal, and soy-based constituents. A third party tests the ingredients. Every bottle is prepared with great love and care in Santa Rosa, California. 

Apothecanna CBD Lotion

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The Apothecanna CBD Lotion solves every problem your body is suffering from. It is a pain-relieving ointment with extra strength to cater to stubborn body pains. You can purchase it in two or eight bottles with 100 and 400 milligrams of CBD, respectively. 

The Apothecanna CBD Lotion contains three extracts (apart from CBD oil) to help you heal. Arnica is added to cure bruises, peppermint treats irritation with a cooling effect, and juniper reduces muscle swelling.

The Apothecanna CBD Lotion is an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing product for rough skin. Its minty aroma lets you smell cool while your skin feels the chilly peppermint extracts.

CBD Living Lotion

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The CBD Living Lotion comes in five different aromas. You can purchase it in unscented, lavender, coconut lime, amber bergamot, and eucalyptus scents. It is available in bottles of eight and sixteen ounces.

The eight ounces bottle contains 200 milligrams of CBD, while sixteen ounces have 300 milligrams. The CBD Living Lotion is a strong ointment that contains broad-spectrum cannabinoids. All the ingredients are vegan and non-GMO to ensure a natural treatment.

The broad spectrum CBD is free from THC. The natural CBD hemp oil from Oregon and Colorado farms is mixed in this lotion. A third-party laboratory tests the composition.

Things to consider before purchasing a CBD lotion on amazon

Kind of CBD

How much THC do you want in your CBD lotion? The answer to this question depends on your personal preference and medical condition. The most popular CBD lotions are full spectrum. These lotions contain healthy THC quantities along with a variety of CBD components.

Full-spectrum CBD is ideal for treating multiple skin problems and muscular pain. Other than this, broad-spectrum CBD lotions are THC-free. They do not contain the psychoactive effect like the full spectrum. It is preferred when the buyer does not want to experiment with THC.

Broad-spectrum CBD oils used to make such lotions contain different variants of CBD. The rarely purchased CBD lotions are the ones containing isolated CBD. Isolated CBD is free from other complementary organic molecules. It is the purest CBD lotion you can purchase, but its medical function is not versatile.

Quantity of lotion

It always hurts when a lotion bottle ends before you want it to. An important thing to check before purchasing a CBD lotion is to opt for a sufficient quantity. The ideal CBD lotion quantity depends on your usage.

If you are trying CBD lotions for the first time or experimenting with a new brand, purchase smaller bottles. Larger CBD lotion bottles should be purchased for frequent traveling or excessive application. 

CBD concentration

The best CBD concentration depends entirely on your needs. You can purchase CBD lotions in different strengths from online stores. CBD lotions with mild concentrations are used for preventive application.

You can use mild CBD lotions for multiple uses in a day. On the other hand, strong CBD lotions are efficient in repairing damaged skin or relieving muscular pain. You should consult a doctor before deciding the CBD strength in case of a medical condition. 

Other complementary extracts

CBD lotions not only contain cannabinoids and THC, but they also have other complementary extracts. These extracts are added to CBD lotions to keep your skin fresh and healthy. Often complementary extracts are added to warm your muscles while CBD oil does its job.

Eucalyptus extracts are one the most common types used in CBD lotions. It relaxes sore muscles, boosts immunity, and disinfects wounded skin. Other essential oils from almond, olive, and coconut are effective too. You should choose the CBD lotion that contains the right complementary extracts.

Organic and tested

Natural CBD oils are the healthiest. You should avoid purchasing lotions that contain synthesized CBD oils. Synthesized CBD oils are prepared in industrial faculties and might be tempered chemically to make them more effective but unhealthy.

Many companies get their CBD lotions tested by a third-party lab. These tests are a credible source of knowing the chemicals mixed in the product.

Branded products

Like any other product, CBD lotions are sold by brands. We advise purchasing CBD lotion from well-known brands. Brands tend to maintain a standard to ensure that they do not lose loyal customers. All the products we mentioned on our list are from reputed brands so you can try them. 

After reading all the product descriptions and other aspects to consider, you now know everything important while purchasing a CBD lotion. The products mentioned on our list are genuine and tested by a third-party lab to make them more authentic. 

CBD lotions might look like other orthodox ointments, but they have the cannabinoid power to heal your skin and muscles. Whether you are an athlete suffering from sore muscles or a senior citizen with a weak body, these CBD lotions are an ideal substitute for supplements. 

CBD lotions contain different cannabinoids from natural sources. The extraction technique, third-party certification, and other complementary extracts are also important.

CBD lotion made of oils extracted from hemp farms in the USA will give you the farmer’s strength. Keep your body hydrated, healthy, and strong with CBD lotions.

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Things to consider before purchasing a CBD cream on Amazon

Type of CBD

The effectiveness of a CBD cream depends mostly on the type of cannabinoids used. The preferable CBD is full-spectrum, as it has THC for its psychoactive effect. It contains all sorts of cannabinoid derivatives from hemp plants.

The broad-spectrum CBD creams contain no THC for psychoactive treatments, but it has all the full-spectrum CBD derivatives. The last kind of CBD is the purest form that contains no THC. Isolated CBD contains cannabidiols only.

Quantity of cream

I often purchase big jars of CBD creams because I apply them every night before bed and early morning when going to the office. A jar of 4 ounces or more is considered big enough to last over a month. Athletes should purchase big jars because they usually apply CBD creams all over their bodies.

If your body is prone to pain and you plan to apply CBD creams often, increase the quantity accordingly. Smaller jars are better for rare usage or when trying a new brand.  

Scent and cream quality

It is important to check the overall quality of the CBD cream before purchasing it. The overall quality of the cream includes smoothness and thickness. A CBD cream should not feel harsh and absorb quickly when massaged.

Moreover, CBD creams should be non-sticky and non-greasy to avoid disgust. The scent of CBD cream is also important because the smell resonates after you apply the cream. As mentioned in the article, I like the fruity scent (especially orange, mint, and coconut).

The scent is subjective so you can opt for it accordingly. Moreover, you cannot ascertain the quality of CBD cream when purchasing it online. I read customer reviews and ratings to determine the overall quality.

Natural and organic source

CBD creams are normally made from cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant grown organically. However, you should check CBD cream’s source before purchasing it.

The USDA and third-party laboratories confirm the organic source. It is recommended to purchase CBD creams from a certified source. Moreover, natural CBD creams are the best ointments to keep your skin fresh. They do not leave marks or cause allergies.

Brand image

The best investment is to purchase CBD creams produced by reputed brands. Brands avoid selling substandard products to retain their customer. Unknown brands tend to sell average products and then disappear.


The CBD creams that I mentioned on my list are the most popular products online. I always go for branded products as they deliver standard quality. My recommendation is based on the prerequisite factors important for a CBD cream’s effectiveness. 

You should check the quantity of cream, the CBD content, and the kind of CBD. Purchasing a CBD cream is not as simple as you would have thought.

I tried my best to summarize the important aspects of a CBD ointment. However, I know you must be waiting for me to name the best CBD cream. 

There is no perfect CBD cream available because the effectiveness of a CBD cream depends entirely on your needs. It is crucial to ascertain what you want and opt for CBD cream accordingly. Your buying decision will be much clearer than before.

Ensure you do not rely on the comments and reviews on the official websites, as those reviews are mostly fake. CBD creams have worked for many people. Those who are complaining do not know how to purchase the right product.

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