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Davinci is known for its exceptional products. Over the years, they have launched some very exciting devices, and the Ascent vaporizer is one of them. It has so many amazing features that it will knock off your socks.

The Davinci team has incorporated some of the most amazing features in the device that we will look into in-depth in the review below. With dual functionality, few market vaporizers offer vaping botanicals and concentrates, but this device has it all.

Some devices on the market offer the same, but unfortunately, none of them match up to what has been served by the Davinci ascent vaporizer.

Glass-on-glass vaporization is one of the latest features in portable devices, which has excited many consumers. You also get built-in motion sensor detection, and vape cycles can now be programmed. Isn’t that amazing?

So let’s deep dive into the review of the Ascent vaporizer review

Ascent Vaporizer Amazon: How does it work?

The answer to that is very simple. All you need to do is power up the device by pressing the button next to the glass chamber on the top. As soon as the device turns on the display will light up.

The display is efficient and easy to understand, as the thermometer displaying the device’s heating is very useful. Once the device is fully heated, you can see the display change from the thermometer to the bowl releasing smoke.

This indicates that the device is ready to be used. A word of caution would be to sterilize the device before using it so that all the manufacturing materials and oils are removed properly from the device. Check out DaVinci IQ2 Review

The plus and minus buttons above and below the screen help the user choose the temperature that suits their needs.

Not only that, but you can also set preset temperatures of about three settings for a good, hassle-free session. Additionally, the built-in motion sensor will switch off the device when not in use to conserve the battery.

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Temperature setttings:

The temperature setting is a wide and precise control that not many portable devices offer. You can also use the three preset temperatures to ensure you have the best vaping experience.

Everything becomes easy once you choose the temperature you are comfortable with. Precise temperature controls are very important as they allow you to choose the setting that you like the most and then you can preset the temperatures to ensure that the range is met perfectly.

The maximum heating you get on this device is 221 degrees Celcius which is quite amazing and along with precise control that makes it all worth it.

Adding to the fact that the device heats up in just one minute. you can experience a range of potent and heavy hits with this device, as it has one of the best flavor and vapor profiles.

Vapor quality:

The glass pathway provides one of the smoothest vapors in various vaporizers. Hence, adding a glass airway and a glass heating chamber makes sense to provide more dense and potent vapor.

Along with all these great manufacturing details, the best part is that with precise temperature control, you can control the vapor’s density and potency. All these and many other features make the Davinci Ascent one of the best portable vaporizers on the market.

Built quality:

Naturally, with such an advanced device with so many functionalities, there will be parts that do not function as well as they should. Regardless the built quality of the device is impeccable and can last you for ages.

The materials used inside and outside of the device are perfect. The device may exhibit one problem: it heats up underneath near the heating chamber. However, that does not mean you can not hold the device or conduct some amazing sessions.

The mouthpiece comes off easily, so you can clean it up nicely after every use. Furthermore, the device has a glass heating chamber which means cleaning the heating chamber has also become very easy.

The display is brilliant as it depicts the battery life, and the temperature of the device is a thermostat. Overall this device gives the best results from vaping and battery life consumption, and not to forget the amazing vapor quality you get.

Battery life:

The Davinci Ascent comes with two lithium-ion batteries, making it one of the most powerful devices on the market. This device’s battery will provide 120 minutes of nonstop sessions. And that is amazing considering the quality of the vapor it produces.

The charging is simple as well and quickly reaches maximum charge. Furthermore, if you want to preserve the device’s battery life, then you can set it on an auto shut-off timer according to your needs.


The device is extremely portable and can be carried anywhere with its long battery life. Many other features make it perfect for traveling.

The only downside you may have to face is the glass components, and when tested by dropping the device, it didn’t break or have any fractures.


Extremely portable with one of the best battery life and extremely powerful vapor, what’s not to like about this device? The price tag is a tad bit high, but considering the device’s amazing features, it is hard to assume that one may be reluctant to buy it.

The features and portability play a major role in making it one of the best portable devices, along with the glass components that offer the best vaping experience ever. There is no doubt in our mind that it is one of the best devices for both concentrates and herbs.

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