Arizer Extreme Q Amazon – Arizer Extreme Q on Amazon

Arizer is a well-known name in the industry with some of its most popular and well-liked products consumers expect nothing but the best from the company.

The Arizer Extreme Q doesn’t disappoint, as it has many features and exciting settings that will make the users fall in love with it. The device as a desktop vaporizer is full of surprises and two unique ways to consume the vapor.

However, does it meet the standard and make it more fun for the consumers? We shall see in the in-depth review below the quality of the device as well as the vapor and many other exciting features it offers. So let’s jump in.

Arizer Extreme Q Amazon – Arizer Extreme Q on Amazon

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The Arizer Extreme Q comes with two ways of vaping that is the balloon and the whip. Both provide exceptional quality vapor and are super easy to use. The fun fact is that regardless of what vaping method you choose the herb loading process remains the same.

All you need to do is open up the loading chamber and add your favorite herb. We suggest using the medium ground for the best flavor profile and smooth yet potent vapor.

The process is simple for the use of the balloon or the whip. You need to place the balloon in the mouth and let it fill up. To fill it up you will need to turn on the fan on the device and ensure that the device is pumping out vapor to fill up the balloon.

Once the balloon is filled up according to your desire feel free to remove it from the device and start vaping. The only issue is there is no way to hold the vapor inside the balloon so you will need to place your finger on the tip or use any other method to ensure that the vapor doesn’t escape.

Or you could simply make use of the whip. The whip is a cool attachment that allows you to vape directly from the device.

And if you are feeling extra lazy you can switch on the fan in the device to blow the vapor in your mouth without you having to suck on it. Further settings and features will be discussed in detail down below.

Temperature settings:

The temperature settings offer a wide range of playing areas. The temperature ranges between 50 degrees to 260 degrees Celcius. That means you can choose any temperature that suits your needs. You can adjust it as per your requirements and even play with different temperatures to find one that is extra for those funky days.

The temperature settings are very easy to adjust on the device all you need to do is use the buttons on either side of the LED screen to adjust the temperature. The temperature goes up and down by a single degree allowing you to choose your favorite setting very easily.

LED display:

The LED display offers a lot of settings and shows a lot of information on the tiny screen. Well, not a tiny screen the screen is massive compared to the device and has many features. And the temperature is displayed in large figures and can be seen easily. The LED screen is a very beneficial feature that can make the user experience a lot better.

Vapor quality:

The vapor quality is very good and gives you extremely good quality vapor. However, the vapor quality does diminish as the balloon or whip is used for vaping. The device doesn’t use a glass vapor pathway hence the quality diminishes slightly.

Regardless the vapor quality is phenomenal and does produce very high-quality vapor if used on lower temperature settings. Even though the temperature settings can get very high, use it at a setting that will then work the best for your herb and retain the flavor of the herb as well.

You do not want to overburn the herb and ensure the vapor is potent and flavorsome. One thing that is for sure is that the device does produce amazing flavor along with potent and being smooth to make sure you get the best flavor along with the best results.

Built quality:

Arizer Extreme Q is one of the best devices for quality and manufacturing. Many users have been using it for a very long time, and no manufacturing defaults have been noticed or informed.

The device has a unique design and makes for an excellent shape and exciting device. The manufacturing of the device is unique and sets it apart from the industry.

Furthermore, the packaging of the device holds everything you could need. The device has 2 cyclone bowls, two mouthpieces of the whip and aromatherapy cup, a sample herb, spare screens, and a user manual. You are already aware of the whip and the balloon that also come packaged in the box.

For more flavorsome vapors you can also use the stir tool to ensure your herb is being cooked evenly.

Arizer Extreme Q Amazon: Conclusion

The device is fashioned like something from a Sci-Fi movie and is quite exciting and appealing. Furthermore, it has two different methods of vaping that are the whip and the balloon.

Not to forget the fan feature that helps make the vapor flow to your mouth quickly while retaining the flavor and the potency. The packaging includes everything you could ask for and offers much more than one would expect.

Similarly, the device itself is amazing and has impeccable temperature setting range. The flavor of the herb at the right temperature can be extracted perfectly, and the results are amazing.

You need to find the best temperature that works for you, and with the range provided in the temperature settings, there is a lot of room to play. The excellent device makes the best vapors; you will enjoy using the whip and balloon feature.

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